Best and Prettiest Ever After High Characters

This list tells what the best and prettiest ever after high characters are!
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1 Raven Queen

Raven definitely has to be one of my favorites. She's cool, loyal, and not to mention very pretty! She's a very likable character, and watching her throughout the shows is really entertaining!

Raven is super great she is loving caring she has a crush on dexter charming I like her personality she has amazing powers and learns how to control her powers in dragon games.

Raven Queen is amazing! She doesn't want to be evil and hurt her friends! She's going to decide her own path, which makes a true rebel!

Raven is WICKED awesome and deserves #1 on this list. I mean, COME ON! She's pretty (way prettier than Apple White), sweet, honest and loyal. Pretty much all the things Apple ISN'T. Apple is selfish and only cares about her own "Happily Ever After" and she really doesn't care if she destroys Raven's happiness to get it. Apple is a total BRAT. I really don't see how everyone thinks she's so PERFECT. Because she's NOT. Raven, on the other hand, is AMAZING. NO ONE should be forced into a destiny they don't want. Raven is the opposite of evil. But Apple would be the PERFECT evil queen. Everyone should stop being all "Oh Apple! You're SO amazing and perfect! You're beautiful and Raven is such a REBEL! " like, you can't blame Raven for NOT wanting to be evil. My new motto is, "Apple is awful, Raven ROCKS! "

2 Ashlyn Ella

I love Ashlynn she is so pretty and she has a great style in fashion. I love nature and animals like her but specially I love shoes


Ashlyn Ella is my favorite, because my favorite Disney princess is Cinderella. Ashlyn Ella is her daughter she is so beautiful her beauty is really natural and also all animals love her. I didn't hate Briar. In many episodes we see Ashlyn and Briar together, like the movie epic winter and Apple's birthday bake off,the throne coming episode. I think Ashlyn and Briar are very close friends but when the narrators told Apple's tale they also told the Apple and Briar are best friends for ever after. Ashlyn Ella is most beautiful ever after high character.

Ashylnn is my favorite because her mom is my favorite character and I LOVE animals and shoes and Ashlynn is AMAZING with those topics so like the first comment Vote for Ashlynn or the Stepsisters WILL come get u! #VoteForAshlynnElla

Ashlynn is so pretty and has a great style in fashion and she is very gentle.I love nature and animals like she does.Please vote for her!

3 Briar Beauty

Briar is the best character in EAH. She is pretty, kind, and throws parties that look sooooo fun! Honestly, I wish the characters in this show were real so that I could meet her and Lizzie and Faybelle and all the good characters. Anyway, she has such pretty outfits. Again, she is the best character in Ever After High.

I don't understand why other people keeps on hating on her, she is really one of my favs. She is truly a beautiful character in the story. At first I thought she was a girl who is all about parties but she has a good heart and loves her friends!

She is the cousin of my fave character and is very good at parties. She loves pink like me, and I think that she would be very good with Hopper

Briar is such an interesting and beautiful character. At first, she was just a party girl who suffered from a sleeping curse. But now we know that she doesn't want to sleep for a hundred years and lose all of her friends. I mean, I wouldn't want that either! Sooo relatable, and I headcanon her as a Roybel!

4 Kitty Cheshire

Kitty is a great character! Her quirky and mischevious manner makes her very likable! Personally, she's one of my favorite characters.

Kitty has to be my top girl. She is so chaotic and PURRfectly wicked, she is one of my favorite animals a CAT. She is very pretty. I do not know why she gets hate :/

Kitty is so pretty and does believe about being a royal or rebel! Kitty wants to sort of follow her story. She wants to impress her parents and be an amazing trickster like in her story and all good royals follow their story. But playing tricks is rebellious. Kitty's good and bad and is so pretty with her ponytails that are so twisty and a lovely purple. She wants to follow her story her way. Her invisibility can be used to be good or bad. She beautiful inside and out and will always make you laugh when watching ever after high. Kitty should be first!

Kitty is so pretty! I am a big fan of the Cheshire Cat! She is so devious and cunning but has a good side to her! Please vote her she s the Best! She is just purrfect!

5 Apple White

SELFISH? Really? She was worried about her friends 'going poof' if their destiny didn't go as planned. Not to mention she helps other people day and night. She is a hard worker and a great leader. Apple may not have understood Raven at the start , but she changes throughout the show. Raven's personality is amazing but I think Apple showed the best character development. Can't see why people call her a brat.

I love apple white she has also changed in the upcoming seasons and episodes. some people still call her a brat but I think she is a great leader and a very good friend.

