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1 Spottedleaf Spottedleaf is a tortoiseshell she-cat in the series "Warrior Cats" by Erin Hunter. She first appears in book 1, and dies the same book.

Spottedleaf is such a beautiful cat inside and out. She is so warm and loving and all she ever wants to do is help Firestar out. *SHIP!* I love SpottedFire. I agree with the people when they say go team Spottedleaf. Sandstorm was pretty but on the outside. How dare people say she's a stalker. All she ever wanted to do was help. Like people are saying stop hating on her. If there was an award for Best Warriors She-Cat, I'd give it to her. She's an amazing character.

She is just downright beautiful. No one can forget her beautiful calico pelt and sweet smell. But she has a complicated inside. Such a sweet-talker but a stalker. She stalks every dream and, honestly, she was better as just an alive, normal medicine cat.

How dare you (opinion) call Spottedleaf a Mary Sue! Sure, she stalks Firestar in his dreams and has an attractive look and 'sweet scent' and gets a love in first sight, but she dies twice. Would a Sue die twice, or even once? If you watched Bright Guardian Akira's 'Things Warriors Fans NEVER Say' I guess you have some more right to your evidence, as I am a loyal Akira subscriber. But still guys, just stop hating on Spottedleaf because she's perfect. It's not like she has wings or rainbow eyes or a star on her forehead (if you get the reference). Just please, stop hating on her.

nobody's immortal, if she hadn't died they would of had to kill her of anyway

She is beautiful! On inside and out! How dare people say bad things about her

2 Silverstream SIlverstream is a character created by Erin Hunter to the book series named Warrior Cats. she is a sleek, silver tabby she-cat with delicate silver markings and bright blue eyes. She's the daughter of Crookedstar and Willowbreeze, former mate of Graystripe and mother of Feathertail and Stormfur. She more.

Silverstream is my favorite character ever! She is so beautiful on the inside and out!

I love her. She's beautiful and She still holds on to Graystripe. So beautiful and adorable!

She is pretty and a savior of Graystripe's life. No wonder Graystripe fell for her!

Ah, Silverstream. The beautiful daughter of the pretty, lovely Willowbreeze. Silverstream broke the warrior code because her sweet natured heart could not stand to watch a poor young cat drown. It was so sad this poor young mother had to die so young and innocent and never see her children grow up( well in starclan of course). Silverstream died so her kits could live and her beautiful character lives on in her daughter like her own mother's character lived on in her. R.I.P Silverstream.

3 Feathertail Feathertail is a fictional character created by Erin Hunter for the book series called Warrior Cats. She's a slender, silver-tabby she-cat with sky-blue eyes and a plump tail. She is the daughter of Silverstream and Graystripe, Stormfur's sister and Crowfeather's first love interest. She used to be more.

I loved Feathertail because of her gentle nature. I find it sweet that she inherited her mother's beauty and sweetness. Feathertail was so calm and never stopped being kind to everyone . She didn't judge him for his grumpiness and meanness but for the little good she saw in him. She only saw the good in everyone She sacrificed herself so others could live. What a star.

Feathertail is a copy of her mother, Silverstream, with her beautiful silver fur and sharp blue eyes. Her inside's even more beautiful. She sacrificed her whole life for her friends and the Tribe! No wonder Crowfeather fell for her and asked his name to be after her!

I really love Feathertail, but I wouldn't die for those stupid tribe cats! Okay, I like Brook Where Small Fish Swim, but the rest!? Nuh uh girl.

She is beautiful inside and out. So brave and thoughtless of herself. Look how she gave her life up for Crowfeather! No wonder he loves her so much. How can anyone not love such a brave, caring, gentle, and beautiful she cat?!

