Top Ten Prettiest Apink Members

The Top Ten

1 Son Naeun

She's so pretty

She is like the member that stands out the most when Apink is either filming a video or on Variety shows. I know that Son Naeun will always be pretty just they way she is.

She is so beautiful! She is a wonderful visual part of Apink. Her eyes, nose, mouth, hair style, body is just BEAUTIFUL! - gyungmin

I think she is the most beauitful one too she always wore the mostbeauitful cloths and she look like she never had plastic surgery

2 Jung Eunji

The powerful main vocal part of Apink. She is so beautiful! She has powerful singing, wonderful acting, nice visual and nice dance! It's just perfect! - gyungmin

So beautiful no one can compare...

Shes really pretty

Eunji es especialmente hermosa y perfecta que cualquier idol se puede enamorar de ella ya que es perfecta con cualquier idol masculino

3 Park Chorong

Chorong is so cute. In the basic ranking she is the 1

She's pretty and cute - BeeElovesKaeP

Chrong is so cute and I love her voice she deserves the spotlight shined above her!

The cuttiest leader of Apink. She has cuttiest Aegyo, pretty face and husky voices like a baby. So I like it! - gyungmin

4 Yoon Bomi

Bomi is just so pretty! :)))

Bomi is the prettiest

Have you seen her in remember and love?

No chorong has the the most soft voice

5 Oh Hayung

She was very beautiful even when I saw her childhood photos speard on the internet I thought she was beautiful from birth

The physical part of Apink. She has pretty face with Naeun. And she has little sexiest. So I like it! - gyungmin

I like her voice

Pretty maknae look the same even without makeup

6 Kim Namjoo

First of all each member is gorgeous. For me it's Namjoo and Eunji. Namjoo's beauty doesn't hit you right away. I would've placed her last when I first saw them. But the combination of her personality which is slightly goofy, tanned and best legs, prettiest voice when she really displays it at times push her to the top for me. Somehow I get the feeling she doesn't fully know how gorgeous she is.

The lead vocal of Apink. She has pretty, wonderful voices. And cuttiest Aegyo, too. - gyungmin

7 Hong Yoo-kyung

For those who don't know, Hong Yookyung is a former member of Apink

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