Apple does not deserve hate whatsoever. I don't get why people say she is pretty, but say that she is a "brat". Apple is not self-centered. she is selfless and I can tell.

I love Apple! Although she wasn't very likable in the first season, she showed so much character development throughout the shows! Unrelated, but I headcannon her as bi-curious :)

6 Cerise Hood

She's independent, which is a thing I like about girls. And she's not a damsel in distress, as she proved it in the bookball game at the legacy day.
I also liked her introverted side. She's not dramatic also. And I liked her sport abilities.

Best character seen yet and wish she stays at the top on this list. She has grace which no one has and no one ever will. Reminds me of her mother Red Riding Hood one of most famous and best fairy tale characters. Totally agree of her being higher than Apple White. I just love her being a wolf and being proud of it .She is grimmezingly cool and purrfectly spectacular. My her charm charms everyone and drives everyone to vote for her.

Cesire is really awesome! It's also cool to see that the big bad wolf and red riding hood had a datugher and that makes her a true rebel!

This mysterious cloaked werewolf is one of my all-time faves! Cerise being half-wolf is really cool and unique! Too bad we never got a conclusion to her story. #RamonaAndCeriseAreQueens

7 Madeline Hatter

Madeline is my favorite character! Her silly attitude and adorable vibe makes her my top pick for this list! She's one of the most fun, quirky, and BEST characters in the show!

Madeline may have broken the fourth wall, but I still love her. She has a really cute style as well, she can also speak RIDDLISH which is cool! She deserves at least 3rd or 2nd place, I like her personality.

Maddie is one of my favorite characters, it's really cool that she talks riddlish. She's a rebel, but she still gives off netural vibes.

She's so hat-tastic!💓
She's so bubbly, and hyper! Like she has never ever got tired of amazing us with her riddle-ish language, tricks, and her tea-riffic haberdashery shop. She is also supportive at all times. Even has jokes to tell to keep us smile.

8 Darling Charming

Darling is also a favorite of mine! When I was young, I basically idolized her. She's cool, kind, lovable and strong. not to mention shes a raging lesbian

Darling is a great role model for young girls. She shows that you don't have to be male to be brave and stand up for yourself. I ship her with both Chase and Apple.

Amazing character. For you doubters, get a grip. Darlings amazing, brave, kind, and not to mention beautiful. The show wouldn’t be complete without her, and raven would be toast. #darlingisamazing

Darling Charming is so brave and heroic! She stands up for what she believes in! Darling Charming could be president! She should really be on the top ten! She is so pretty with her beautiful blue hair! She also deals with Daring always bragging and stuff! Being the White Knight is also very impressive! Darling is loving and caring! She is definitely the best ever after high character!

9 Lizzie Hearts

Lizzie is a fantastic character! Anyone who doesn't agree can just go.. "off with their heads!" She's elegant, loyal, and cool! She's also very pretty. Another one of my favorites!

She is my favorite character ever after! I LOVE her hair. She is brave and bold and not afraid to speak her mind. OFF WITH YOUR HEADS! (I also think she needs more episodes and needs to have a romantic relationship with daring)

Lizzie’s the most beautiful in my opinion. Her dark and blue eyes are gorgeous, and I love her outfit. I liked her much better with daring than that ugly Rosabella girl, who just decided to show up at the end. Off with her head.

Honestly the most gorgeous one alongside Briar Beauty. Massively underrated & wish that he romance with Daring developed more in the web series. As it grew into something very sweet & genuine, would have been adorable seeing Daring wanting to learn Wonderlarian for her.

10 Rosabella Beauty

Rosabella is a pretty good role-model for young girls! She is independent, selfless, caring, and gorgeous. Her mother is one of my favorite princesses as well. She fits her character very well :3

I LOVE her outfit. She is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. She is in love with Daring,(who just happens to be my favorite boy student) and love animals like me, and her glasses for everyone’s information, does not ruin her looks. She is absolutely beautiful, awesome, WONDERLANDIFUL, sweet, kind, caring, thoughtful, and the best character in Ever After High. I really don’t get why people like Apple and Raven. Both of them are mean, selfish, and rude. Go ROSABELLA! DARABELLA FOREVER!

