Top 10 Prettiest Names for Black Girls

*Note this list is not meant to be racist or offensive, if it is I'm really sorry.

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Pronounced (ah LEE nah) this is my friends name in school her name is cute.

I love this name so much I am naming my child this lol

This is also the name of a book character from an awesome book series! :D

This is my wonderful name name your doughter aleena alina alena any way you want no other name is this wonderful


This name is so cute my little cousin that is only a couple days cause she was just born name is naomi

This is my aunt's name, she's black.

I LOVE THIS name... Its very fun and beautiful... Wonder why I think this... BECAUSE ITS MY AWESOME NAME!

Naomi Campbell is black and she's pretty, also her name


No cap that's my name I was gonna change it but I'm having 2nd thoughts

Andrea is the bane of this really pretty girl in my school, it is such a great name!

I have TONS of black people as my friends, this one is the best in my opinion

I recommend this name cause I think its beauitful


Kayla is a good name for a black girl because it is pretty and cute

My name is Kayla lol I'm only a quarter black but I look mostly black not white

So cute, yet original for all races not just around blacks.

My Name Is Kayla and I'm brown skin I'm wonderful and special


I love it like sOoOo much.
Saying that name is sooo smooth like so wow

It is cute and unique not a lot of people have that name I named my kid that

Oh look at you, go on with your bad self!

It's so cute my daughters name will be Yanah Ashleè Frasier


This name is so beautiful!

Alexandria is better but alexandra is fine


This name is pretty it reminds me of the makeup brand

I love this name

It’s a beautiful name period


We have Sims 3 in our house and we made a black family and there was this one girl we decided to name Lyla she was just so cute!

Lyla I thing is the best


I love this name, it just fits beautifully, I may be saying, as it is my own name, even if I am not dark-skinned. I just love this name,

I think it is a very amazing name and if you are looking for a black baby girl name I would totally go with this one!

Its an beautiful name

What a pretty name


Beautiful and unusual. Love.

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It's a cute name

she is pretty and always out going


My name


I always wonder if I could name a girl this, but I guess I can.

Because it's a good name

That's my sisters name

Get name


This name is a type of wine I think... oh, by the way, follow me on tik tok I'm tik tok famous check...

This name is disgusting

It's still weirdly pretty

You should not pick on people names what if your name was poopy pants


Such a pretty name for dark-skinned women. Nicknames can be Charlie.


I love this name because it means that she is going to have a great "Destiny"

My best friend is called destiny I love that name

Destiny is my actual name in real life

This should be my destiny name


Aye bust down Tatiana

Shouldn't this be my future name

This is my name and everyone sings blue face to me now

This is my name and I find it to be really unique and outgoing.


Good name honestly

My name is Essence and I am black

Pretty and makes you think of all things positive

It's a pretty name I love it


Simply gorgeous. One of my friends' names is Sierra. Sierra Raylyn.

Sierra is my best friends name and she is so beautiful and kind I love her and her name

A nice name for your fierce little lady!

Sierra is one of the Haschak sisters names I am going to use it in my written work


I'm half black myself and I feel that this is not a black girl's name it shouldn't be on here.

It sounds like a perfume but yet sounds like an amazing name.


Great name for a light skinned girl

My future daughter has a name!

That's close to my name, Kelani, which is also similar to Kehlani. Cute

I like this name. Super cute & girly.


It's a beautiful name and one of my favourite authors uses in one of her books.

My future daughter name

that's my name soo I love it

This is my name as well!


Mysterious yet beautiful!

My best friend is named raven

That is a good pretty name

My Name is Majesty


Sounds like a stripper's name.

Hm that's a no for me


My sister name is close to this but it is nice period

Pretty, Feminine, Exotic

This is my name

It's a pretty name




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