Top 10 Prettiest Warrior Cats

This is a list that shall show you pretty warrior cats!

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1 Spottedleaf Spottedleaf

How dare you (opinion) call Spottedleaf a Mary Sue! Sure, she stalks Firestar in his dreams and has an attractive look and 'sweet scent' and gets a love in first sight, but she dies twice. Would a Sue die twice, or even once? If you watched Bright Guardian Akira's 'Things Warriors Fans NEVER Say' I guess you have some more right to your evidence, as I am a loyal Akira subscriber. But still guys, just stop hating on Spottedleaf because she's perfect. It's not like she has wings or rainbow eyes or a star on her forehead (if you get the reference). Just please, stop hating on her.

She does NOT have a "PERVERTED OBSESSION" with Firestar. According to Firestar's Quest, she states that "I was and will always be a medicine cat. That comes before any cat who walks the forest, even Firestar,".

Spottedleaf is honestly my favorite cat in warriors

For one Spottedleaf almost got the same genetics I think from her brother Redtail plus a lot of medicine cats are hotties you have to admit it.

2 Silverstream Silverstream

Thanks to Silverstream she gave her daughter life sacrifice, beauty, and loyalty. I think her family already deserved the beauty lives in the hand well paws of her ancestors.

Silverstream is better then spottedleaf

Silverstream is so pretty - Cloudstar1

She died giving birth to Graystripe's kits.

3 Feathertail Feathertail

I honestly think Feathertail is prettier
That Silverstream, I don't get why people love Silverstream so much, don't get me wrong she's a good and pretty cat, but we didn't know her that well because she died too soon.
I think SpottedLeaf, Feathertail, Silverstream, Bluestar, Leafpool, Squirrelflight, and YellowFang are the prettiest cats ever, I don't have a favorite cat or least favorite, well, ok,
I have a LEAST favorite but Favorite?
I love them all

Feathertail is one of my favorite characters!

Dude, this is if she's pretty, not how she acts. But I think she's pretty, lmao

Her natural beauty came from her mother and grandmother thank Starclan she got that she would be a total thot

4 Squirrelflight Squirrelflight

You know that white part on one of squirrelflight's paws that came from Scourge and I think so because she is the most rarest cats

Squirrelflight should be number 1 by far she is the prettiest warrior cat, plus she has a great personality and had 2 pairs of toms fight for her. SHE'S AWESOME!

I'm surprised Silverstream and Spottedleaf are beating Squirrelflight! Squirrelflight is much prettier than both of them combined! Not to mention her personality is just as pretty as she is. No, she isn't the nicest cat in the warrior cats series, but the bossy and stubborn side of her makes her a lovable character and not a Mary-Sue! She is kind and will do anything for the cats she loves. Not to mention break the warrior code for them. Spottedleaf is a dead cat and old enough to be Firestar's mother and she was a medicine cat, yet she fell in love with him!?!?! Silverstream was suppose to be loyal to her clan and she fell for a childish tom from a different clan and DIED giving birth to his kits! They both were semi-disloyal and this is the top tens prettiest warrior cats contest, and if you ask me a plain calico and a silver tabby isn't are pretty or unique as a pure dark-ginger she-cat with emerald green eyes like her brave father or like her LOYAL mother. So if you ask me, ...more

Lol Squirrelflight is pretty but Spottedleaf, Feathertail and Silverstream are more unique and prettier and cooler than Squirrelflight in my opinion - Aquastar_of_DewClan

She is the best! I love how the Erin Hunters made her personality, she's a very unique cat! Plus I love that white paw, makes her look more, Fierce, and...Beautiful

5 Leafpool Leafpool Leafpool is a character in the Warrior Cats series. She's the daughter of Firestar and Sandstorm, sister of Squirrelflight, mate of Crowfeather, and mother of Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf

Leafpool is pretty. She deserves to be number 1, at least above Squirrelflight and Spottedleaf (how did that cat get to the top...).

I don't think Leafpool is that pretty to be honest. She is overrated as well. I mean there ae SO many cats with the SAME EXACT PELT COLOR AS HER. You TOTALLY don't see a brown tabby cat with a white tummy in Warriors much, so rare and amazing!

