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61 Lovestruck
62 Sonata Dusk

She's the most nice out of the dazzling

She is good as a rarity not a flutter shy.

I love her she is my favorite even rarity, Twilight sparkles, Octavia, pinkie pie, flutter shy
The boy favorite is snips and snails.

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63 Flitter

She is beautiful why isn't she higher up on this list! For me flitter and rose are my top two

Her pretty bow makes the finishing touch and her hair looks so cool!

She's second place on my list, fluttershy is #1 but flitter is a real close secon

She is not ugly you are so mean CLOUDCHASER IS UGLY FLITTER IS PRETTY

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64 Flitterheart
65 Miss Cheerilee

She is. But people keep forgetting the background characters easily.

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66 King Sombra

Why is King Sombra here? He is not a mare

67 Screwball

I Rainbow Dash is my #1 and the 2 Sunset 3 Screwball she is so cute I like her swirly eyes

She is the daughter of discord but I like her

68 Apple Rose
69 Nurse Redheart

She is called red heart for the kindness and helpness she kisses some BOOBOOS!

70 Purdy

Hecks me, that's a pink cat

71 Grace

Who in the hoof is that

Don't be silly Grace, you aren't a pony.

72 Carrot Top Carrot Top Scott Thompson, known by the stage name Carrot Top, is an American stand-up comedian, actor, director, producer, writer, and best known for his bright red hair, prop comedy, and self-deprecating humor.

I love Carrot Top She is really pretty with her beautiful light orange and yellow coat, Her eyes are really pretty to! And her mane is Darker Orange but still light and has those beautiful curls 💕.

73 Minuette
74 Shining Armor Shining Armor

Shining armor is very handsome. No wonder that princess cadence married him

75 Prince Blueblood

What? Blueblood? But he's not even a mare.


76 Minkie Pie

Aw...How many ponies do you know who can be both scary, pretty, and adorable at the same time? At least give Minkie a fighting chance!

Well, when you look past the creepiness...They deserve to be on the list, at least. I mean, Discord got on the list somehow...

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77 Coco Pommel

Yeah, I could see this pony having a place on the list.

She's an adorable fashion designer.

Very cute and a nice, sweet accent

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78 Marble Pie

Pinkie Pie's twin sister is impossibly cute (especially when she's around Big Mac). She deserves a place on this list.

70? Marble seems more pretty than that. She deserves a higher ranking.

Deserves to be at least to 10 if not top 5

79 Nightmare Moon Nightmare Moon

How! How areChrysalis, Sombra and Discord higher up than this evil, manipulative, sleek, malevolent beauty! Now this is a shock! Nightmare Moon is tall, sleek, elegant, not to mention stunning! Her wings are long and beautiful, her diamond-y blue armor looks fantastic, as do her shoes. Her mane is every bit as beautiful as Luna's (well, that's because it's the same mane), and her black color scheme has a dark elegance to it. Her eyes are like bright, teal cats eyes, which I think still looks beautiful. Her teeth may be a little bit on the vampire side, but I tend to like vampires, so for me, that's just a plus. She is also powerful, cunning, and though she might be on a little bit of the crazy side, who said that wasn't a good think? Her booming voice, though it is nothing but calming, claims majesty and authority. At the end of the night (well, unless she takes over Equestria... Then there is no end to the night...), Nightmare Moon is a gorgeous, but evil, daydream. Long Live Night ...more

Nightmare Moon is beautiful... In an Angel of Death type of way. But still, WAY more beautiful than Chrysalis, or Discord, who are somehow higher than her.

I too can't believe that nearly all of the villains are higher than Nightmare Moon. In my opinion, she was the best looking female villain we got. Here's my reasons:
Her eyes are a very nice light cyan/ teal blue. Her coat is dark cornflower blue, which is certainly a nice color, in terms of dark colors. Her mane is a brilliant phthalo blue with a grayish Persian blue outline (oh the descriptions! ). Her eyeshadow is light sapphire blue, moderate violet. Her magical aura is brilliant cyan with moderate violet sparks. With her... Umm... Complexion, she already seems to be quite the beauty. Next, the features.
She is a tall, slender, elegant mare, who for a villain, she sure looks nice. Her wings are long and beautiful, and put evilness, insanity, vampire teeth and snake eyes aside, she's quite gorgeous. Heck, even with the vampire teeth.

I like her flowe hair 🙂

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