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1 Silverstream

She is the most beautiful cat in warrior cats! I mean her silver coat totally matches her blue eyes and she is also the nicest cat in warrior cats that I even now I mean I like moth flight but moth flight wanted to give her kits up just because she was a medicine cat! I mean it wasn't silver streams fault she died and could not take care of her kits she would have been the best mom ever in warrior cats I mean her story is so sad it was so rude for moth flight to give up her kits like that I mean she won't see them in years!

She was a beautiful silver tabby, not to mention she is beautiful inside and out. Silverstream would've been a wonderful mother (MUCH BETTER THAN THAT WANNABE OF A CAT MILLIE) Her icy blue eyes captivated the one and only Graystripe, and I bet he mated with Millie, because of her appearance, which is "coincidentally" really close to silverstream's. This is just my opinion, but she should be first! Spottedleaf was such an ugly obstacle to Fireheart (Firestar) x Sandstorm and is still is an obstacle! My hatred for spottedleaf is more than my hatred for Millie, AND THAT'S SAYING A LOT!

So pretty a silver tabby I love those cats there so Beautiful and blue eyes prettiest cat in warriors

Beautiful, strong and a great mate and mother. I love Silverstream, she’s so awesome!
Riverclan rules! - Aquastar_of_DewClan

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2 Spottedleaf

To everyone on here who thinks that Spottedleaf is a rude, selfish piece of fox-dung: Spottedleaf was probably the most important character in the books Into the Wild through Forest of Secrets (obviously besides the main characters). She was the one who told Fireheart all those prophecies that she couldn't get to Bluestar. Why? Because Bluestar couldn't apply to the prophecies as the leader, not to mention she was getting greencough, on her last lives, etc. Who would she have told? Tigerclaw? Yeah, no. Graystripe? His mate is from another Clan! (Longtail, Darkstripe, and Dustpelt were still in the bad books.) Fireheart was the only one who would take the prophecies. But more importantly, she was the only person who he would accept them from. She was literally ThunderClan's telephone from StarClan. She put the Clan's needs before hers and worked every night to deliver prophecies. So, next time you think she doesn't help the Clans at all, think of this. Because not only did she save the ...more

What is wrong with you, guys! Spottedleaf is NOT a Mary Sue. She has beauty on both sides. And do you know what? The reason Spottedleaf "stalked" Firestar/heart in his dreams is because of something called LOYALTY in case you didn't know. She wasn't ready to let him go. That's what you do when you love someone. You stick to them like glue. And she died saving kits from a cat from another Clan! What's so wrong about that? She sacrificed herself for the kits! That's what human parents do for their children! Why cats suddenly can't do it is beyond me.

Spotted-leaf is a Sue because she's pretty, smells like cat-weed, and everyone thinks she's everything! She creeps on Fire-star and Sand-storm, makes Sandy feel bad, causes problems throughout the whole series with her dead cat love affair! Fire-star and Spotted-leaf had a "love at first sight" thing that lasted forever.! It bored me to death and I was so happy when Spotted-leaf was killed by Maple-shade, because 1, I love Maple-shade, and 2, I hate Spotted-leaf!

I love the name, it's so beautiful, also for some reaseon it reminds me of Leafeon.

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3 Squirrelflight

I'm surprised Silverstream and Spottedleaf are beating Squirrelflight! Squirrelflight is much prettier than both of them combined! Not to mention her personality is just as pretty as she is. No, she isn't the nicest cat in the warrior cats series, but the bossy and stubborn side of her makes her a lovable character and not a Mary-Sue! She is kind and will do anything for the cats she loves. Not to mention break the warrior code for them. Spottedleaf is a dead cat and old enough to be Firestar's mother and she was a medicine cat, yet she fell in love with him!?!?! Silverstream was suppose to be loyal to her clan and she fell for a childish tom from a different clan and DIED giving birth to his kits! They both were semi-disloyal and this is the top tens prettiest warrior cats contest, and if you ask me a plain calico and a silver tabby isn't are pretty or unique as a pure dark-ginger she-cat with emerald green eyes like her brave father or like her LOYAL mother. So if you ask me, ...more

