Seo Joo Hyun



She is BEAUTIFUL! Not just in the outside but also in the inside. She is also cute and has Sparkly/Shiny eyes, and Tall. The 2nd tallest in SNSD

She has a natural beauty because she didn't undergo some plastic surgery and always had the lightest makeup among the other SNSD members

She is the kpop crush, there is always one (or above) boy in each boy group that has a crush on her, tells she's their ideal type, stares at her, etc. There are a lot of evidences in YouTube and some other sites

She is also talented! Her voice is beautiful and kinda angelic or something. She is also good at dancing.

She also know how to play instruments like Piano, which she learnt at her childhood days. Guitar, she learnt that from YongHwa. Violin, Drums, etc.

SHe is Very humble. She doesn't like to show off

Her Unnies are always crazy (haha) for boys but not SeoHyun. She prefer to have Sweet potatoes/Goguma (Seo's favorite food)

--There are ...more

Seohyun keeps getting better and better looking and I think has the best personality. I must say though that I wish people would quit saying negative things about the ones who are not their favorite because none of these girls deserve that. They are all so beautiful inside and out and I can see why any one of them would be their favorite. I know of no other girl group in the world who are more beautiful inside and out than these young ladies are. SNSD forever...

Seo is the prettiest girl in all of K-Pop. She is a natural beauty never having done plastic surgery, and not caking her face in makeup. But best of all, she is not only pretty outside, but inside as well. She is so kind and even offers her hot coffee to the staff when they were filming because she knew they

Seohyun is the prettiest girl in K-Pop, this is not only due to her gorgeous exterior but also the beauty within. Her kindness exceeds any other idol in the K-Pop industry, she is genuine and true at heart. Seohyun does not have a fake image, her innocence is real. She is not fake like most other K-Pop idols. She is real. She is perfect. She is Seohyun.

Beauty and brains. Doesn't have to wear much make up nor reveal too much skin to get noticed.

Shes just beautiful... I don't know how to explain it. She just is her smile is wonderful and she is beautiful inside and out. When she sings she is even more beautiful she is a angel who was sent to earth from the heavens. Even though she isn't has entertaining (i think she is) she is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen

She's the only member that is guaranteed to have never gotten plastic surgery and she is also the member that wears the least amount of makeup, as stated on Win Win. Unlike other members, such as Yoona (whom got nose surgery), Seohyun is an all-natural beauty, whom gets more beautiful every day.

Shes Gorgeous in every single ways. A real natural beauty, if shes not a singer/idol she rather be miss korea or something. And not talking about beauty outside so are inside, totally a real dreamgirl, shes my dreamgirl!

She is pretty, and I think the most natural member in Girls Generation, that is why I think she is pretty because she is natural. If somebody who is not natural, but her face is good looking, I still think that the person is not good looking/ugly. And she is also a kind hearted person which people liked her

Cho joohyun is one of the prettiest member.. Maybe if shes not an idol she can be miss Korea because of her height and beauty that is very stunning, she a real angel for me, scared to hurt others feelings, just like her other members said that if they were a guy they will choose seohyun as their date.. because they know that they will take good care of them.. So beautiful and charming..

She's not just beautiful on the outside but also in the inside. Her face is as beautiful as her heart. She's what girls should be. A good girl.

Think about it,. BEAUTY, BEHAVIOR and BRAINS.


I think among the girls she is the most beautiful because she don't need make up to enhance her beauty and also she is like an angel and very talented she can sing and dance and I think her voice is like taeyeon sometimes

Seohyun had the original beauty when I see her Debut picture it is the same Old and new her face is so originally and the rest had the many surgery when I see their debut picture... And I think seohyun win... Even though she's my bias :)... Seohyun forever

Seohyun has all the traits that a man wish for pretty, kind, caring, responsible, smart and she will be a good and a wise wife and mom to her family in the future


She's the prettiest SNSD member and she is the only member that didn't undergo plastic surgery, no offense to other member. The other members are pretty too, but I think she is the prettiest member.

Absolutely, simply just gorgeous. I am Korean and people think it is weird for me to like her but she is the best for me all time and I do not care what other people think.

She's simply a goddess sent down from heaven with an angelic voice, overly-stunning beauty, and has what seems to be the best attitude for an idol in the K-Pop industry.

Seohyun for me is the prettiest, they are all pretty, yeah yoona can be matched, I think their of the same level only that seohyun isn't expressive as much as yoona is that is why I think yoona is the? Face? Of snsd...somehow.when you look at her, she's really cute, looks friendly, like a doll or an angel.talents are great perfect height...only problem is acting acting skills...i think she can do better...and because of that she cannot pose as much art as yoona does...well whatever she's georgeous, model-like, legs are perfect, the best legs among the members (sooyoung's are nice but they are just too long for her weight, yoona's-she's bow-legged I wonder if she ever felt awkward about it and lastly yuri's - too hot which makes it eerie sometimes) that's all

Seohyun is my fave Snsd member and I think Seohyun and Kyuhyun from Super Junior are a couple but I prefer Seohyun and Sehun from EXO-K are a thing

Seohyun is the one of the prettiest idol I've ever seen. Beautiful inside and out. Full package and... oh there's nothing that I can say now. She's beyond perfectness. My forever inspiration. Applause!

Seo hyun is the most prettiest bcos she has that flawless face without make up. So pure and respectful. I think yoona came up after her. Tiffany only look fine with heavy make up. And so does Jessica. But they're all basically pretty. No doubt.. :D

Well I just want to post a comment for my friend Chloe Chang she says So Joo Hyun is the prettiest cause she wears the least make up that's what my friend said and now the comment is finished

She is the prettiest among all the other SNSD members. Best singer, best dancer and the best looking lady in SNSD! Everyone please vote for Seo Joo Hyun!

Seohyun has inner beauty, she is cute, natural, pretty, same and lovely, Beauty as usual, She is nice. so I vote her because for me beauty is inner and outer