Prettiest Female Homestuck Characters


The Top Ten

1 Vriska Serket

She's so great, even Hussie wants her!

no, shush.

2 Nepeta Leijon

Poor Nepeta, an innocent lil jellybean who deserved more pages - aresenicCatnip

Nepeta is way beautiful and cute

3 Aradia Megido

Ara is very cool and beautiful. When I first saw her I understood she is the best.

She's lovely, cute, beautiful and needs to have more love than she was. Too bad that Hussie left her during the plot. I wish she's one of the main characters, and Hussie's just mean making Vriska only involved and leaving the rest of the crew.

She desrved so many more pages, not to mention the fact that she’s got a really nice aesthetic.

4 Kanaya Maryam

She's beautiful and she's a fashion queen!

5 Roxy Lalonde

Roxy is bae

6 Rose Lalonde
7 Aranea Serket
8 Jade Harley
9 Jane Crocker
10 Damara Megido

The Contenders

11 Feferi Peixes

She IS A MERMAID, WHO CAN KICK ASS, with lovely hair, nice goggles, beautiful, colorful skirt, and a crown to make her truly a heiress.

Feferis hair is magical. I think it runs in the fuchsia blood caste and in her family

You know shes actually really cute🐬

12 Eridan Ampora

March Eridan is the prettiest girl.

13 Gamzee Makara


14 Tavros Nitram

OH hE's dEfINItELY tHE pRETtIEsT GiRl I've eVeR sEeN ;o)

15 Porrim Maryam
16 Terezi Pyrope

I love her wicked smile and hair! Her vibe is totally chill as well.

How the hell is she not already on here?

17 Jake English


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