Best Prison Break Moments

The Top Ten

The Escape from Fox River (Go)

So thrilling

The Escape from Sona (Hell Or High Water
Kellerman shoots Mahone (The Killing Box)
Brad Bellick's death (Greatness Achieved)
He's My Brother (Pilot)
Haywire's death (Chicago)
Officer Geary is fired (Bluff)
Lincoln's phone call with L.J. [before Lincoln's scheduled execution] (The Rat)
Sara shoots Christina Scofield (Killing Your Number)
Mahone kills Tweener (Buried)

The Contenders

Montage ten thinking of their motives to escape right before they do (Tonight)
John Abruzzi returns (The Key)

Abruzzi was a true LEGEND

Kellerman, Linc, and Michael reach and kidnap Terrance Steadman (John Doe)
Falzone gets arrested because he tried to kill Fibonacci (Sleight Of Hand)
Father of Luis 'McGrady' arrives with the boat (Hell or High Water)
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