Pro Sports Teams with the Most Annoying Fan Bases


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1 Dallas Cowboys Dallas Cowboys

Still think that they are elite after 20+ years of irrelevance - Randomator

2 Philadelphia Eagles Philadelphia Eagles The Philadelphia Eagles are a professional football franchise based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Eagles compete in the National Football League as a member club of the league's National Football Conference East division.

Do I even need to explain - Randomator

3 New York Yankees New York Yankees The New York Yankees are an American professional baseball team based in the Bronx, New York City, New York, that competes in Major League Baseball.
4 New England Patriots New England Patriots The New England Patriots are a professional American football team based in the Greater Boston region.

Will kill you if you say anything bad - Randomator

5 Philadelphia 76ers Philadelphia 76ers

You really think everyone is going to trust the process - Randomator

Dissing on 76ers fans for saying that makes no sense. One of the only teams to tank amazingly and you're shocked if they're a little excited? - AnimeSportsFan619

6 New York Giants New York Giants The New York Giants are a professional American football team located in the New York metropolitan area.

Praise Eli like a god - Randomator

7 Carolina Panthers Carolina Panthers The Carolina Panthers are a professional American football team based in Charlotte, North Carolina, that competes in the National Football League.

Seriously Blind. The Dab and Cam newton are annoying - Randomator

8 Golden State Warriors Golden State Warriors
9 Minnesota Vikings Minnesota Vikings The Minnesota Vikings are an American football team based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Vikings joined the National Football League as an expansion team in 1960, and first took the field for the 1961 season.

You aren't winning the super bowl every year - Randomator

10 Boston Bruins Boston Bruins The Boston Bruins are a professional ice hockey team based in Boston, Massachusetts. The Bruins compete in the National Hockey League as a member club of the league's Eastern Conference Atlantic Division.
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1. Dallas Cowboys
2. Philadelphia Eagles
3. New York Yankees
1. New England Patriots
2. Philadelphia Eagles
3. Dallas Cowboys



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