Why I Am Not Pro-Life

Is abortion murder?
Alright, no. Murder is by definition " kill (someone) unlawfully and with premeditation." where as abortion is "ending of pregnancy by removing a fetus or embryo before it can survive outside the uterus." (thank google for those definitions) Now while I can go into different terms such as manslaughter, second degree murder, and such... Anyways, are they very different? Yes, probably. A fetus doesn't feel pain, when you murder someone they do. Depends on how you murder them... but is abortion as serious as murder? Depending on how you get a abortion, whether its the pill method or another one.

But a fetus doesn't look human... a three month old fetus looks strange. It literally has no eyes, and is so tiny you can't see it. Plus before its born it feels no pain. And anyways, lets say a um, 15 year old was raped. She is from a poor family, lives in poverty, and can't see the father again. Should she have to give birth? The dad most likely doesn't care... and how do they support the baby? Plus teenagers have health issues during pregnancies and their babies have a very high rate of birth defects. Should she give this baby up for adoption, or keep it, abort it? Do you think she wants to give birth to a person who raped her's child?

To be real, foster shelters are pretty crowded. Some kids never get a chance and being in one can be kind of miserable. Plus not many people adopt. And adopting is expensive... some people can't afford it. But lets look at this? If every child that could have possibly inconvenienced the mother or was unwanted was aborted, how many less children would their be? Well, I don't think that really will ever be a issue, as some women don't want abortion and some can't afford them. The average price is from parents.com is around 8,000 dollars.

And when people judge women who have abortions... I don't like. What if the baby would have killed them? Two people would have died. And the family would be in deep debt... funerals are expensive and so is having a child. Not to seem sick, just pointing that out.

If every baby was born healthy how bad would overpopulation be? How much higher would the number of people be? How many people would be in poverty?

Most of all, should women be penalized or punished for abortion? Well, actually if your religious, I think catholic you might say yes. I remember seeing a lot of Christian churches were against abortion. But what about non religious people? They don't see it as a life that was created by god, or that every one conceived is one of gods citizens. They are not as likely as many groups / churches Christians to oppose abortion.

To make a last point, giving birth is dangerous. Abortion has side affects, but giving birth is much worse. You may have health issues or agguire some new ones such as thyroid issues and such.