Top 10 Printing Methods of 2017

Customized products are the latest demand among youth. It has been made more popular with the advent of TV series, sitcoms, and movies. People nowadays want to leave reality and get into the character of their choice by wearing printed t-shirts and owning printed products. It could have a simple slogan or a clip art of their favorite movie character. On the other hand, customization has spread out to t-shirts, pillow covers, mobile cases, wallets and everything in-between. Here are the top 10 printing methods that are booming in today’s market. Please have a look.

The Top Ten

1 Screen Printing

Get high-quality prints with soft-to-touch finish and Print multiple colors

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If you own a t-shirt that looks vibrant with its color and feels smooth when you touch it, it is more likely that it was screen printed. Although it is good in many ways, it’s not the best in doing everything. It is great for mass production, but not so much for one-offs. - sidwilkins

2 Offset Printing

Offset printing leaves high-quality prints with accurate color, crisp and professional looking images. Unlike direct printing, it makes use of aluminum plates to transfer the image onto a rubber blanket and then the image is rolled onto a sheet of paper. - sidwilkins

3 Moulded Printing

Moulded printing is done the same way as screen printing but it is typically done on fabric such as cotton that has absorbency. - sidwilkins


DTG (Direct to Garment) is a fairly new printing method, where a huge flatbed printer is used to fed t-shirts on a conveyor belt and then the image is printed on the t-shirt. It is fairly automated printing process that produces high-quality prints with great detail. - sidwilkins

5 Sublimation Printing

This type of printing uses heat-sensitive ink which turns into a gas when heated. It then bonds with the material and becomes a part of it. - sidwilkins

6 Transfer Paper Printing

It is the easiest form of printing when the image is transferred from one surface to another permanently. The design is first printed on a transfer paper and then transferred on t-shirts employing heat press. - sidwilkins

7 Cad Cut Vinyl

Although considered a printing process, it doesn't involve any real printing. The process employs a sophisticated cad cutter machine that cuts high-quality vinyl paper in the required shape of the design and then it’s heat pressed on the fabric. - sidwilkins

8 Offset Lithography

It produces high-quality prints faster and the printing machine is quick to set up. In this process, roller plates run through water and then through ink. The water sticks to the white space of the layout whereas the ink sticks to the images. - sidwilkins

9 Gravure Printing

Also known as rotogravure printing, it is the primary choice of businesses when running long-run, high-quality and high-speed printing. It is primarily used for high-volume printing of packaging, gift wraps, and others. - sidwilkins

10 Embroidery Printing

Although called as printing, there is no real printing involved, as it is done through the stitching on a clothing material. However, the design is first digitized in which the design is converted into a command which is read by the embroidery machine and stitched on the apparel. - sidwilkins

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