Prettiest Teen Wolf Girls

The Top Ten Prettiest Teen Wolf Girls

1 Allison Argent

Look at this face she is so perfect - bretty

She is so pretty

Such a cute, innocent face

2 Malia Tate

She is the most beautiful Actress in the world. definitely Much more beautiful than Allison Argent

Are you Crazy? I mean I prefer Malia but Allison is more pretty than Malia sorry I'm objective - bretty

3 Lydia Martin

Absolutely Gorgeous. Her hair, makeup and style was always perfect. She should definitely be number one

4 Kira Yukimura
5 Erica Reyes
6 Cora Hale
7 Hayden Romero

So pretty, she's listed twice!

8 Kate Argent
9 Valerie Clarke
10 Tracy Stewart

The Contenders

11 Braeden

You saw that seen with her and Derek in their under wear holding guns didn't you? Hot stuff. Sizzling hot stuff.

12 Kali
13 Melissa Mccall
14 Tamora Monroe
15 Gwen
16 Corinne "Desert Wolf"
17 Jennifer Blake
18 Violet
19 Lori Talbot
20 Sydney
21 Marin Morrell
22 Victoria Argent
23 Noshiko Yukimura
24 Natalie Martin
25 Meredith Walker
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