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She is a fictional character who appears in Walt Disney Animation Studios' 31st animated feature film Aladdin (1992).


She's an exotic beauty. She beats everyone else because she stands out. She has gorgeous shapes eyes, thick eyebrows, olive skin, and long, black hair. Although I don't care for her nose that much, it's something I can look past because everything else on her is just gorgeous! Nobody else looks like her and there's never a point in the movie where she looks ugly or not right. When she wears red she just looks plain sexy. Nobody else has the appeal she does. Those smoldering eyes and exotic look just pale every other princess in comparison.

She is strong. She doesn't have beauty on her ball gown dresses like aurora, Cinderella, Snow White and even belle. She wears pants and still manages to be so beautiful it hurts. I love that she is beautiful without being blond. Two people before her are the typical blondes. But jasmine is stunning. She has long thick black hair. Tan skin and dark eyes. The most beautiful in my opinion. She rocks her outfit and puts on a show.

Her eyes are a bit big and she is impossibly skinny, but her hair is lovely and I think she is the prettiest in the brown ragged dress, she looks normal and she isn't showing her body off to much! Her lashes are pretty and her smile is sweet.

What the hell, you actually think that Jasmine can fight off a pack of wolves just because she can fool some asinine creep in a turban? I bet if she were in Belle's place, she would have been bawling for Aladdin to rescue her from the water and the snow, let alone even SEEING a wolf. She can't even save herself from an hourglass. She didn't even think of shattering the glass. Seriously?

I think Jasmine's gorgeous. First of all she has this thick black hair that's tied into a unique hairstyle. Her eyes are beautiful and her body is amazing. She has an hourglass shaped body. Also her outfits are amazing. She should be rated higher

Jasmine is the most beautiful of the Disney princesses in my opinion. She's sassy and feisty and all around a strong woman. Plus she's exotic and a totally different kind of beauty than any of the other princesses. She has beautiful hair and eyes, also she looks fabulous in blue.

I'm sorry but she's got big eyes and she's super skinny, like Rapunzel. Rapunzel only beats her because Jasmines nose is just ugly but Rapunzel's nose is cute. Jasmine also shows off to much body, yes Ariel too but when she's a human she isn't exposed. Jasmine is very cute and pretty, I definitely will say she's beautiful, just not as stunning as others, and by stunning I mean Belle and Cinderella. Sorry I didn't include Pocahontas, she's pretty but, she has a horrid nose, yes and lips.

She's my favurite Disney princess ever. Not only she's courageous and brave, defying and questioning authority - I must admit I have a soft spot for her rebellious side. She's also a kind-hearted, sweet and sassy girl (both). And as for her beauty, her eyes are alluring and her lips are absolutely perfectly curved, giving her the cutest smile. All about her design is beautiful and stylish. I love aquamarine blue on her.

Jasmine is plain sexy. The crop top bra shows off her big boobs but don't let them show. She has a curvy hot bod. She is the sexiest out of all of them. Plus her legs are hot with the way she walks. SEXY!

Her eyes are gorgeous and her hair is also lovely. She is a perfect princess and wears clothes that fit her well. Even the red outfit at the end looks good on her. I think she is a real contender for the top spot

I have grown up watching Aladdin. Yeah she wears a short top but that was common back then so shut up. Also, she is not super pale and blue eyed like most of the princesses. Like Mulan and Merida, she doesn't marry in the first movie. She was very clever when trying to get Aladdin free.

Jasmine is a hot and sexy princess as per her looks. Her hairstyle is awesome, her smile is perfect and her eyes are fabulous. Apart from this, she is very courageous and has a strong heart. She has both outer and inner beauty.

Obviously hands down jasmine is the prettiest. Most people want someone who looks like them but her jet black hair and beautiful eyes makes her by far the prettiest of all the other princesses

While I think she's gorgeous, she doesn't deserve top spot, and that is simply because personality wise- she's not very interesting. I mean yeah, she's not willing to be married off to some random rich dude but lets be real, she would not have gone for Aladdin if it wasn't for that magic carpet, we all know that.
Oh and she doesn't even get her OWN song - lame

She is petite but boy do not under estimate her capabilities. She is inclusive and does not discriminate. She has pretty big eyes that communicate her feelings. Long black hair suits her well.

She's annoying as hell and a spoiled brat who doesn't appreciate what her father gives her. She yearns for, what, freedom? What, even her riches and wealth obviously can't satisfy her ego-lust? BO-RING.

The prettiest and sexiest princess ever!...she should definitely be number one. The other princesses are pretty but no one comes close to her, Aladdin is a really lucky man.

Jasmine is the prettiest disney princess. That skin, that hair, that face, that outfit!

Jasmine is so beautiful! She is spunky and she won't take no idiocy.
Her hair and eyes are perfect and she is adventurous and daring! She likes change and is open to it and she won't let people push her around, she knows what she wants and is a great role model!

The only thing I wish the animators had done differently was her nose - to me her nostrils just look like diagonal slits.

She's the most beautiful princess

Jasmine is definitely the most pretty princess for sure.

Jasmine is so stunning. Her skin, eyes, body, voice, everything about her is perfect.

Her outfit and jewellery are most pretty and she is beautiful in her own way

I think Jasmine and Pocahontas are gorgeous. Like, how can animated characters be that attractive?