Best Pro Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Team Local Rivalries

In the professional Counter-Strike scene, there are lots of teams, and many different rivalries between teams from the same nation. Let's vote on which is one is the best, on terms of how close the matches are, and how much emotional tension or competitiveness there is on the line, when they play each other!
The Top Ten
1 Sweden: Fnatic vs. NiP
2 Brazil: Luminosity Gaming vs. Tempo Storm
3 Denmark: Astralis vs. Team Dignitas
4 France: Team EnVyUs vs. G2 Esports
5 Ukraine: Natus Vincere vs. FlipSid3 Tactics
6 USA: Team Liquid vs. Cloud9
7 Poland: vs. Dorby & Gaming/ex-CSGL
8 Germany: Mousesports vs. Alternate Attax
9 Australia: Renegades vs. Team Immunity
10 China: TyLoo vs. Cyberzen
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