She is a great medicine cat - Cloudstar1

She is so beautiful

6 Dappletail

I honestly DO NOT like Dappletail. She is kinda idiotic and stole Stormtail from a cat who REALLY deserved him.

Dudes, she didn't steal Stormtail. Stormtail just preferred Dappletail.

You stole Stormtail from Murphypaw..! *Coughs* umm.. I MEAN! Moonflower! - Murphypaw

She is a demon!

7 Brightheart Brightheart

Brightheart was named after exactly what she has on the inside. I sincerley love her bright personality and I felt so bad for her when Jayfeather asked to become a medicine cat. She probably felt like the other cats didn't think she was skilled enough to have an apprentice but she is! You go Brightheart!

Brightheart is so beautiful on the inside and the outside! STUPID DOGS GO DIE IN A HOLE

I think BrightHeart is absolutely beautiful, she was named after who she is inside! She deserves to be #1!

She has been through so much and even though part of her face is gone she still beautiful inside and out! Bright heart you should be #1!

8 Hollyleaf Hollyleaf Hollyleaf was one of the rare, strictly loyal cats of ThunderClan. She cherished the warrior code as a kit and came back to her clan in a time of need to fight-- even though she was cast out for killing Ashfur.

Her green eyes and black pelt is so pretty! She and Ivypool are by far my favorite.

I would have liked Hollyleaf if she was evil

I think that Hollyleaf looks beautiful and I love that she is a black she cat

I love Hollyleaf she is beautiful and I love that she is a black she cat

9 Willowbreeze

She is so pretty

Honestly, for some reason I think most of the "pretty" cats are all SILVER like Feathertail and Silverstream but I still love Willowbreeze I mean Crookedstar fell in love with her and it was so sad when she died I almost cried and also Bluestar and Greystripe are realted why am I saying so much stuff

Willowbreeze is like the best queen in the series. Too bad she joined Starclan so early. #RIPWillowbreeze

Excuse moi. She is the mother of the legendary Silverstream, the first place cat and the other amazing cat Feathertail, the third place cat. She is like the reason Silverstream and Feathertail have any beauty. Ugh(lol)

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10 Bluestar Bluestar Bluestar is a character in the Warrior Cats series. She was one of the leaders of ThunderClan. She is mates with Oakheart of RiverClan and her kits, Stonefur and Mistyfoot, live in RiverClan. She has a deceased kit named Mosskit, a sister named Snowfur, a nephew named Whitestorm, a mother named Moonflower more.

My best friend has Bluestar's character-traits (well, most of them), and she's just amazing and beautiful, same as Bluestar. Also she (Bluestar, not my best friend) is probably the most loyal cat ever; she gave up EVERYTHING for her clan, and even though in the end of her life, she wasn't a that great leader anymore, she was still respectable and actually still amazing. Yah, I know that I talked too much about her character, so I'm just gonna tell you, that I also think that she si beautiful because of her fur and eyes and everything

I love bluestar she risked her life to save the clan! SHE IS THE BEST!

I think bluestar is the prettiest she cat.Sure she lies to her clan mates but it was for a good reason. And why did she have to die?! I wish she was still alive but she sacrificed herself when dogs were chasing her. Bluestar is the best!

She is my favorite character along with firestar and jayfeather
Bluestar PRETTY
Should be number 1


The Newcomers

? Moonflower Moonflower

I like her name and she looks cute in that picture

Moonflower was so kind and nice in bluestars prophecy shes just such a nice cat to her kits! plus she has a lot of fur so I imagine little bluekit and snowkit just hiding in her fur

The Contenders

11 Ivypool Ivypool

I always thought of her as just a beautiful cat, and not only for her looks, but her personality as well. She has her flaws, and was never perfect, but she was just one of those characters that it help make her seem more real. I also liked reading her point of view, and just seeing how much she changed in the series. She was an interesting character for me.

I think ivy pool is pretty I guess

Ivypool has always been prettier than Dovewing no matter how she is described.

She is SO Beautiful, the Reason she has such a unique pelt. White and silver patches, and her eyes, are gorgeous, like the night sky. We need to get her over Dovebutt

12 Dovewing Dovewing Dovewing is a character in the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. She has light grey fur with Amber, green, or blue eyes. Her first appearance is in the fourth arc, know as Omen of the Stars, in the book The Fourth Apprentice. She was part of the Power of Three, and her power was to hear and see things more.

