Prettiest Rwby Characters

The Top Ten

1 Neopolitian
2 Blake Belladonna

I have one word: meow

You are kidding right?

3 Raven Branwen

Basically used the same hair as Yang but colored it black, but it's still really beautiful UwU

4 Nebula Violette
5 Yang Xiao Long Yang Xiao Long is one of the main protagonists of RWBY. She is the half-sister of Ruby Rose and the former partner of Blake Belladonna. Her parents are Taiyang Xiao Long and Raven Branwen. Her signature weapon is a pair of twin shotgun gauntlets named Ember Celica. She alludes to the fairy tale character more.

Should be higher on the list, maybe third lol. If only I looked like her

6 Kali Belladonna

She's related to Blake (Blake's mother, for those who don't know). Of course she's pretty.

7 Pyrrha Nikos

How can you NOT love her?

8 Nora Valkyrie
9 Weiss Schnee Weiss Schnee is a former student of Beacon Academy and one of the main protagonists of RWBY. Her weapon of choice is a Multi Action Dust Rapier (MADR) named Myrtenaster. more.

Why is she ninth? Do these people NOT see her elegance?

What the hell is my girl doing in seventh. - Legatus

From her hair to her new outfit she is a very pretty character with an elegant weapon and awesome semblance. - NerdBunny

10 Ruby Rose

The Contenders

11 Summer Rose

All we've seen of her is less than half her face..just basically an eyeball. How can she possibly be this high up? - NerdBunny

12 Xang Lao Long

I think you mean Yang Xiao Long. She has such beautiful hair and pretty purple eyes plus a spunky personality. - NerdBunny

13 Glynda Goodwitch

Awesome. Straight up awesome.

14 Cinder Fall A mysterious woman who possesses fire-based powers and uses a pair of blades that combine to form a bow that she uses to fire arrows.Vol. 2 She also fights with glass and has been noted to have fused Dust into some of her clothing. Cinder is a very cunning and secretive woman, with goals of gaining more.

A villain yes. Pretty, ALSO yes.

15 Coco Adel

Dude they should REALLY show the image OOF

16 Velvet Scarlatina

Who can't love someone as pretty as her?

17 Penny Polendina
18 Gwen Darcy
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