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21 Rise Like a Phoenix - Conchita Wurst

It's the singer behind the song that makes it so great. Maybe it's a message for trans people across the world? - JelloLife

The singer is a character played by a gay man. "Conchita Wurst" is a female. - BeatlesFan1964

22 Cliff's Edge - Hayley Kiyoko
23 Your Disco Needs You - Kylie Minogue
24 Suffragette City - David Bowie

Bowie addressed bisexuality long before it was cool. - PetSounds

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25 I Kissed a Boy - Jupither

Probably the best song based on homosexuality. " I kissed a boy and I likes it, the taste of his cherry ChapStick".

26 Walk On the Wild Side - Lou Reed
27 Changes - David Bowie
28 Everyone Is Gay - a Great Big World

The title may seem weird or something but if you listen to it then you realize that it's just a unharmful happy song. - JelloLife

29 It's Okay to Be Gay - Tomboy
30 Jenny - Studio Killers

The artist who sings the song Cherry in Studio Killers is confirmed to be a trans woman + plus that this is a lesbian crush song so I think it counts. - JelloLife

31 Coming Clean - Green Day
32 One Foot - Fun.
33 Forced Gender Reassignment - Cattle Decapitation

This song supports transgender in the hardest hitting way. Its about taking people who hate trans people and changing their genders, and putting them in the position Transgender are in.

The music video is gruesome, it was banned from YouTube and a bunch of other sites. They kidnap members of the Westboro Baptist Church and swap their genders

These guys are good at getting their message across - ryanrimmel

34 Transgender Dysphoria Blues - Against Me!
35 Secrets - Mary Lambert
36 Outlaws of Love - Adam Lambert
37 In This Life - Madonna
38 Forbidden Love - Madonna
39 Why's It So Hard - Madonna
40 Pray for Spanish Eyes - Madonna
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