I feel bad for Rosabella because in the EAH stop-motions she plays a REALLY crazy person that runs around throwing beast newspapers at people. Since the stop-motions don't respect Rosabella, that takes away from her awesomeness. Well, it is true that she runs around throwing protest newspapers at the EAH students; mentioned in Darling's diary. people can hate her or like her. I hate her because she thinks all beasts are nice. Not ALL of them, dinosaurs are beasts and I bet they're not nice in the inside. And plus she's a little bit ugly due to her glasses. Rosabella is dumsdrftgchuxznjkop

She doesn't judge the book by its cover
Doesn't judge a princess by their mother
Doesn't judge a prince by their father
And doesn't judge a person's side in the outer

The Contenders
11 Holly O'hair

I just love holly she is kind, caring, sweet, smart, beautiful from the inside and out ! when apple was poisoned everyone first thought she was dead everyone was sad including her. she has a crush on daring charming if she was a selfish girl she would have been happy that apple was dead but no the reason why I love her, she has been in many big shows and stuff but she was never given special attention she even talked much like in dragon games and spring unsprung. I hope she will have her happily ever after.

I just don't like her by her long hair or beauty I like her because of her kindness and politeness which glows on her face my mother and father didn't allow me to get even holly' s doll on my birthday. But I am still happy I see her episodes everyday on Chrome. Love you dearest holly

Awesome girl! She is smart, enthusiastic and just plain AWESOME! This girl NEEDS to be 9th not 13th! Love her hair

You got that right! I love her beautiful auburn hair!

12 Blondie Locks

What I think about Blonde is that she is miss perfect and very cute the cutest and she is smart and beautiful. Plus has a caring heart. I love her voice accent and everything about her from Blonde Lover. She is very popular. Everyone has to vote for her why not she is the best!

Come on guys Blondie is cute popular and kind! Her dress is so cute and her colors are so matching! She is so cute like a Pomeranian. I have the normal Blondie Locks doll and when I read it it shows the true Blondie Locks. All good stuff!

I hate blondie! She is very annoying, and has a horrible voice actor! Her character is one of the most annoying in the show! She only has one good doll, thronecoming, and all her other dolls are either ugly or boring! She also has ugly boxart

Blondie locks is beautiful and kind she was very funny in the epic winter when she said "how did the sled get all the way up their? " I love Blondie and for all you blondie shatters out their GET A LIFE

13 Meeshell Mermaid

Meeshell has a beautiful voice and beauty. Love and kindness she has a beautiful heart. She may be a little shy but her inside is just getting ready to be really true and her beauty will spread out! Meeshell really has lots of talents. She just couldn't be the last one on this list like almost.

She is unique which makes her important and she is beautiful and has an amazing voice

I really like Meeshell because her voice is so good and I love swimming!

Meeshell has a beautiful voice and she is kind and pretty

14 Crystal Winter

Crystal I think should be on the royals team because she is the princess of winter.

I love her outfits and she seems really cool and she's really pretty!

She is sooo cool and rule my favorite season she should come 3rd after raven and apple! #Crystal Winter rules!

Crystal Winter is so cool, she deserves to at least be #4

15 Cupid

She's CUTE-pid!💓
Even if she knows that Dexter Charming--her crush--has a crush on Raven Queen, she was still kind and did not fell on the side of evil. She did what she knew was right..
Hope the right prince will come for her...

I love cupid so much and feel so bad for her because Raven and Dexter are perfect together and she likes Dexter. She is kind to everyone

Cupid is pretty. I feel sorry for her because she is jealous because she will never get noticed by Dexter. She also just wants to find her own love instead making other people fall in love. She is also very kind and trustworthy. Really she has to be one of my top.

I honestly dislike Cupid and her dolls are okay, but I don't like her in the show. I also dislike her Monster High look, and yeah Raven is still one of my favorite characters along with Cerise, Maddie, Ashlynn and Briar. I personally think Dexter and Raven are my favorite pairings.

16 Cedar Wood

"Bitter truth is better than sweet lies"
She always finds it the best to tell the truth.
For me, that would be better in order to prevent further havoc that lies would cause.

Cedar is honest, which is an admirable trait. Although she is blunt, she never says things in a rude way and tries her best to make everyone feel comfortable.

Ceder is awesome! She's so honest (she is kinda forced to though) and you have every right to LOVE HER! She is so sweet and smart! So vote Ceder! #HonestisAwesome

She is so pretty and cute and beautiful I don't know why people say she is ugly. However said she is ugly is ugly themselves! Ha!

17 Melody Piper

So first off, Melody's hair is TO DIE FOR! And don't forget about her rocking music! She should be higher on the list, so vote her! #MusicForever

What I like about Melody is how she is such a rebel and she looks and acts so cool.

Melody is a rock-in girl and loves music. She is caring and knows how to rock.

I love her pretty white hair with purple streaks! Her music is great!