Dovewing is an amazing charactter in my opinion. People call her a mary sue even though she has so many flaws, it's a bit confusing. She is sweet and I loved reading her point of view. And after she lost her powers she was scared, I mean, she had the powers her entire life, imagine if you were her. You would freak out as well. So what if she doesn't like Bumblestripe, there are so many reasons to dislike Bumble. Bumblestripe took out all his anger on Dove and would do anything for them to be together. I am so glad that Dovewing left him for Tigerheart. Though I do have to agree that their love was a bit rushed. "She stalked Tigerheart! " She loved him, why not use her powers to make sure her lover is safe? Is that so wrong?! "She broke the warrior code! " So did Firestar, Leafpool, Yellowfang, JAYFEATHER, and almost every single cat in the Clans! "She named one of her kits Shadowkit! " Who cares?!

I agree, but you didn't point out that she TOUCHED JAYFEATHER'S STICK! - RoseWeasley

She looks really cute

I need her power! I made my own warrior, Dovefeather, for her. She is gorgeous and if she went to the Dark Forest, I'd say she would be such a bad girl, and might have mated Tigerheart, without question, and be scared of. She'd be sooo bad! Perfect for the Dark Forest. And poor Tigerheart could have not waited for her.

yes - Cloudstar1

13 Socks

Socks I do not know about I can't even see the picture I didn't mean to

So 1st cutest is Swiftpaw who is not on here and 2nd is Grey Wing, Graystripe, Fircone, and Smudge. Socks is very cute. Black and white cats are my jam! He was cute as a kit, but kinda lost some cuteness when he and Ruby were homeless. He is also Firestar's half brother and I love Firestar. He is awesome! Socks looks like Swiftpaw and Swiftpaw is so cute. Go Socks! Socks! Socks!

Socks?! - Pikafire

I have a brown tabby with dark brown stripes and white paws that’s named socks

14 Sandstorm

I like sandstorm because she is mated to firestar and I'm a fan of firestar

Her relationship with Firestar is so cute

She played hard to get with fireheart YOU GO GIRL

She should be higher, she deserves more.

15 Daisy

She is beautiful inside and out

I loved Daisy from the beginning. Her cream coat and blue eyes match perfectly. Hate Spiderleg for not loving her

Just because she is a kitty-pet, doesn't mean that they'res anything wrong with her. She grew up like a kitty-pet. Big deal! She is still in my opinion, the second most beautiful she-cat in warriors. My first is Millie, and after Daisy, its Sandstorm then Squirrelflight. Spiderleg was mistaken to not want to be with Daisy anymore. She is a perfectly fine cat. He was just embarrassed to be with a kitty-pet. UHM HELLO! Wake Up, Spiderleg. Some of the greatest warriors of all times mated kitty-pets and actually was a kitty-pet! Sandstorm mated Firestar, one of the greatest. He was a kitty-pet. Graystripe (THE GREATEST OF ALL) mated Millie. She was a kitty-pet. So, Daisy is pretty, and like any great warrior.

I've never had a thing for cream-colored cats but she is pretty and I love her in Bramblestar's Storm

16 Redtail

I have no idea what to talk about with him or her

.I love him so much

He is awesomely cute! His little foxy tail,

4 words: HE IS SO UTE! - BloodFang

Why does everyone recognize him whith his tail! He’s also a kind Tom, and this is why I hate tigerstar, tigerstar killed him!

17 Goldenflower Goldenflower

Goldenflower is awesome. Admit it, Tigerstar. Admit it, Scourge. Admit it, Brokenstar.

She was the best warrior defiantly I swear I was sick when I saw that brat silverstream at the top she was literally a mutt golden flower should be up there anyway she cared for silverstream' s kits anyway

One of my favorite cats in the series. She even attracted Tigerstar! TIGERSTAR!

She is obviously prettiest

18 Mapleshade Mapleshade Mapleshade is a character in the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. She is a tortoiseshell she-cat with a white tail and mistakenly described as ginger-and-white.

She looks kind of pretty even though she is the most evil warrior cat in the book

I love Mapleshade she is so pretty with her pelt! It is very beautiful and even though she is evil she is beautiful!

