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21 Meredith Gates Stevens
22 A

Why isn't A higher on this list?! A is highly intelligent, skillful in just about everything, and always keeps the Liars on their toes... - DieGedankenSindFrei

Homegirl/boy was lit

A is just amazing honestly ♡

23 Lucas Gottesman

Lucas is my favorite, even topping Mona for me. He is adorable and I love him so much. Yay Lucas!

I really like Lucas.When he first comes into pretty little liars, we all kind of thought that there might be a sort of love connection with Hanna Marin but when she finds out that lucas destroyed Alison memorial it was almost as if she was breaking up with him even though they where never together. I think he is reall great and I light up when ever he is in a scene!
Great actor

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24 Sean Ackard
25 Veronica Hastings

Strong mum. Loves her daughters and even though her family is sorta messed up and she is kinda strict I like her

26 Andrew Campbell
27 Wren Kingston
28 Alex Drake

She is such a bitch but I love it

29 Byron Montgomery
30 Alex Santiago
31 Paige McCullers

Don't kill me, but I think she is annoying. Always wanting to protect emily like she her 2 year old child

Truly, and utterly, she's not that bad a character. Sure, she stared (and ended) a little (a lot) shaky, but in the middle, a good character. She had some really memorable moments, such as, saving Spencer from A on the Ghosttrain? ANyone REMEMBER THAT? HUH? HUH?

Don't fix your friendship with Emily fields you are butter off without her

I like her with Emily. she is not one of my favorite characters but she's nice. I totally ship paily over emison,

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32 Ella Montgomery
33 Shana Fring

She may be a creepy two faced stalker, but she was a great addition to the cast.

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34 Sydney Driscoll

Was a sunshine in the room with her heart at time

35 Meredith Sorenson

I hate her. She is crazy

36 Isabel Marin
37 Mrs. DiLaurentis
38 Dianne Fitzgerald
39 Charles DiLaurentis
40 Darren Wilden
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