I'm surprised Leafpool beat Squirrelflight! Squirrelflight is much prettier than her sister not to mention her personality is just as pretty as she is. No, she isn't the nicest cat in the warrior cats series, but the bossy and stubborn side of her makes her a lovable character and not a Mary-Sue! She is kind and will do anything for the cats she loves. Not to mention break the warrior code for them. Leafpool knew what she was doing when she left her clan and I'm surprised she was still the medicine cat when she came back! Leafpool complains a lot too, if she wanted a mate then why did she become a medicine cat?! Firestar was her dad why couldn't she just tell him her problems and save all the drama between the people she loved and their loved ones! Squirrelflight is much prettier than her and Leafpool is such a Mary-Sue, she looks average yet Crowfeather fell for her?! The only reason Crowfeather liked her in the first place was because she "looked just like Feathertail" -_- Anyways ...more

Squirrelflight is beautiful inside and out she protected her sister from losing her spot as a medicine cat. I'm glad her and Bramblestar got back together.

Squirrelflight is WAY prettier than silverstream, and spottedleaf, she desserves to be in number 1 - BlazeHeart

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4 Leafpool Leafpool Leafpool is a character in the Warrior Cats series. She's the daughter of Firestar and Sandstorm, sister of Squirrelflight, mate of Crowfeather, and mother of Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf

I really like Leafpool and I also thought she was very pretty. I like her personality and I hate how people say she was selfish or she killed Cinderpelt. If she hadn't lied about her kits and given them up to Squirrelflight, they wouldn't get a chance to become who they were. Most half-clan cats get dirty looks and are mistreated, half-clan medicine cat kits will be treated two times as bad! Leafpool just wanted to give her kits a chance at having a normal life.

I've always thought of her as a very pretty she-cat and the fact she's one of my favorite character helps that! (SPOILER )She a medicine cat and even got a mate; that must say something about how pretty she is!

But isn't she just a normal looking cat? How is she above Silverstream and Ivypool? They're beautiful! I'm not saying Leafpool is ugly, but she's just an average looking cat

OH MY GOODNESS! I love Leafpool she is by far the prettiest She-cat I the world!

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5 Dappletail

Dappletail is said in the allegiances of the original books to be a "once pretty" tortoiseshell, but in the same line they say with a lovely dappled coat. I think she's probably kinda pretty.

Pretty dappled coat! Described as once pretty in the first series. She is super cute as well!

She's pretty but she could be prettier.

Whats up with her being described as "once pretty" as an elder are they calling her ugly? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

6 Feathertail

She looks like her mother beautiful silver she cat with frost blue eyes and a feather like tail

She is beautiful just like her mother

I love silver cats and Feathertail is great

Both she and her mother were beautiful cats who died young. I just imagine her as such a pretty cat.

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7 Brambleberry

Brambleberry is one of the most beautiful characters. I find white cats with unique patterns beautiful, and if you look at fanart of her, her blue eyes are just gorgeous! Though she is very pretty on the outside, she has a great, caring personality on the inside, too. I think that Brambleberry should be way further up the list, not just at position 7. Leafpool is just an average cat to me, since most cats are brown tabbies, some with white patches and hazel or amber eyes. I think Silverstream is pretty, too, but silver-she-cats are so overrated compared to other cats.

It was said she was pretty in crookedstar's promise and some other books too, how is she below Tigerstar? Brambleberry is SUPER pretty, she should be like at least 4th place!