Umm do you know right now she is not that pretty I mean here fur is so ragged

Honestly, I truly think Mapleshade should be higher in this list. She is beautiful! And when I read Mapleshades Vengeance, I believe she made all the right choices.

19 Brambleberry

I forgot about Brambleberry! SHE'S SOOO PRETTY!

Brambleberry is so beautiful. Een in the allegiances, they call her a beautiful she cat. We need more cats with this color! stupid silver and ginger tabbies

So much more pretty than all those silver tabbies

Brambleberry is one of the most beautiful characters. I find white cats with unique patterns beautiful, and if you look at fanart of her, her blue eyes are just gorgeous! Though she is very pretty on the outside, she has a great, caring personality on the inside, too. I think that Brambleberry should be way further up the list, not just at position 7. Leafpool is just an average cat to me, since most cats are brown tabbies, some with white patches and hazel or amber eyes. I think Silverstream is pretty, too, but silver-she-cats are so overrated compared to other cats.

20 Brook

Brook Where Small Fish Swim
Appearance: A lithe, warm brown tabby she-cat with kind, piercing gray eyes, a sleek, glossy pelt, and a torn ear.
Mother: Sky Where Clouds Gleam- Sleek light brown she-cat with sky blue eyes.
Father: Fox That Hunts At Dusk- Dark ginger tom with gray eyes.
Brother: Talon Of Swooping Eagle: Massive, dark brown tom with a scarred belt, massive paws, and amber eyes.
Mate: Stormfur- Sleek, dark gray tom with warm amber eyes.

I love her I love her! - Murphypaw

Why is this so low she is prettier than silverbutt and spottedbutt
Just because they're do hot does not mean they're a nice cat inside plus
Silverstream is hopeless mother she DIED and left her kits mother-less!
DAMM you silverbutt - Murphypaw

What's with people not really liking brook she's so nice and she's pretty with a brown tabby pelt nice sleek fur and GRAY eyes no cat in warriors has gray eyes no wonder storm fur loved her

21 Jayfeather Jayfeather Jayfeather is a character in the Warrior Cats series. He is part of The Three, along with Lionblaze and Dovewing, and has the power to read other cats' minds and walk into other cats dreams. He is blind.

I love Jayfeather, his my favourite cat!

I hate jayfeather

I love Jayfeather - Cloudstar1

Jayfeather is the best. I love his sarcastic personality! - Pebblefur

22 Snowfur Snowfur

She's the prettiest of them all

Why is she so cute!

Love her little freckles! She is so cute!

Snowfur is so pretty and she is so sweet!

23 Leopardstar

I love leopardstar shes just so pretty and has such a nice character!

Leopardstar is actually very pretty a golden she-cat with leopard-shaped spots that is really pretty and unique so back off

She's pretty with a golden pelt black spots and nice warm Amber eyes

No way... Not that ditzy twerp who calls herself a leader...

24 Mistystar Mistystar

Mistystar looks like her mom Bluestar - Cloudstar1

I love how she is sentimental and secretive.

Nice cat

I think she is very pretty on the outside AND inside as she is not rude at all or stubborn (unlike squirrelflight) and in general I think she is a very appealing cat.

25 Yellowfang Yellowfang Yellowfang was a ThunderClan medicine cat in the original series of Warriors. She initially was a medicine cat from ShadowClan, but she was banished by her son, Brokenstar. She was then found by Firestar, who was then Firepaw, and brought into ThunderClan.

Yellowfang is my favorite character! Perhaps shes not the most estetecly pleasing cat, but she was lovely and kind, and gave more then she got. Yellowfang RULES

An amazing mom and an amazing pelt!

I really like yellow fang but I don't think she's a Persian that would mean she had kitty pet blood and she is pure shadow clan so it's on likely but it is possible she has a kitty pet ancestor that is VERY distant


26 BriarLight BriarLight

! Why is she not first? She is the most beautiful cat in the series especially since she taught HERSELF how to move around with only her front paws! Talk about upper body strenght

Briarlight is the best cat in the HOLE SERIES!

