Top Ten Prison School Characters

The anime prison school has a lot of hilarious and well made characters. here are the top ten best characters from prison school

The Top Ten

1 Meiko Shiraki Meiko Shiraki

Meiko is the main b*tch of the show. The writer gave her most screen time and she is a really funny character. All the guys love seeing her beating the boys - wren6

2 Hana Midorikawa Hana Midorikawa

Her weird and creepiness is what makes her a great character, alongside the fact that she is obsessed with Kiyoshi. It all just makes her a great character. - wren6

3 Kiyoshi Fujino

Kiyoshi is a really good person actually. He was the main reason the boys got out of prison school - wren6

4 Chiyo Kurihara Chiyo Kurihara
5 Gakuto MoroKuzu

He is the greatest, most committed friend that we all need in life. Also the funniest character in the show

Not gonna lie, when he destroyed his figurine, I cried a little. That's how much he cares about his friends! Wish there were more characters like him

Words cannot describe how amazing this character is!

6 Mari Kurihara Mari Kurihara
7 Shingo Wakamoto
8 Jouji Nezu
9 Andre
10 Anzu Yokoyama

The Contenders

11 The Chairman
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