Not trying to judge, but Brambleberry is kind of prettier than Brightheart, I mean-no offenses, I totally adore Brightheart, but I just think Brambleberry is a tiny bit prettier, just a tiny bit

Yes! Brambleberry is beautiful, not enough people realise that! She has a beautiful unique pattern on her moon white coat, delicate black spots that look splendid with her soft blue eyes! As well as being a beauty on the outside, she has a soft and caring personality and is friendly and kind to all cats, even those outside her Clan, the utterly awesome and amazing RiverClan, proven in "Crookestar's Promise".
- Moonheart, warrior of RiverClan

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8 Ivypool Ivypool

Ivypool is really beautiful on the inside and on the outside. She risks her life every time she sleeps and she fought really fiercely in the final battle between star clan and the dark forest. Dovewing is a borderline Mary Sue that looks ugly and chubby in the ultimate guide. I mean, just compare the two ultimate guide pictures. It's a no brainer!

I think Ivypool is MUCH prettier than stupid Dovewing. Her silver and white tabby coat and dark blue eyes are so gorgeous!

She is way cuter than Dovewing! Ivypool is my favorite warrior! She only became mean because Dovewing. She is cute and her ocean eyes just make me vote way more than 1 time! (I can't really lol.)

She's not only pretty, she’s super cool too!

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9 Brightheart

I hate how people think she's ugly because of her injury! She's so pretty with white fur and ginger patches and icy blue eye! "You're still beautiful to me. You always will be." -Cloudtail

I really like everything about Brightheart in general and I think she is very beautiful inside and out. She was a very pretty apprentice before her injury and even after she had sleek white fur with ginger patches. She is one of my top cats (Leafpool is my favorite)

Even if she has an injury I still imagine her with a beautiful soft white pelt and golden patches and clear blue eyes. She will always be one of the most beautiful cats in my opinion.

If any of you mange ridden flea pelts hate Brightheart, you are crow food. Brightheart is actually beautiful and kind, she is good with kits, and she is the perfact mate for cloudtail beacause she takes mine of his Fox dungish attitude. Brightheart is my favorite warrior cat of all. And as long as Starclan roams these skys, she will be. Also she have birth to some amazing cats! I love Snowbush a lot!

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10 Half Moon

She is actually very pretty with her beautiful white fur she is pretty it's a shame she died of vomiting sickness l.

She actually has green eyes

She had beautiful fur!

She got my Jay-Jay; she is obviosuly very pretty. I really love her as a character too

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11 Redtail

He's a squirrel.

He is so cute he has a red tail - Kikkykak123

Redtail be my pet! You're so cute! 😺 -smudge

12 Socks

Scourges brother Socks is pretty and cute and he has white paws that look like socks. Fun fact:Scourge, Ruby, and Socks have looks that are much closer to their mother Quince than they are to their father who is also Firestar's named Jake - Kikkykak123

Socks isn't pretty. Ivypool and Silverstream are better

Socks isn't pretty, hun.

Socks is a boy...

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13 Daisy

I've never had a thing for cream-colored cats but she is pretty and I love her in Bramblestar's Storm

Just because she is a kitty-pet, doesn't mean that they'res anything wrong with her. She grew up like a kitty-pet. Big deal! She is still in my opinion, the second most beautiful she-cat in warriors. My first is Millie, and after Daisy, its Sandstorm then Squirrelflight. Spiderleg was mistaken to not want to be with Daisy anymore. She is a perfectly fine cat. He was just embarrassed to be with a kitty-pet. UHM HELLO! Wake Up, Spiderleg. Some of the greatest warriors of all times mated kitty-pets and actually was a kitty-pet! Sandstorm mated Firestar, one of the greatest. He was a kitty-pet. Graystripe (THE GREATEST OF ALL) mated Millie. She was a kitty-pet. So, Daisy is pretty, and like any great warrior.

Daisy is described to be pretty.

Yeah, I love her looks. A cream she-cat with soft blue eyes

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14 Moth Flight

Oops sorry I mean she looks pretty but she looks serious not ugly

Well she is a pretty cat but in mothflights vision in the cover looks a bit you know ugly

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15 Dovewing Dovewing Dovewing is a character in the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. She is part of the Power of Three, and has a sister, Ivypool.

