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Belle is a fictional character who appears in Walt Disney Pictures' 30th animated feature film Beauty and the Beast (1991) and in the live action remake Beauty and the Beast (2017). Belle is the intelligent and selfless young daughter of an inventor who does not conform to the normal ways of her small more.


Belle is smart, knows what she wants, and doesn't spend her time pining away for the love of a handsome prince. She dreams of independence and adventure, not romance. Articulate and opinionated, she resists the village hunk Gaston, who wants a trophy wife. Unlike previous Disney heroines who needed to be rescued by a prince themselves, Belle not only saves the Beast's life, she saves his soul. Belle teaches how a kind, sweet woman can change a man with a temper and poor demeanor into a gentleman.

I think Belle is absolutely gorgeous and the best Disney princess hands down.

Even though she is unanimously thought to be the most beautiful girl in her village, she doesn't let it get to her. In fact, she does quite the opposite. Not only is she different, but she doesn't care. She likes being who she is, she embraces it. She is selfless and the most open minded out of them all. She gave up what she thought would be her freedom for the rest of her life, for her dad. She not only saw past the Beast's grizzly exterior, but also saw the potential in him without knowing there was a beautiful prince underneath.

Not only is she (the most) beautiful, but it is all natural beauty. Belle doesn't wear much makeup or dress extravagantly. I love how only once Belle got dressed up and even then it was her natural grace that made her that much more beautiful in the dress.

Side note: one of my favorite things about her is how well she reads people. She wasn't fooled by ...more

She's really pretty in some shots and really ugly in other shots. Like when she's rolling her eyes at the baker after telling him about her book the animators did something weird to her mouth and nose, and there are a few other instances where her looks seem a bit compromised. However, she looks pretty when she's dancing.

And guys, this isn't about intelligence and internal beauty, it's about external beauty. Also maybe the reason why Belle doesn't fit in is because she doesn't really try to connect with other people, instead being rather inconsiderate towards them as seen in the beginning of the movie. Not because she reads. And reading Jack and the Beanstalk, which is what Belle was reading, doesn't make you intelligent. (Gasp)

She's someone who is easy to fall for. Going by looks alone, her face is her best feature, which is expressive, kind and you can see that she is full of love. She's got the natural beauty working in her favor. She's also a perfect example that you don't have to be blonde to be beautiful. (Let's face it, the blondes have more fun stereotype is still around. )

She's also a person that would most likely get along with anyone though she's not immune to getting angry or frustrated by a given situation. She has good values, but she's not perfect and has to look past a lot of ugliness in the world.

Belle is the most beautiful. Aurora was partly created out of magic, had magic color-changing dress and fairy godmothers. It wasn't fair. Belle is just a little town girl. Without any godmother or magic to enhance her beauty. She's absolutely a natural beauty and what's more beautiful than something natural? Besides, beauty is found within and Belle is beautiful from the inside, that's the best beauty anyone can have - starling23

I like Belle because she is a cute nerd and always into books such as sweet fairy tales. Belle is smart and intelligent. A way to go to the another world is being into a fairy tale, and Belle do that, she goes into another world by reading books. And the most important thing about her is that she does not fall in love of man by looking at his outer beauty, but the inner beauty (cough-cough Ariel and Cinderella). Belle is beautiful, smart, a cute nerd, kind-hearted and she is adventurous.

She is so nice and wise. She cares about her family, doesn't judge by looks like other princess (cough Ariel, Cinderella) she obeys her father and cares about him more that her self or anyone else. She doesn't judge by looks even though she is the most prettiest prince ever like other princess that do care about looks (cough Ariel, Cinderella even sleeping beauty) she is truly perfect.

She really is the most gorgeous Disney princess. She has beautiful chocolate brown hair and pretty brown eyes. They make her dress look absolutely beautiful and only she can rock in it! She is full of talent and wisdom. She unique in her own way which makes her ten times better! She can sing, read really fast, dance etc. She is also quite brave. Saving her father from a terrible beast by inprisoning herself instead of him. She is kind enough to not judge the beast and to transform him into a kind and caring person. She knows what's right and follows her dreams. She really is my favorite Disney princess.

About average height, curvy but not overly provocative. Silky medium length chocolate brown hair with a slight widow's peak that frames a rounded face, and large round hazel eyes. Her skin is has a healthy pinkish tinge to it and she has plump red lips and a slight smile along with a slightly shortened nose. She carries herself with dignity, is smart and feisty.

She is the most beautiful princess even more that sleeping beauty or Ariel and she is skinny like Jasmine or Ariel. She is not only very pretty also the most kindest princess because unlike Ariel she didn't judge anyone by there looks and her family comes first for her because she unlike Ariel cared a lot about her father.

