Top Ten Prettiest Dance Moms Dancers

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21 Areana Lopez

She is pretty

She's the only mini I really love, her eyes and her hair is very pretty<3

22 Peyton Evans

Whoever said Peyton is ugly is just jealous! She is so beautiful and dances really great! She was one of my favorites on Dance Moms - Glitterellie


23 Cathy Nesbitt-Stein

She is drop dead gorgeous just kidding she's a witch

24 Tea Adamson

Tea is adorable! - Glitterellie

25 Lilliana Ketchman

Liliana is beautiful inside and out. She is prettier than the other girls and deserves to be in the top ten. The older dancers were not that pretty when they were her age

Lillian’s reminds me of a mini JoJo the way she looks! She is so beautiful inside and out - Glitterellie

26 Jade Cloud

Jades pretty


27 Haley Huelsman

She's not a member of the ALDC but she is still a girl on dance moms. I think her freckles look pretty on her.

28 Alexus Oladi

Alexus was so cute and beautiful - Glitterellie

29 Ariana Berlin
30 Christi Lukasiak
31 Gianna Michaels Gianna Michaels
32 Elliana Walmsley
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