18 Poppy O'Hair

Poppy is better than her sister. I don't know why people vote for her. Somebody tell that they like her because ot her long hair but still you can never imagine holly with ahort hair. She looks completely ugly with short hair. But poppy looks beautiful in both short and long hair!

I actually like her more than her sister, mainly because her hair is so different compared to the others. I could never imagine Poppy without the cute, short, purple and ginger hair she has. It just suits her a lot.

Poppy I really wanna get your doll but tell me the truth are you always willing to cut hollys hair cause in every photo of you and holly you always seem to do that. But still you're very stylish, awesome, and so colll

Definitely one of the most unique character of the franchise. She should be higher in this list in my opinion.

19 Bunny Blanc

Bunny x Alistair for life! Bunny is just an all-around great character and I wish she had gotten more screentime before the downfall of EAH.

Bunny is so cute and kind. I get why Alistair really likes her! Bunny X Alistair forever after!

She is not selfish like Apple, Raven, Briar or Ashlynn. She should be with Madeline, Lizzie or Kitty. Espacially Alistair. Love Bunny Blanc xoxo

Bunny is the Best! I hope she will be the number 1 soon.

20 Ramona Badwolf

RAMONA! if I must say, she's even better than her sister, Cerise! She's super cool! Rebellious too, but that's what I love about her! I would want to be her friend.

She is wicked cool I mean like wicked wicked cool she is so pretty and I love her character I love her voice too, but personally I wish dexter sounded like her his voice is way too high pitch for a guy, I think cerease and her sister should be a lesbian couple instead of sisters because girl that is not that cool. I perssonally think apple should have been rated first but she is also fairy annoying but she is a very cute lesbian couple with darling charming who beat hunter up in the fandom world. I'm glad where daring is because he is ugly bum

Though she is a badwolf...just like any good werewolf...
💗She is loyal to her friends and loves them (evidence is in the webisode "Moonlight Mystery"
💗She loves her sister and father (evidence is in the webisode "A Big Bad Secret"
💗Her name means "wise protector"
💗Although not shown in the EAH webisodes, it is really visible that she will protect her loves ones from the one harming them

She is so selfish and doomed.

21 Duchess Swan

As a young girl who has a great taste in fashion, (According to people) Duchess has a really awesome taste in fashion! The way she was designed was cool. She competes with kitty for me! ;P

I love duchess and she wouldn't be so mean if she had a happily ever after like the other princesses. Duchess was even an orphan and grew up alone with her grandma

Duchess doesn't deserve to be on this list. As pretty as she is, she's snobby, rude and jelous of Apple's realationship with Daring. Maybe if she was nicer she would be respected better.

She can walk on water that's awesome vote for Duchess on 9 place best and prettiest

22 Dexter Charming

He is better and more charming than Daring! I think Daring is full of himself, but I don't hate him anyway. And Raven and Dexter are my favorite pairings and I also love Raven as well.

Dexter is a favorite of mine! His nerdy personality makes him super likable! He's SO much better than his brother, Daring.

Come on! He is more charming than Daring, I like Daring but I like Dexter more!

he is nice sweet cute daring is not and will never

23 Alistair Wonderland

Hope you like my vote and anyway I don't like him but I made this

Why he's at 25th place?

Weirdo. Weirdo . Weirdo

he is so handsome!

24 Ginger Breadhouse

Love Ginger's design so so much! She's a bit similar to Raven in turns of personality and plot points, you know, "I don't wanna be evil, I wanna be seen for me." But she's still really cute!

You should see some of the people on this list- I think they didn't have enough characters to fill in the extra spaces or ever after high has made all of their characters so colorful and unique that its hard to pick one out from the rest- because their personalities are all pretty similar, or maybe I'm thinking of their faces? Anyway I really like ginger breadhouse because she has adorable pink pigtails, awesome circular glasses, cute clothes and last but not least- she has a crush on hopper croakington II- who is a ranga sweetie pie who is so dorky and nervous that he turns into a beautiful poetic frog when he talks to girls. Cherry on top and a match made from kindred spirits.

Ginger is an amazing character! She is so sweet and loveable! And don't forget she is so pretty! You should vote for Ginger! #GingerBreadHouse

I like her so much, she is more beautiful than Briar!

25 Justine Dancer

Justine is fantastic! I wish she had a bigger part in the show! She's literally GORGEOUS, and looks like she's fun to be around!

Like her dance and wish that she likes dexter charming

LOVE HER! I wish she had a bigger role in the movie

She should be at top she is really pretty

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