4 Leafpool Leafpool is a character in the Warrior Cats series. She's the daughter of Firestar and Sandstorm, sister of Squirrelflight, mate of Crowfeather, and mother of Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf

Leafpool is a stunner. If you look at a picture of her you can just see how sleek, soft, and silky her pelt must be! Her colouring really goes well with her eyes, which have just a hint of green in them. She is the prettiest cat by far. I can see why Crowfeather fell in love with her! She might seem like the ordinary, every-day cat you can find anywhere, but then look at her closely. Do you see the evenness of her stripes, the snow-white tail-tip, chest, and muzzle? All these define her character amazingly. For her appearance is gentle, and so is her personality. I don't understand how anyone could bear to look at Squirrelflight compared to Leafpool! This glorious cat is wonderful. She is fabulous, and you could definitely describe her eyes of having "a glimmer that you can only see if you look for it". Because, although warmth shines out of them, really there is a touch of beauty in there. Also, the way white runs all the from her muzzle down to the end of her belly is so sweet! I ...more

Leafpool is amazing because of how she sacrificed her kits to Squirrelflight. I also love how she is flawed and yet is willing to try again and help others. Despite what others say she is extremely caring aand loving. Her main flaw was loving too much

Leafpool is my second favourite character besides Hollyleaf. Please vote for her!-Sandleaf

She is my favorite character in Warrior Cats! I can really relate to her. She is a lot like me and she's just really nice to everyone and didn't deserve for Hollyleaf to hate her

5 Squirrelflight

Squirrelflight is always the prettiest cat from the inside or outside. She may be stubborn and bossy, but that's what makes her realistic and relatable and made her stands out. She is also brave and passionate, and she is so caring for her family! She lied to her mate and clan for Leafpool! Her dark ginger coat matches perfectly to her forest green eyes, and I love her signature white paw!

I love her pretty ginger fur and emerald green eyes! Don't forget that super cute white paw! Her inside is even more beautiful! No wonder Brambleclaw fell for her! My favorite cat! She is so kind and gave up her entire personal life for Leafpool!

Squirrelflight is so pretty! Her bushy tail, those sparkling green eyes, who wouldn't like her? No wonder why Bumblestripe and Brambleclaw fell for her.

I'm surprised Silverstream and Spottedleaf are beating Squirrelflight! Squirrelflight is much prettier than both of them combined! Not to mention her personality is just as pretty as she is. No, she isn't the nicest cat in the warrior cats series, but the bossy and stubborn side of her makes her a lovable character and not a Mary-Sue! She is kind and will do anything for the cats she loves. Not to mention break the warrior code for them. Spottedleaf is a dead cat and old enough to be Firestar's mother and she was a medicine cat, yet she fell in love with him!?!?! Silverstream was suppose to be loyal to her clan and she fell for a childish tom from a different clan and DIED giving birth to his kits! They both were semi-disloyal and this is the top tens prettiest warrior cats contest, and if you ask me a plain calico and a silver tabby isn't are pretty or unique as a pure dark-ginger she-cat with emerald green eyes like her brave father or like her LOYAL mother. So if you ask me, ...more

Lol Squirrelflight is pretty but Spottedleaf, Feathertail and Silverstream are more unique and prettier and cooler than Squirrelflight in my opinion

6 Dappletail

Last time I checked, this wasn't about personality. Who cares if she's a brat? This list is titled "Top 10 Prettiest Warrior Cats". And sure, Dappletail is quite pretty.

Dappletail was such a mean old grouch! How do any of you people like her?

She reminds me so much of Dappled pelt, that's the only reason why I think she is pretty.

She is pretty, but I can't say she deserves to be. She stole stormtail from moonflower, and she is a brat, she's bossy, and she is super cranky as an elder.

7 Brightheart

I voted for Brightheart because she was such a great role model. She teaches us that you don't have to look stunning to be beautiful and also not to let your disability/ appearance stop you from achieving in life. This also makes her incredibly brave and a true warrior at heart for carrying on fighting for what she believed in.

I personally like how even though she got her scar, she still didn't give up with CloudTail at her side. Brightheart didn't deserve to be wounded but I think that Brightheart needs to die. She was alive from like The first series to the Broken Code.

Why is she not the prettiest!? Her heart is pure gold and her appearance is the most beautiful in my opinion.

Brightheart is so pretty! Her half face actually makes her cuter in my opinion! Her personality just makes it better!

8 Hollyleaf Hollyleaf was one of the rare, strictly loyal cats of ThunderClan. She cherished the warrior code as a kit and came back to her clan in a time of need to fight-- even though she was cast out for killing Ashfur.