Guys, I have you know, Watch the Can’t Help Falling In Love Jayfeather And Briarlight MAP. It’s so amazing. And, I cried so many times when she died. YOU GO BL! :D

Briarlight is amazing! She’s my favorite warrior cat at the moment. I do think she’s beautiful on the outside with her sky blue eyes ( anyone who draws her with amber eyes is drawing her WRONG) but she’s even more beautiful on the inside. She’s kind and always has a cheerful spirit. I actually cried when she died. BACK OFF BRIARLIGHT HATERS!

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27 Cinderheart

She is cool

I love Cinderheart. Beautiful, amazing, brave and loyal. I really like her relationship with Lionblaze as well.

Lol Cinderheart is okay but Cinderpelt is prettier - Aquastar_of_DewClan

I love the colour of her pelt! A grey tabby with gorgeous blue eyes.

28 Millie Millie Millie is a character in the Warriors series. She's a small, short-furred light gray tabby with blue eyes and a torn ear. Also current mate of Graystripe and mother of Bumblestripe, Blossomfall and Briarlight.

Millie is super pretty. She should be higher on the list! She is one of my favorite characters. Go Millie!

HAHA I have a sister named Millie - Cloudstar1

I agree Millie is cool!

I love Millie! - Murphypaw

29 Mothwing Mothwing

Leafpool and Mothwing I ship it - Cloudstar1

Leafpool TOTALLY has a crush on her, and honestly, who doesn't?

Mothwing is sooo beautiful! She has endured so mush as well

2. Firemist, how DARE you say this picture of Mothwing is ugly! The amazing blixemi drew her!

30 Berrystumpytail Berrystumpytail

You go kitty

Jay no eyes

Nobody will ever get this I am disappointed in you people THIS IS BERRYNOSE! He was scared about his warrior ceremony and he was getting teased with "Berrystumpytail" because his name was Berrypaw and he had a stump as a tail...see? This is from Power of three Outcast.

Who the heck is that!?!

31 Frostfur

Frostfur is OK. I like her sis Brindleface better. OH YEAH! BRINDLEFACE! Brindleface should totally be #1. She was described as beautiful like 6 times in the allegiances, and not to mention 3 times in the actual books. Since when was Frostfur mentioned as beautiful in the books apart from the allegiances

I love her! FrostFur is my fave cat, no question. She was described as a beautiful pure white she cat with blue eyes. I though they meant light blue, but apparently they were dark blue. I loved it even more, it reminded me of the night sky. Please don't judge me about how I word things, I am already depress enough. I don't need any haters to pipe up and make me feel worse.

You know, she is actually one of few beauties in warrior cats who the author have mentioned her beauty, it said so in the allegiances! And her physical look is quite amazing as well. No offense, but I really love white cat with blue eyes, they are all very pretty, especially when frostfur was young.

She is literally called beautiful in the allegiances in the books guys - Forestfire

32 Ferncloud

Ferncloud is so PRETTY! The markings on her pale gray fur make her stand out. No wonder Dustpelt fell for her.


She's not pretty

Ferncloud is so innocently cute! She was kind and pretty as well.She looked just like Brindleface and Brindleface is so pretty.

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33 Heathertail

I hate Heathertail she sucks worse than Tigerstar

Heathertail is worse than scourge and tigerclaw and brokenstar mixed togther

Wow. Am I the only one who thinks Heathertail's beautiful? I was litteraly scrolling down this list looking for her name. Her fur is really pretty and it matches her character, and her eyes are unique and described as beautiful from time to time in the books. I ship her with Breezepelt. I love that Good Girl X Bad Boy thing!

~ Swanfeather

First, heathertail is beautiful but she is really! ean
But not tigerstar, brokenstar, and scurge put together mean gees people. Shes more mean like a hollyleaf mean. She's loyal, and hates lionblaze, and made bad decitions in her life but being with beezepelt was awesome for me.

Hollyleaf was loyal, and also made bad decitions in her life. I always shipped mousewhisker and hollyleaf to get hollywhisker

34 Echosong

Echosong is so beautiful! And she fits in to clan perfectly! You could never tell she's a kittypet.

Echosong is such a beautiful cat! And quite fluffy too!

She is so pretty, she should take Leafpool's spot!

Echosong is pretty and she has a very good name

35 Purdy

All right young uns let me tell you a story of how purdy is the best cat in the entire series

Honestly there's not a better cat then purdy young uns!


