Top Ten Primaries In Call of Duty: Black Ops

The Top Ten

1 Commando

Beast gun everything is good about it including sights, power, recoil. Amazing at all ranges - best gun on the game - just a great shame it is unlocked at rank 44 (barely anytime to use it). Plus if you get the chance pick it up off the floor.

This gun will work on any game mode you play on! There is no recoil

This gun is beast with a red dot sight and suppressor. It own with mid-long range. Can easily get kills across the map I usually run ghost pro, warlord pro and hacker pro secondary is a Strella 3

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2 AK47

Good for quick scooping

4 Famas

Fo sure, second to stoner


Beast gun. High accuracy, decent range, extremely high rate of fire decent damage (who needs high damage anyway with a rate of fire as high as that), and good reload speed

A Haiku:
I like MPLs
High rate of fire, good gun
Kicks ass like a boss

6 AK74u
7 Stakeout
8 Enfield
9 Olympia
10 L96A1

Most people don't quickscope on black ops but don't underestimate L9 it will tear you up

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