I love Hollyleaf because she was beautiful and yet nobody gave her credit for it. I also think that she is truly an amazing rolemodel for all of us, teaching us what it is to be brave: Telling the truth. I love how she realized what she did was wrong even though it was to protect her kin and confessed and allowed herself to be guilty

I love her sleek black pelt and her glistening green eyes. No wonder Fallen Leaves fell for her!

Hollyleaf never Should Have DIED! I don't like that she did! Shes too pretty! WHY?!

I like Hollyleaf, and think she deserves a second chance for killing Ashfur. (She deserves to learn what happened when she was born!)

9 Bluestar Bluestar is a character in the Warrior Cats series. She was one of the leaders of ThunderClan. She is mates with Oakheart of RiverClan and her kits, Stonefur and Mistyfoot, live in RiverClan. She has a deceased kit named Mosskit, a sister named Snowfur, a mother named Moonflower and a father named Stormtail. more.

My best friend has Bluestar's character-traits (well, most of them), and she's just amazing and beautiful, same as Bluestar. Also she (Bluestar, not my best friend) is probably the most loyal cat ever; she gave up EVERYTHING for her clan, and even though in the end of her life, she wasn't a that great leader anymore, she was still respectable and actually still amazing. Yah, I know that I talked too much about her character, so I'm just gonna tell you, that I also think that she si beautiful because of her fur and eyes and everything

Her coat is beautiful and let my favorite character join the clan

I think bluestar is the prettiest she cat.Sure she lies to her clan mates but it was for a good reason. And why did she have to die?! I wish she was still alive but she sacrificed herself when dogs were chasing her. Bluestar is the best!

I love bluestar she risked her life to save the clan! SHE IS THE BEST!

10 Willowbreeze

Willowbreeze is very pretty and she was super nice why did she have to die so soon

she's so kind,gentle ad beautiful no wonder crokkedstar fell in love with her

Honestly, for some reason I think most of the "pretty" cats are all SILVER like Feathertail and Silverstream but I still love Willowbreeze I mean Crookedstar fell in love with her and it was so sad when she died I almost cried and also Bluestar and Greystripe are realted why am I saying so much stuff

Willowbreeze is like the best queen in the series. Too bad she joined Starclan so early. #RIPWillowbreeze

The Contenders

11 Ivypool

Ivypool is BY FAR the prettiest she-cat in the WHOLE SERIES. I don't get why people hate her. She risked her life in her sleep and she was the best fighter in the final battle. I know she was mean and snappy to Dovewing but I mean like, how would you feel if your best friend sister, etc. were doing EVERYTHING better than you. And they're saying I will ALWAYS be better than you. She has amazing silver fur, sapphire blue eyes, and those marks under her eyes, what more could you want in her?

Ivypool! So loyal, sharp, intelligent. Her personality is beautiful, her out side is amazing. Oh Ivypool. She's so brave risk her life everyday. She deserves her own book.

She should be in top 3. She is so pretty with the mix of silver, white, and black and her lovely sapphire eyes ads a final touch.

lets just talk about image I love that image of contrast on her gray fur and her beautiful sapphire eyes love it!

12 Dovewing Dovewing is a character in the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. She has light grey fur with Amber, green, or blue eyes. Her first appearance is in the fourth arc, know as Omen of the Stars, in the book The Fourth Apprentice. She was part of the Power of Three, and her power was to hear and see things more.

Dovewing is AMAZING! I am very determined that Dovewing is prettier Ivypool, I mean just look at her!

dovewing is the #1 best cat in the series and I am CERTAIN there was a bug which deleted a lot of dovewing's votes

Dovewing is an amazing charactter in my opinion. People call her a mary sue even though she has so many flaws, it's a bit confusing. She is sweet and I loved reading her point of view. And after she lost her powers she was scared, I mean, she had the powers her entire life, imagine if you were her. You would freak out as well. So what if she doesn't like Bumblestripe, there are so many reasons to dislike Bumble. Bumblestripe took out all his anger on Dove and would do anything for them to be together. I am so glad that Dovewing left him for Tigerheart. Though I do have to agree that their love was a bit rushed. "She stalked Tigerheart! " She loved him, why not use her powers to make sure her lover is safe? Is that so wrong?! "She broke the warrior code! " So did Firestar, Leafpool, Yellowfang, JAYFEATHER, and almost every single cat in the Clans! "She named one of her kits Shadowkit! " Who cares?!