Purdy is incredibly handsome

36 Half Moon

She is so pretty with her white coat and her beautiful green eyes. Her inside was so beautiful too!

She has dark emerald green eyes

I love half moon she’s beautiful she MUST be No. I. STUPID ROCK I ship her with jay bythe way

She is actually very pretty with her beautiful white fur she is pretty it's a shame she died of vomiting sickness l.

37 Moth Flight


Meow! - Murphypaw

She would’ve been a great mate with Micah in her super edition but he got crushed by the tree while getting bark (or sap,I forgot.) for Rocky. But Clear Sky said no and sent Red Claw and the tree crushed Micah and that caused a war. On the cover she did look a bit serious

Oops sorry I mean she looks pretty but she looks serious not ugly

38 Blossomfall

Guys thorn claw is like about to be a elder when she mates with him DUDE he's SO OLD

Thornclaw is literally a senior warrior when blossomfall was BORN. Graystripe, her father, was just a little older than Thornclaw. How is everyone ok with this?

Thornclaw is supa old and blossomfall is supa youn for him. hE WAS ALIVE DURIN TIERSTARS REIN he's OLD

She's actually kinda pretty :3

39 Fallenleaves

Correction: Fallen Leaves. Two words.

I ship hollyleaf and fallen! :3:3 back off haterz

His pelt is so handsome!

40 Mintsparkle

Try "Mintspark". It was a nice attempt though. - RoseWeasley

Does not exist. I don't even think Sparkle is canon. - Firemist

Okay I'm the worst speller - Aquastar_of_DewClan

Not a real cat

41 Princess

I wish we saw more of her!

I feel princess is one of the prettiest cats in the series, really she lives up to her name. (She also gave birth to my Cloudtail little grumpybutt 😊)

42 Lilyheart

She is the prettiest. She is my favorite warrior cat ever! So beautiful and kind. Even Alderheart mentioned how kind she was. She is so much prettier than Spottedleaf, Silverstream, Frostfur (overrated), and pretty much every cat on this list!

Lilyheart is definitely a name I wish I had thought of before they did. It's so pretty sounding!

I WUV Lilyheart. Beautiful inside and out. Her mother was so pretty. I love her kits, too. They are all so amazing because they are related to this wonderful cat! Especially Honeyfur. I think Honeyfur is pretty. Anyway, back to Lilyheart. Pretty name, pretty cat, pretty personality, pretty sister, pretty mother, pretty grandmother (Willowpelt), pretty kits (Especially Honeyfur! )

Obviously one of the prettiest she-cats!

43 Riverstar
44 Oakheart Oakheart

Honestly Oakheart is one of the best sure he is in river clan but he is bluestars kits father so he has to be awesome

Even Rosetail thought he was great

I voted for him because he was the first cat I ever had a crush on, but Thrushpelt... *sigh* - I would ditch Oakheart for Thrushpelt, but since he's not on this list, I can't...

45 Rosetail

I love her tail! - Firemist

Rosetail is genuinely one of the most beautiful characters there is. Look her up, she's Thistleclaw's sister.

Yep! Blue x Rose anyone?

She has a very pleasing design in my opinion. It doesn’t need to be a fully realistic design. This is a book series about cats who live together in a group larger than a colony of cats in a forest using herbs that don’t even work on cats.

46 Bristlefrost

Why can't this cat he number 1? I love her! Oh and why isn't Cinderpelt on the list?

Very pretty. Gorgeous,in fact.


Er Did I just say that out...
yes. yes I did. - Murphypaw

47 Pebbleshine

Most beautiful and caring cat of all time why is she only at 52!

Yeah she is beautiful, it's a shame that nobody really got to know her well in the books because she died so early, she couldn't even live to see violetshine and twigbranch again... :( - gymnastsofa

48 Sweetpaw

She’s a beautiful cat who I wished could of lived longer! - StellaBella999

49 Icecloud

Black cats and tortoiseshell-whites are cuter and prettier in my opinion, but Icecloud is surely beautiful! White fur and bright, sky blue eyes. I ship her with Mousewhisker
Mouse X Ice - Aquastar_of_DewClan

Average looking cat

Face it pplz: All white cats are stunning.

50 Hollysky

This is really nice name - Murphypaw

Do you mean Hollyleaf? - Firemist

Who in the world is this!

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