Prettiest Female Homestuck Characters


The Top Ten

1 Nepeta Leijon

Poor Nepeta, an innocent lil jellybean who deserved more pages - aresenicCatnip

2 Vriska Serket

She's so great, even Hussie wants her!

3 Kanaya Maryam

She's beautiful and she's a fashion queen!

4 Aradia Megido

Ara is very cool and beautiful. When I first saw her I understood she is the best.

She's lovely, cute, beautiful and needs to have more love than she was. Too bad that Hussie left her during the plot. I wish she's one of the main characters, and Hussie's just mean making Vriska only involved and leaving the rest of the crew.

5 Roxy Lalonde

Roxy is bae

6 Rose Lalonde
7 Aranea Serket
8 Jade Harley
9 Jane Crocker
10 Damara Megido

The Contenders

11 Eridan Ampora

March Eridan is the prettiest girl.

12 Feferi Peixes

She IS A MERMAID, WHO CAN KICK ASS, with lovely hair, nice goggles, beautiful, colorful skirt, and a crown to make her truly a heiress.

You know shes actually really cute🐬

13 Gamzee Makara
14 Porrim Maryam
15 Terezi Pyrope

How the hell is she not already on here?

16 Jake English


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