10 Prettiest Flowers Ever

Here is a list of some of the most gorgeous flowers EVER.
If you want to see some of them for yourself, here you go: http://www.thegrowspot.com/15flowers.html. They're all on here

The Top Ten

1 Cherry Blossom

They're beautiful and have an amazing scent! how could that be beat...
the other flowers are pretty too but not as much as these - Grisleanlikeduh21

Beautiful, I actually never seen them in real life but the pictures on the internet are so pretty. - ivylee

CHERRY BLOSSOMS! There are the prettiest in my opinion. They have beautiful color and smell just like... SO EXTRAODINARY! I think this one should be first (in my opinion). PLEASE VOTE 4 any flower! PLEASE VOTE! THANK YOU 4 READING! PEACE OUT!

Hands down! cherry blossoms are BEAUTIFUL!

2 Rose
3 Morning Glory
4 Carnation
5 Bleeding Heart

they actually look like bleeding hearts so thats why theyre so beautiful.

6 Lily of the Valley
7 Blue Bells


8 Pansy
9 Hydrangae
10 Tulip

The Contenders

11 Colorado Columbine
12 Ixora
13 Aster
14 Tiger Lily
15 Gardenia
16 Camellia
17 Venus Fly Trap V 1 Comment
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