Dovewing is actually really fat and ugly looking in the ultimate guide picture. She's a borderline Mary Sue and all she does is complain and play with bumble stripes feelings. I didn't even vote for her. I voted for Ivypool who's really pretty. Dovewing doesn't even have the pretty eye color in the picture above, nor does she deserve it. She's just so annoying! She shouldn't even be on this list!

Her eyes change colors- from clear blue to lush green to a deep, rich gold.

She has a little, pink nose.

Her silky, thick fur is a soft gray, the color of a small dove in early morning light.

She's in love with the grandson of an evil villain, who lives in a dark enemy clan. In fact, she's the descendant of he legendary Firestar, son basically two enemie's ancestors are in love.

She was part of a huge prophecy, which, in fact, she used to hold the power of behind stars in her delicate paws.

Topped off with sharp claws ready to take out anyone's throats who dares hurt her family and friends.

She may be pretty but she's a brat!

She isn't that pretty in the ultimate guide but she IS NOT A MARY SUE! Not even close! She is beautiful and please stop DISRESPECTING HER - Swiftdawn

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16 Hawkfrost Hawkfrost

Hawkfrost is ugly.

Hawkfreak is so ugly look at him he looks like someone's hairline and edges on a frying pan mixed with Mufasa and Scar's uncle! Dude how do people like him

Totally awesome

He doesn't look ugly, so stop saying he is. I like the frosty blue eyes and his pelt, that's all... Snowtuft: she likes him... *hits snowtuft* -Wishwillow

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17 Goldenflower

Goldenflower is awesome. Admit it, Tigerstar. Admit it, Scourge. Admit it, Brokenstar.

One of my favorite cats in the series. She even attracted Tigerstar! TIGERSTAR!

She was the best warrior defiantly I swear I was sick when I saw that brat silverstream at the top she was literally a mutt golden flower should be up there anyway she cared for silverstream' s kits anyway

Even the baddest person in the forest is attached to golden flower...
she is the mother of the best cat of all.. TAWNYPELT!

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18 Sandstorm

She's really pretty with her soft, sleek, pale ginger fur and bright green eyes. I imagine her with one white paw for some reason but she'd be so beautiful!

Sandstorm is def the prettiest, I mean come on, those beautiful sparkling emerald eyes and that pale golden fur. It is no wonder that Firestar fell in love with her.

Her streaks are so awesome - Kikkykak123

Her appearance matches her personality

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19 Mapleshade Mapleshade Mapleshade is a character in the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. She is a tortoiseshell she-cat with a white tail and mistakenly described as ginger-and-white. She has her own novella and is a villain in the series after she is exiled from ThunderClan, after which she watched her kits die and was abandoned more.

Mapleshade is such a beautiful cat, I adore her. She is literally one of my favourite cats, her thick orange and white tortoiseshell fur just makes her very pretty. I don't care how evil she is, she is so BEAUTIFUL!

Mapleshade is a beautiful, yet evil she-cat who deserves so much more! She is far from a Mary Sue, but attracts a lot of attention from readers. She may have a small part in the books, but she has a big part in us reader's hearts.

All Mapleshade wanted to do was love. And I find her super pretty with her tortoiseshell fur and white tail.

She's the most beautiful. I love her! She's just like me: misunderstood. Just like my mate Scourge. Go, Mapleshade! -Horsestar of HorseClan

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20 Hollyleaf Hollyleaf Hollyleaf was one of the rare, strictly loyal cats of ThunderClan. She cherished the warrior code as a kit and came back to her clan in a time of need to fight-- even though she was cast out for killing Ashfur.

Yea! I fell in love with Hollyleaf at the beginning! Her black pelt and green eyes! So dashing!

She is really pretty; what with the sleek black fur and green eyes! She comes from a family of really attractive cats, with all honesty.

She's my favorite character, but I'm not so sure if she's pretty or not. I mean, she did have a lot of scars. - Oliveleaf

She is so pretty, amazing and so cool, can't believe she didn't get a mate before she died... I HATE HAWKFROST! She should be before hawkfrost!

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21 Lilyheart

Obviously one of the prettiest she-cats!