I agree, but you didn't point out that she TOUCHED JAYFEATHER'S STICK!

She may be a mary sue, but I still felt like she was a good cat Don't judge me I'm only on the 4th apprentice But I read Dove Wings Silence and And I liked her. She is very pretty with her green eyes.Ivypool with kind of mean to her but I guess I understand because how would you feel if Your sibling was good at everything but you were just average but you feel like you werw bad at everything

13 Sandstorm

She is my absolute favorite character. She is so pretty with her sleek pelt and gentle green eyes. I can't understand why she isn't higher? She is kind and supportive, and super feisty too! She loves Firestar so much! She has played a massive role and I think she even deserved to become deputy. (Thinks of Brambleclaw *vomits*) Her fur is so soft and shiny! Please vote for her! I lover her personality and without her, many things would be different.

My favorite Warrior Cat ever! She is a lot more beautiful than Spottedleaf. Also, she is not a Mary Sue like her, but she is also tough and strong.

Sandstorm Team for life XD

#13?! And Spottedleaf at #1?! This is the most backwards list EVER. Sandstorm has gorgeous emerald eyes, beautiful, soft light ginger fur and an adorable personality.

Sandstorm it's very pretty I don't like how she was mean to fire star At the beginning of the series But I liked how she started to respect him, then like him, and firestar returned her feelings.

14 Socks

I like socks but he was a jerk to tiny..I like black and white cats But he always teamed up with ruby And made fun of tiny when he was actually the most handsome/pretty of the three.

Ok, Socks and Scourge look alike, Scourge is pretty if Socks is U-U

Socks I do not know about I can't even see the picture I didn't mean to

So 1st cutest is Swiftpaw who is not on here and 2nd is Grey Wing, Graystripe, Fircone, and Smudge. Socks is very cute. Black and white cats are my jam! He was cute as a kit, but kinda lost some cuteness when he and Ruby were homeless. He is also Firestar's half brother and I love Firestar. He is awesome! Socks looks like Swiftpaw and Swiftpaw is so cute. Go Socks! Socks! Socks!

15 Goldenflower

She is such a underrated brave cat, when no one trusted her kits she did.

She has to put up with Tigerstar, seriously?
She is great, read Bluestars Prophecy!

I love her and all but she had a terrible taste when it came to picking mates. I mean Patchpelt? And Tigerstar? Yes patchpelt was goldys mate. He was also Swiftpaws father lol

I love Goldenflower! She had to deal with Tigerstar ( who I love in my opinyin ).

16 Redtail

I mean like... Cute bushy tail, red pelt, small little tom, He's PERFECT.

He was so cute tortoise shell with a red tail lol he was a good deputy, obviously if bluestar chose him, why did tigerstar have to kill him! He would've been a great leader.

He's a squirrel.

Why does everyone recognize him whith his tail! He’s also a kind Tom, and this is why I hate tigerstar, tigerstar killed him!

17 Daisy

She is pretty cream fur and blue eyes and her child that is most important to thunderclan, berrynose, looks like her. (I'm not being rude to her other kits but berrynose is clan deputy for bramblestars imposterz)

Just because she is a kitty-pet, doesn't mean that they'res anything wrong with her. She grew up like a kitty-pet. Big deal! She is still in my opinion, the second most beautiful she-cat in warriors. My first is Millie, and after Daisy, its Sandstorm then Squirrelflight. Spiderleg was mistaken to not want to be with Daisy anymore. She is a perfectly fine cat. He was just embarrassed to be with a kitty-pet. UHM HELLO! Wake Up, Spiderleg. Some of the greatest warriors of all times mated kitty-pets and actually was a kitty-pet! Sandstorm mated Firestar, one of the greatest. He was a kitty-pet. Graystripe (THE GREATEST OF ALL) mated Millie. She was a kitty-pet. So, Daisy is pretty, and like any great warrior.

I've never had a thing for cream-colored cats but she is pretty and I love her in Bramblestar's Storm

Daisy is described to be pretty.

18 Mapleshade Mapleshade is a character in the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. She is a tortoiseshell she-cat with a white tail and mistakenly described as ginger-and-white.

