Best Primal Fear Songs to Listen to First


The Top Ten

1 Strike

Amazing song and the solo on twin lead guitars is stunning. - Metal_Treasure

2 Bad Guys Wear Black - Primal Fear
3 Unbreakable, Pt. 2

This band is really very good - excellent for metal fans who are looking for good but lesser known bands. Nice list. - Metal_Treasure

4 The Man (That I Don't Know)

A song with deep meaning and probably the best vocal performance by Ralf. His sustain in the middle of the song is awesome. - Metal_Treasure

5 In Metal We Trust
6 All for One

Probably their best song or at least top 3. The riff and drumming are amazing, esp. drum solo in the middle. - Metal_Treasure

7 At War With the World
8 King for a Day
9 Diabolus

Epic and brilliant start to finish. Not fast or very heavy but it's well written and performed. - Metal_Treasure

10 Blood on Your Hands

The Contenders

11 Riding the Eagle

Probably the best guitar solo by this band - speed, melody, technicality. Just mindblowing. Oh, and the drum fills before and after the solo. - Metal_Treasure

12 Sea of Flames
13 Conviction
14 Six Times Dead (16.6)

Pleasant intro and one of their catchiest choruses. - Metal_Treasure

15 Raving Mad
16 The Immortal Ones
17 Night After Night
18 And There Was Silence
19 Nuclear Fire
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