Top 10 Primal Fear Ballads


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1 Diabolus

Everything is perfect in this epic song (8 min) - riff, melody, vox, solo, chorus, lyrics... - Metal_Treasure

2 The Man (That I Don't Know)

Without a doubt this is the best vocal performance from Ralf and one of the best in metal. - Metal_Treasure

3 Fighting The Darkness

I love especially the second part which is a great instrumental with symphonic elements. - Metal_Treasure

4 Everytime It Rains

This is a duet with Simone Simons of Epica. It's a very nice collaboration because it combines a very masculine and a very feminine voice. - Metal_Treasure

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5 Where Angels Die
6 Born With a Broken Heart
7 Black Rain

A power ballad with oriental tunes. - Metal_Treasure

8 Bleed For Me

Epic vox from Ralf. - Metal_Treasure

9 In Memory
10 Hands Of Time

This ballad is very beautiful and it's an experiment - all band members sing it as lead vocalists (except Randy Black - drums). The lead vocalist sings only 2 lines. The bassist and the guitarists are pretty good singers but when Ralf starts singing his 2 lines, you know who's the lead singer (and why). - Metal_Treasure

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11 Born Again
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