MapleShade when her kits drowned

MapleShade:Hello darkness my old friend

I feel bad that her mate left her stranded for another cat, but just WHY did she have to kill those cats? Freckewish tried to help her and she killed her. Even after avenging her kits deaths, as a ghost she still kills people JUST WHY?

Why are the evil ones always so pretty weather she is tortoiseshell or ginger and white she's beautiful either way

She shouldn't of been sent to the dark forest she was revenging her kits!

19 Brook

did you know that her and heathertail are actually the only cats so far that have unique eye colors?

Brook is so beautiful. Those eyes! I mean, there’s not a she-cat prettier than her.

I couldn’t vote for Ferncloud but Ferncloud I saw such an amazing cat! No wonder dust pelt fell in love with ehr so easily

Brook Where Small Fish Swim
Appearance: A lithe, warm brown tabby she-cat with kind, piercing gray eyes, a sleek, glossy pelt, and a torn ear.
Mother: Sky Where Clouds Gleam- Sleek light brown she-cat with sky blue eyes.
Father: Fox That Hunts At Dusk- Dark ginger tom with gray eyes.
Brother: Talon Of Swooping Eagle: Massive, dark brown tom with a scarred belt, massive paws, and amber eyes.
Mate: Stormfur- Sleek, dark gray tom with warm amber eyes.

20 Jayfeather Jayfeather is a character in the Warrior Cats series. He is part of The Three, along with Lionblaze and Dovewing, and has the power to read other cats' minds and walk into other cats dreams. He is blind.

Jayfeather is so cool, pretty, and blindness is amazing! (same with medicine cats

Jayfeather ( my babe lol ) I LOVE HIM!
He's such a handsome cat! I love gray tabbies.

(I like leaf pool better though no offense)

Jayfeather is the best. I love his sarcastic personality! - Pebblefur

21 Brambleberry

They should make more cats like this! And it's cute how they say she has a pink nose lol I like how she has spots I love spots and her blue eyes go good with her fur

she is the best riverclan med cat in my opinion, great mom to crookedboi

Brambleberry is so pretty, I have an oc that looks kind of like her too.

Brambleberry is so beautiful. Een in the allegiances, they call her a beautiful she cat. We need more cats with this color! stupid silver and ginger tabbies

22 Mistystar

So she was a little older but this is the 21st CENTURY GET OVER IT

I would put bluestar but I already used up my votes but they are both beautiful, I love blue-gray. Her name really fits her too. If it weren't for her and bluestar and stonefur I wouldn't know blue-gray cats exist!

I like her a lot. Bluestar is her mother and she was beatiful and Mistystar looks like her so she is beatiful too.

I think she is very pretty on the outside AND inside as she is not rude at all or stubborn (unlike squirrelflight) and in general I think she is a very appealing cat.

23 Snowfur Snowfur is a fictional character created by Erin Hunter for the book series named Warrior Cats. She's Bluestar's sister, Whitestorm's mother and Thistleclaw's mate (when she was alive) and used to be a Thunderclan Queen before joining Starclan. She's one of the main characters in Bluestar's Prophecy more.

Sometimes good cats fall in love with the wrong cats (thistleclaw)

I just really like her. She looks pretty whit her blue eyes and her white fur.

snowfur is a beautiful shecat she always will be number one favorite she cats

BlueFur when her sister died

BlueFur:Hello darkness my old friend

24 Leopardstar

She may be kind of a jerk... But she is very pretty I love the gold and spots and also the prefix leopard

I love leopardstar shes just so pretty and has such a nice character!

Leopardstar is actually very pretty a golden she-cat with leopard-shaped spots that is really pretty and unique so back off

She's pretty with a golden pelt black spots and nice warm Amber eyes

25 BriarLight

Briarlight is my favorite character in the series she's so brave ! not to mention she has a unique pelt ... not many she-cats have a pelt like her plus she's pretty on the inside, didn't expect her to be so high

She is so brave and should be heard Wait... Listen... is that Briarlight calling for u? She so pretty!

! Why is she not first? She is the most beautiful cat in the series especially since she taught HERSELF how to move around with only her front paws! Talk about upper body strenght

Briarlight is the best cat in the HOLE SERIES!

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