She is by far the most beautiful cat ever!

She's gorgeous

Her name is gorgeous.
Her looks are gorgeous.
Her personality is gorgeous.
Her kits are gorgeous.
Her sister was gorgeous.
Her mother was gorgeous.
Her father was gorgeous.

22 Bluestar Bluestar Bluestar is a character in the Warrior Cats series. She one of the leaders of ThunderClan. She is mates with Oakheart of RiverClan and her kits, Stonefur and Mistyfoot, live in RiverClan

Bluestar is very pretty with her blue gray coat and light blue eyes. Now wonder Oakheart wanted her

I Think that Bluestar is the prettiest. She is beautiful on the outside and the inside. She is my favorite character.

She's a great cat but she's not that pretty she's average I mean a blue gray with blue eyes that's really it

EXCUSE ME?! THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE TOP 10! IT IS NOT A TRUE TOP 10 IF BLUESTAR ISN'T NUMBER 1! COME ON! SHE IS SAVAGE NOT AVERAGE! She is so rare. A blue-gray cat with sparkling blue eyes?! Idiots!

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23 Mistystar

She looks a lot like her mother, Bluestar, so she must be beautiful!

She must look like her mother a lot!

She is gorgeous she is a splitting image of Bluestar. GO MISTYSTAR ( She's my favorite RiverClan Cat)

She's pretty, yeah yeah.

24 Leopardstar

Leopardstar is actually very pretty a golden she-cat with leopard-shaped spots that is really pretty and unique so back off

She's pretty with a golden pelt black spots and nice warm Amber eyes

No way... Not that ditzy twerp who calls herself a leader...

She's beautiful! The golden-spotted pelt is gorgeous. Unique. She looks almost identical with Spotted Fur. Amber eyes. And by the way, this is not about the personality! Yeah, you know, " ditzy twerp. " And uh, what leader do you like?

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25 Cinderheart

She must be pretty because the greatest warrior of all time has a crush on her

I love the colour of her pelt! A grey tabby with gorgeous blue eyes.

Cinderheart is very pretty. She looks just like Cinderpelt!

My warrior OU is her mate he killed lionblaze for it though

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26 Millie Millie

Guys I know I know but some people don't like her but this is what I'm going to tell you silverstream wants the best happiest life for graystripe she knows that Millie is the best choice for graystripe just agree with me if you don't you hate silver and that makes me sad :'(

I don't know why people don't like amazing cats like Millie and Dovewing! Millie is definitely the prettiest she cat but close behind is Brightheart! Not to offend Silverstream haters but Silverstream was really annoying and (don't get mad at me! ) I hate her

I love Millie a lot because she is Graystripe's mate! If I didn't love Graystripe so much then I would count her as my favorite charcater! ANd people who hate Millie, READ THE MANGA! YOU'RE CRAZY HEADS! Just try! She is a lovable nice cat who you guys apparently don't trust! You guys need to see her!

Why is silve stream #1 and Millie #29? The Erin's even say they look exactly the same

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27 Jayfeather Jayfeather Jayfeather is a character in the Warrior Cats series . He is part of The Three, along with Lionblaze and Dovewing, and has the power to read other cats' minds . He is blind .

Well I mean, he's a tom, but I am literally in love with him, so Jayfeather is beatifulest (I know that's not a word ) by far

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28 Frostfur

I love her! FrostFur is my fave cat, no question. She was described as a beautiful pure white she cat with blue eyes. I though they meant light blue, but apparently they were dark blue. I loved it even more, it reminded me of the night sky. Please don't judge me about how I word things, I am already depress enough. I don't need any haters to pipe up and make me feel worse.

You know, she is actually one of few beauties in warrior cats who the author have mentioned her beauty, it said so in the allegiances! And her physical look is quite amazing as well. No offense, but I really love white cat with blue eyes, they are all very pretty, especially when frostfur was young.

