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41 Mistyfoot

She must look like her mother a lot!

Look at the name above this one.
What's the difference.

42 Brook

What's with people not really liking brook she's so nice and she's pretty with a brown tabby pelt nice sleek fur and GRAY eyes no cat in warriors has gray eyes no wonder storm fur loved her

I love brook and she's pretty brown tabby and amber eyes just stunning no wonder storm fur liked her

I don't know why but I don't think she's that pretty sorry

I agree

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43 Lakeshine

With her beautiful,long silver fur and beautiful blue eyes, she is THE prettiest! (Shocked)

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44 Cherrytail

Love her she is pretty a tortoiseshell she-cat

45 Sharpclaw

He's a tom and not that attractive anyways


46 Darkstripe Darkstripe

What?! Him!?


Ewww no Darkstripe is ugly! We ARE talking about the Darkstripe that was Tigerstar's friend, right? If we are, NO! He is even mentioned as ugly by Graystripe! I believe Graystripe's words were
"now Darkstripe is neither young nor good looking"
-Into The Wild

I mean he is a sleek cat (sleek cats are RiverClan, not ThunderClan), and has a gray-and-black pelt

47 Purdy

Respect your elders. Don't call him ugly. Your ugly to say he's ugly. He's cool and average.

Excuse you Purdy is not ugly he's average looking

Why is he here!?! Purdy is ugly!

48 Fallenleaves V 1 Comment
49 Hollysky

Who the heck is this.

50 Whitewillow V 1 Comment
51 Hollytail V 1 Comment
52 Honeyshine V 1 Comment
53 Moonheart
54 Star Flower

Star flower is really pretty but I think thunder was better than clear sky.

55 Sweetpaw
56 Princess
57 Riverstar
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