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What is the best Pretty Cure season of all time? Be sure to vote up your favourite season!

The Top Ten Best Pretty Cure Seasons

1 HeartCatch PreCure Heartcatch Precure is a Japanese anime series and the seventh series of the Pretty Cure anime franchise by Izumi Todo that premiered on February 7, 2010, replacing Fresh Pretty Cure! on its initial timeslot. The series theme is flowers, which leads to their true definitions of Hanakotoba as of the season's more.

Only season that have interesting plot so far. And that dark precure is so cool. The op is also great. But most importantly, it have the most special personality characters.

I haven't watched Precure at all. None of the series. I think I'll start here.

Best and darkest season by far!

I like cure marine I don't know why

2 Suite PreCure

The best season ever

The best thing about Suite Precure was Cure Melody and Cure Rhythum's design!

3 Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star

Saki and Mai were lovely and amazing. Hands down one of the best redemptions and stories of any season!

4 Yes! PreCure 5

This season is one of my favorites. It has likeable characters, threatening villains, good action and romance... It has it's flaws, of course, but I still really enjoyed.

5 Fresh Pretty Cure!

It features one of the best redemption arcs I've seen in a T.V. show. It also didn't feel like it was doing too much but it also didn't feel like it was doing too little.

Catchy op and end 3d dance scene is so fun and easy to learn. the characters have a development which helps more the story along

My favorite

6 DokiDoki! PreCure

I don't know why, but this is the only season that I've been able to sit through. I got interested in the series just before the release of HappinessCharge, and I love that season's attacks and character songs. I love the space exploration, astronomy, and astrology motifs of Star☆Twinkle. I adore Suite's opening song. Fresh was the first season I tried to watch, and I enjoy the character designs and endings of that season. I've heard so much about how good HeartCatch and Go! Princess are...and yet, DokiDoki! is the only one I've managed to watch the entirety of. Perhaps the characters (of which I hated none--not even Mana or Aguri) were what held my focus...or maybe it was the continuous nature of the plot. I found myself getting bored with the filler material that I ran into in other seasons; DokiDoki! doesn't have much, if any, of that. It manages to integrate character development into the plot progression, and I enjoy that. I also think that it's cool how the villains are based ...more

I love how Aguri is so bossy against her elders, but also has the biggest weakness.

It all started with Star Guardian Lux...

7 Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart

I love these three.

8 Go! Princess PreCure

They are just magical..

Such an emotionally touching season with lots of kick ass action, my personal favorite and by far one of the best precure seasons.

It is not easy to spot a good plot at first sight. But, here I am.

Love it has so much action and I think it's the best

9 Futari wa Pretty Cure / Pretty Cure

I've almost finished watching this season and it's awesome. I liked watching black kicking all the villains

This is honestly the only series I've seen so far, but I still love it!

This one I’m TRYING to get the first episode from.
But I know the names


10 Smile PreCure! / Glitter Force

I've watched all of glitter force on netflix, I watched a few episodes of smile up to episode 4 and I didn't want to stop watching

Smile Precure was my all time favorite Precure Seasons over every season I tried watching, it's story is very appealing to me and relates to having a big smile and overcoming your fears. Even if the anime itself contains tragic scenes and sad controversy meanings, the main protagonist, Miyuki, always try to persevere anything in her way. That goes the same with others characters like Yayoi, Aoki, Nao, and Akane. All of them have really unique hairstyles and accessories as a Precure. This is the only anime who has feathers as a accessories and different types of tiaras as a Precure and Princess.

I like glitter force more than smile PreCure because the kind of sad/depressing scenes in smile PreCure were deleted in glitter force.

I like smile precure because of the power they've got the costume and they also have a queen. And in the last episode of precure the smile precure the only precure that defeated the enemy of all precure and they have ultra too

The Contenders

11 Kirakira PreCure a la Mode

This should be first only because it teaches children to love and not hate more than other animes

This was the first Precure season I ever saw, and I loved it!

Stop the hate. All seasons have its good and bad points. The bad points don't make it a bad season 100%. Learn to give chances

Best precure series ever!

12 Hugtto! PreCure

The first season I watched and my introduction to Precure. I love it so much

I loved how Hana was always cheering everyone on! I look up to her a lot!

I love hugtto precure. I think Ruru is The best character in Hugtto precure and I als love Hugtan

Story with lots of dramas and suspenses and should be watched till the end

13 Yes! PreCure 5 GoGo!

I thought this show was best at giving a good story plot.

14 Maho Girls PreCure!

The end is so touching

I only have Maho girls pretty cure so I don't know much about the other series, but either way this show is so good!

It takes too many things from Ojamajo Doremi

I am OBSESSED with this series!

15 HappinessCharge PreCure!

so good

Why is it hated

Megumi at the end of the episode made this hated? Honestly I don't mind. I still love this series! - Lucy1402

I wish people would stop hateing on this show, I personally like this better than princess precure.

16 Star Twinkle PreCure

Probably the most diverse cast and some of the most colorful and enjoyable characters out of precure. Definitely one of the most vibrant worlds too.

I LOVE this season! Lala's my favorite character in the series, she's SO cute!

Best season. Hikaru best girl.

I love heart catch a lot because of the flower theme and the characters are awesome but star twinkle is just so kawaii <3 I'm going to miss it when they get to the finale. Seeing how much these girls actually sparkle when they're transforming is really fun for me! In general, I've loved ultra girly stuff pretty much all my life. Star Twinkle is probably more nerd-ish than girly at times, but it really is just so cute. It gets my vote, sorry heart catch! Star Twinkle for the win

17 Sure!

They're creating a new series! Star Twinkle Precure!

I have seen some videoes of this show and the transformations are really good! Also cure princess is my favorite and they are all so cute!

18 Healin Good Precure

I really like nodoka

19 Glitter Force Doki Doki

Same thing as DokiDoki Precure but dubbed.

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