She is literally called beautiful in the allegiances in the books guys - Forestfire

How is Frostfur below Dovewing (no offense Dovewing, even though I hate you :D) Dovewing is a grey cat. Frostfur is a fluffy white cat, and she has blue eyes and has be described a a BEAUTIFUL she-cat before in her descriptions.

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29 Mintsparkle

Not a real cat

30 Tigerstar Tigerstar Tigerstar is the biggest villain in the Warrior Cats, also the cat that Firestar wants to kill . He has two mates, Goldenflower and Sasha, and four kits, Bramblestar, Tawnypelt, Mothwing, and Hawkfrost . After he dies, he goes to the Dark Forest where he is killed again except this time by Firestar more.

Tigerstar is gonna kill you for this..

Don't say that about him or he'll smack you with his purse - Eyebrowa101

By the looks, I think he was pretty handsome.

Oh come on people! He got the two ladies!

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31 Snowfur

Snowfur sounds so beautiful, just stunning. White furred with black ear tips and black paws, and her shining blue eyes. She had a handsome young kit, too. Thistleclaw had a reason to love.

She's so pretty a white she cat and a little black and blue eyes just stunning

She was able to show the clan a soft side to Thistle, that deserves a medal

Well comment down below and say: sunny fire is right that Snowfur dezerves to be higher on the list

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32 Berrystumpytail

Who the heck is that!?!


Love. His.Name. #BerrystumpytailForTheWin

33 Ferncloud

She's not pretty

Ferncloud is so innocently cute! She was kind and pretty as well.She looked just like Brindleface and Brindleface is so pretty.

Not as pretty as Ivypool and spotted leaf but ok

34 Appledawn

It should be first

35 Mothwing

She's actually described as beautiful in Midnight. - Shiverfeather

She's beautiful. I'm surprised she hasn't got a forbidden love story of her own yet.

A dappled golden she-cat with deep amber eyes. Gorgeous.


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36 Oakheart
37 Blossomfall

She's actually kinda pretty :3

Blossomfall is so pretty!
Her tortoiseshell and white appearance is so beautiful!
I wish she gets a mate and kits

38 Icecloud

Average looking cat

Face it pplz: All white cats are stunning.

39 Tiny

Ok, I am voting for Tiny because he actually exists. Tiny is actually Scourge though... but, Better than voting for random names people have posted.

I think tinys really cute! - Live4life

i like him

The baby version of a killer is cute?
Yeah, that totally makes sense...

40 Rosetail

Rosetail is genuinely one of the most beautiful characters there is. Look her up, she's Thistleclaw's sister.

41 Princess
42 Mistyfoot

She must look like her mother a lot!

Look at the name above this one.
What's the difference.

43 Brook

What's with people not really liking brook she's so nice and she's pretty with a brown tabby pelt nice sleek fur and GRAY eyes no cat in warriors has gray eyes no wonder storm fur loved her

I love brook and she's pretty brown tabby and amber eyes just stunning no wonder storm fur liked her

I don't know why but I don't think she's that pretty sorry

I agree

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44 Lakeshine

With her beautiful,long silver fur and beautiful blue eyes, she is THE prettiest! (Shocked)

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45 Cherrytail

Love her she is pretty a tortoiseshell she-cat

46 Sharpclaw

He's a tom and not that attractive anyways


47 Darkstripe Darkstripe

What?! Him!?


Ewww no Darkstripe is ugly! We ARE talking about the Darkstripe that was Tigerstar's friend, right? If we are, NO! He is even mentioned as ugly by Graystripe! I believe Graystripe's words were
"now Darkstripe is neither young nor good looking"
-Into The Wild

I mean he is a sleek cat (sleek cats are RiverClan, not ThunderClan), and has a gray-and-black pelt

48 Purdy

Respect your elders. Don't call him ugly. Your ugly to say he's ugly. He's cool and average.

Excuse you Purdy is not ugly he's average looking

Why is he here!?! Purdy is ugly!

49 Fallenleaves

His pelt is so handsome!

50 Hollysky

Who the heck is this.

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