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21 Takeaway Dishes

EDeliveryApp is the ONLY online food ordering system for restaurants built with MOBILE-FIRST APPROACH. It has Web & Native Android & iOs Apps with Admin Panel.

With mobile everywhere, having mobile apps for your business is a necessity now and not a luxury.

Web part is built on Prestashop. You can choose from more than 10,000 modules and readymade themes & templates allowing you to customize your system in anyways you want. Mobile Apps have multiple design themes to choose from and custom design is also available. - onlineordering

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23 eOrders

The Time Has Come... Now Your Customers Can Order Online from your Website - georgef

24 BluPark - Online & Mobile Ordering Systems For Restaurants

BluPark is by far the best online ordering system for restaurants. They do not take any fees, you can add unlimited menu items at no extra cost, and you keep 100% of the sales. They also let you keep your site and system if you are not happy with the service.

Many online ordering systems are similar but these guys are truly the best. You need to see it to believe it.

In addition they also have a very cool kiosk that was installed in two of my bakeries where orders are received and printed automatically for me.

Great service and support.

25 OpenRest

They offer great affiliate plans for web and mobile developers.


The only ordering system I have seen that has is mobile-friendly by default and you pay for only once. Every other system has ongoing/subscriptions costs. But this one you buy once, and you're good to go.

It is the only system where the source code is actually provided so that you can have full control over everything in the system.

The only system that you do not have to pay for forever. Also the only one which can work in, literally, any way you want it to.

27 Blue Plus Technologies
28 ehungry provides your restaurant with the ability to offer online ordering for your customers! - georgef

29 Restaurant Online Ordering

Why wait in line? Order online. - georgef

30 Order Foundry
31 Online Ordering Software

If your restaurant is not taking online orders, you are missing out on business. - georgef

32 Order Lunch

"OrderLunch has a great Group Ordering feature that we use daily. - georgef

33 Meal Agent

MealAgent allows you to order food online. Get takeout, or choose delivery when available. - georgef

35 Order Food Live

The easiest way to get your menu online. They can integrate into your website or create a standalone menu. Customers can order from a PC or a personal computer.W.

36 Net Waiter

They made us a Mobile site (which is pretty slick) for no extra fee. While looking at our options, it was clear they were better than the two others we researched.

The were very helpful with the entire process of setting up our online ordering system. Orders have been through the roof (from online) since we made the switch to netwaiter.

37 BigHoller

BigHoller has a wonderful product for restaurant online ordering product. We compared BigHoller with other online ordering services and they are by far the best!

Not only do they have a great product but their customer service is second to none. I recommend BigHoller to all of my restaurant friends.

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38 Open Dining

Open Dining provides a complete online ordering system that can easily be white labeled and embedded in a restaurant's web site.

It's easy to set up and affordable for restaurants. - timridgely

40 Restaurantoncloud
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