Top Ten Prettiest Apink Members


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1 Son Naeun

She is like the member that stands out the most when Apink is either filming a video or on Variety shows. I know that Son Naeun will always be pretty just they way she is.

She is so beautiful! She is a wonderful visual part of Apink. Her eyes, nose, mouth, hair style, body is just BEAUTIFUL! - gyungmin

I think she is the most beauitful one too she always wore the mostbeauitful cloths and she look like she never had plastic surgery

2 Jung Eunji

The powerful main vocal part of Apink. She is so beautiful! She has powerful singing, wonderful acting, nice visual and nice dance! It's just perfect! - gyungmin

So beautiful no one can compare...

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3 Oh Hayung

The physical part of Apink. She has pretty face with Naeun. And she has little sexiest. So I like it! - gyungmin

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4 Park Chorong

Chorong is so cute. In the basic ranking she is the 1

She's pretty and cute - BeeElovesKaeP

Chrong is so cute and I love her voice she deserves the spotlight shined above her!

The cuttiest leader of Apink. She has cuttiest Aegyo, pretty face and husky voices like a baby. So I like it! - gyungmin

5 Yoon Bomi

Have you seen her in remember and love?

No chorong has the the most soft voice

Bomi is the prettiest

Bomi us not very cute I think she lok a little bit ugly

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6 Kim Namjoo
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