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Aurora is a fictional character from the popular Disney Film, Sleeping Beauty and the 2015 Live Action Release, Maleficent. She is commonly known as Sleeping Beauty and is one of the group Disney Princesses. She is a unique Disney Princess as in her film, Sleeping Beauty, she has a total of 18 minutes more.


She is so beautiful. Her hairs are gorgeous and curly. Her eyes are hazy and too much beautiful. Her lips, her looks and her prettiest voice. She should be the first. And she is more pretty than cinderella, snow White, belle or any other Disney Princess. I love her too much and I know the whole world should like this prettiest Disney Princess, aurora and she is a natural beauty. I want become lovely and beautiful aurora

She is the prettiest princess ever! I think it's obvious Disney didn't make another princess prettier than her! In my opinion she should be first and the only reason belle is first is because they're judging her on her inner beauty! But this is a contest about the beauty on the outside! Also aurora is pretty on the inside too! Just because she didn't go on an adventure doesn't mean she isn't sweet, kind and lovely WHICH SHE IS!

Aurora in my opinion is the best! Her hair is not only long and lively with curls but also her enchanting personality. She's pure and admirable. Although Jasmin and Rapunzel are gorgeous but Aurora is a fantastic damsel. Her voice is peak like a raven's and mesmerizing!

If we ignore personality and just talk about physical appearances, Aurora is the one who fits the western media's standard of beauty the most. Personally, I do think that she is stunningly gorgeous. While Belle and Rapunzel are pretty in a girl-next-door way, Aurora looks like a queen - elegant, delicate, and has excellent facial angels while still looking very feminine. I think my favorite part of her design is her gorgeous golden curls.

Aurora wins the beauty category. I'm curious if Disney intentionally hasn't made a prettier princess on purpose. Belle, Cinderella, Ariel, Pocahontas, Elsa, Anna, Snow White, Merida, Jane, Tiana, Esmeralda etc are all beautiful. However, no one has topped Aurora's beauty-- in my opinion. Does she have a contract with Disney "no other Disney female lead shall be sketched prettier than me"

I love her coloring, with the long dark blonde hair and brown eyes. She has classically beautiful facial features and figure. I also think that she is the most graceful of all the Disney princesses in the way she moves. She's always been my favorite princess in the way she looks. Her style is very classy.

I've watched all movies of Disney Princesses, even the non-Disney ones...and once I saw all of them lined up in an image, Aurora always catches my eye first. I don't know why, it's like she just does it naturally. Despite her age, she always 'looks' so mature than the others. I just can't deny how perfect she is in the image of her in a sleeping state (the close up one). That eyelashes, that eyebrows, that lips, that blush, that nose, that beautiful hair, that v-lined face...and those delicate hands holding the rose on her chest. She looks magical and so dreamy in every way. The way she moves so gracefully...I feel like I can't stop replaying the motion at all!

She is most beautiful princess We ever think, Her dress is so beautiful too I think she should be in first in top ten prettiest Disney princess

She has very pretty features in the movie and she looks beautiful there, but I don't like her new looks at all! Her hair is sparkly, I mean, who does that?! Her face is too pointy, I may sound weird but also her chest. She's very cute in the movie though... Very.

I love Aurora! She is stunning! I hate that people say that she has no personality because she was asleep for a lot of the movie. She is gorgeous and kind and sweet. She has always been my favourite princess and it makes me sad when people hate on her.

Well the time when the evil mistress showed that thing that was happening when all of the people of the castle were a sleep she showed prince phillip how beautiful aurora was sleeping in the top most ile of the tower she was so pretty there

She has always been my favorite princess because she is beautiful and loves animals I think she should be first! Belle isn't that pretty, she's just too plain, and in lots of scenes she looks weird but aurora looks beautiful in every shot.

My opinion is that aurora is the prettiest because she has beautiful red lips, her hair is full of gold sunshine, and I liked the color of her dress. When I was a little kid I wanted to be just like her. Aurora is the most prettiest princess.

Everything about her face is just the right size and shape, and she has gorgeous voluminous locks and then there's the beautiful violet eyes! Overall though she just looks like a flawless natural beauty! :) also I like that she is taller, not tiny and petite

Aurora is beautiful. Her hair is so pretty in the movie. I don't really like the way she looks now but in Sleeping Beauty she was absolutely gorgeous. She can sing, her voice is so sweet.

That yellow dress girl Belle is not at all prettier than my gorgeous and beautiful Aurora. And please it is my humble request to all reading this comment vote for Aurora/Sleeping beauty. I want to see her on number 1 for always. Thanks.

Aurora is the prettiest princess in my opinion, that beautiful hair, eyes, and that curious personality. I think she's even prettier than belle, honestly.

Aurora is the prettiest! I definentey agree that just because Belle means beauty doesn't mean that she isn't average! From her brown hair to hazel eyes, Belles the prettiest in her town AT MAX. Aurora, on the other hand, is actually beautiful. Sleeping Beauty is probably the most underrated Disney PRINCESS out there.

Aurora is always beautiful. The ways she walks, talks, sings or even sleeps are princess-like and are truly stunning.

I love her, even though she doesn't really have a "woman inspirational" role. She is beautiful, and I don't get why they only let us have 18 minutes of screen time with her!

Belle is pretty but it's looks not personality or smarts we are talking about. Belle is one of my favorites for her love of reading but aurora is prettiest

Tall and slender, with slight curves and long legs. I lover her beautiful heart shaped face, with its delicate pointed chin. Long, soft ringlets in a deep golden blonde frame her tilted violet eyes. She has a very sweet smile, somewhat mischevious. She is dreamy and hopeful, open minded but still somewhat fragile like a flower.

Not talking personality we are talking beauty. She is degenerate the prettiest to me but it was almost a tie with Ariel because she's also really pretty

Although I don't find her personality to be outstanding, I think her angular face and that hair makes her the most beautiful princess. She's stunning.

She is no doubt the prettiest of all! I love all her physical features and she looks so elegant and adorable in her pink gown! I wish to just be like her