I can totally relate to Belle because she is my idol and I am just like her! We look exactly alike, we both love to read and we are both kind and she sometimes has a hard time finding where she fits in her home. I sometimes feel the same way because I'm shy and quiet. Belle is beautiful inside and put because she is kind and sees the good in people. She is the definition of beauty

She is absolutely gorgeous with a kind heart. Her deep brown eyes and dark hair is so beautiful! She's also not a dumbass like Snow White who fell for a guy that she didn't even know, who kissed her in her sleep? Belle is intelligent and loves to read! Her voice is liquid gold and she doesn't judge people on the way they look. For me, Belle wins every time.

Belle mostly resembles me on my favorite SW character Padme Amidala ( I think they look pretty much similar ). She is kind, brave, unselfish, eager to get a knowing of the world that bind us. She is ready to take chances and risks. She is ready to change her freedom for her father's.

Not to mention any further, she is the most gorgeous one and that magical yellow dress really drives me crazy. Revealing as much to see her slender figure yet so beautiful. And her eyes are something very special in that Magical Disney World. Although being very fond of Disney Princesses' eyes
In my opinion, Belle's are the most beautiful ones.

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Belle is beautiful. Her brown hair and big brown eyes are so pretty! She is also beautiful on the inside which in my opinion is the most important thing. She represents how looks aren't everything and that kindness is beauty. She is the best Disney princess and Beauty and The Beast is the best Disney film and it has the best message!

Her name means Beauty, of corse that fits in with her looks. She doesn't look to young and she's only seventeen. I love her body, she's not so impossibly skinny like Jasmine, Ariel and Rapunzel. She's the most beautiful by far! She has an awesome character as well.

I'm a guy, and Belle makes me feel like I'm falling in love with a cartoon character. Her eyes, her slim figure, her hair. I know this is a polling for looks but I won't be satisfied if I don't mention her confidence, bravery, sweetness, and selflessness. Hands down prettiest princess inside and outside

She is a stunning girl, but she isn't just beautiful, but she's courageous and she can see within people. I ABSOLUTLEY hate when people see me from the outside and assume I'm someone I'm not, so for belle to do this, it will have a have meaning to lots of people. I have watched the new movie that has came out. Emma Watson played the role of Belle. She was stunning and it was a great cast selection. She's stunning, courageous looks within others but also very kind and caring.

Belle is by far the best and the prettiest princess. Unlike Ariel, she isn't greedy. I mean think about it. Ariel literey says "I want more" like a thousand time is part of your world. Second, most Disney princesses fall in love with someone for the way they look. Belle falls in love with a beast, not for the way he looks but for his personality. And lastly, Belle sacrifices herself for her dads safety. I've never heard of a more perfect person

She is the most prettiest, sweetest and kindest princess ever. No other princess is so perfect. She has the most perfect light brown wavy hair, beautiful brown eyes, perfect shape of head. Other princesses are so spoiled, but not her. She has a beautiful heart, so back off haters

Belle is a beautiful person, inside and out. I feel like she's got that look where she appears so cute and innocent, yet she's kinda sexy at the same time, without realising it. She's also super intelligent, and of course, she has the ability to look past appearances. BELLE IS QUEEN

Belle is the prettiest princess there is. She is pretty even without blonde hair. If you don't forget, Sleeping Beauty was a commercial flop. Aurora couldn't even decide what dress to wear, and how could determine someone as pretty with only 18 minutes of screen time?

Belle is smart, independent and beautiful. Her name literally means beauty. She has a kind nature and really has a huge effect on the beast's personality. And did you see her and beast in the live action take down gaston... Just wow. Belle is God Dam AMAZING!

The yellow ball gown, the half bun-half open hairstyle, everything about Belle lives up to her name. And she is not a part of the PERFECTLY PERFECT CLUB (Members of the club are - SNOW WHITE, AURORA, ELSA, ARIEL, CINDERELLA). She has this lock coming into her face every now-or-then which makes her stand out. And she has NATURAL BEAUTY. And not only is she pretty on the outside, she us also preety in the inside.

She has the most beautiful eyes in Disney Princesses. Her body also seems more realistic compared to Ariel or Jasmine. Her face is perfectly proportionate. She's graceful and poised like Cinderella and Aurora. She really lives up to her name

Belle is my favorite Disney princess. She's smart, talented, independent and super pretty. I like her face and the way she smiles. Besides, as per the Disney movie she is a kind girl and doesn't care if a person is beautiful or ugly