The Royal Rumble Curse

htoutlaws2012 With the Rumble coming real fast let's look at something that I hype up a little too much, but it almost a real life curse is whoever draws #14 100% guaranteed does not win the match itself, and something strange happens to them down the road. I say let's take a look at these, and you judge for yourself because the track record is astounding.

88' Ron Bass: At the time he was already in his late 30's/ early 40's at that point in his career, and he indeed had a chance to win at the spot that he was, but that was only 20 man instead of the traditional 30 man rumble. Outlaw Ron bass would wrestle for another two years until finally retiring at 41 he would die 29 years later.

89' Marty Jannetty: This one makes a lotta since, and probably the true first victim by most people is that Jannetty never went to anything in his time with the then WWF as apart of the rockers with Shawn Michaels the rest is history still a face while HBK went into his heel persona that led to be one of the biggest stars in the companies history.

90' Haku: One of the baddest men in all of wrestling was not exactly treated like a real deal in his early time with the company he was more of a Tag partner type wrestler, and that's all he was unfortunately underrated, but fell to the curse. he wrestled the next two years under the Heenan family, but left in 92 to WCW not coming back until 2001 as a surprise entrant.

91' British Bulldog: Its one of the better performances of that number, but his led to getting depushed for quite a number of years, and even lose in the 95 rumble to Shawn Michaels, and eventually died in 2002 as one of the best wrestlers to never win a world title.

92' Hercules: No not mythology Hercules I mean the one that almost nobody remembers being apart of power and glory which is again a forgettable tag team entirely which connects to them splitting up, and Hercules didn't even last more than maybe close to a minute in the ring that year it was all, but downhill from there.

93' The Berzerker: Yeah such a forgettable gimmick that is what you would envision the character being generic that he did find success in different territories, but he didn't last that long in the then WWF. He was for a decent number of minutes until getting eliminated by the Undertaker, and one of his last stint's was participating in a battle royal, and he was not seen ever again.

94' Doink the Clown: For the most part a joke clown gimmick played by four different people depending on how you view that. Doink is best remembered for his heel persona however when being portrayed by the late great Matt Osborne who is no relation of Ozzy by any means. Left the company in 93, and many unknown wrestlers would play the gimmick, and that led to Doink being where he was in 94.

95' Jacob Blu: Yeah as most of you are scathing you're heads as to who? Well he was one half of the forgettable tag team of the harris twins which you could say is the modern version of the bella twins which is a awful comparison now that I look at it since the two did nothing in the awful year that was 1995 for the company Vince had to change the mood later on.

96' Doug Gilbert: One of the weirdest entrants ever, Gilbert has to one of the most mysterious yet in which you have zero idea where he even comes from. Well word is that he was trying to exploit Jerry's Lawler's then sexual conduct allegations over a 13 year old back then in 96 there was no metoo movement thing that you see now, but that I find interesting thus e gets rewarded with the worst number in history of the rumble itself.

97' Goldust: Probably one of the few who actually survived the curse in which case he still wrestles today which is amazing, and he would turn heel that very next year, and have a great showing in the mid-card for awhile, but never did anything major, but the character was never taken seriously though.

98' Ken Shamrock: At one point Shamrock was so over in the attitude era, and he could of been something, but was not unfortunately. turned heel eventually at the near end of 98, and ended his career in 99, and now he hardly does anything, but officiate matches pretty sad.

99' Kurrgan: Yes the one who got a decent acting job afterwards right Mr. Sparta was in fact apart of a strange face faction in the oddities, he didn't really win any gold, but he was an underrated big man for sure.

00' Bob Backlund: Totally random choice that clearly had no intentions of winning the rumble more less a surprise entrant that cameback basically to say Kurt you'll lose both mid card belts to Benoit, and Jericho that's really all he did, and was gone like that.

01' Goodfather: Heh, runs gets sacrificed to be eliminated by the Rock makes complete sense to me, and disappear from RTC, and comeback as the godfather on two surprise entrants, and have one of the shortest times in a rumble yeah cursed to me folks.

02' DDP: Yeah because stalking the undertakers's definitely got the invasion starting somewhat interesting until realizing how dumb that storyline was, and you didn't know to do with him afterwards which means we put him at unfortunate number fourteen spot right... hey at least you won a wrestlemania match before suffering a career killing neck injury.

03' Eddie Guerrero: This one is too true, but sad at the same time that year was a struggle for Eddie Guerrero as he did competing actively winning tag belts, United states, and finally the WWE title that was all cut short to unfortunate heart attack fatal, and in disbelief which those vile chair shots would led to making it more alterable later because of this incident alone.

04' Rikishi: Last time Rikishi was given a major push was when they turned him heel when he (assumingly) ran over Steve Austin at the 99 Survivor Series. Since he has won only the tag belts with Scotty 2 Hotty his former too cool buddy, and that's really it.

05' Orlando Jordan: Almost way too accurate with this one looked like a chump against Chris Benoit on multiple occasions which led to him going to TNA that failed, and that was the end for Orlando.

06' Joey Mercury: Well all can be described when seeing Mercury all busted up in the face was very gruesome back in late 2006, he came back as part of CM Punk Straight Edge Society, and also apart of the authority's corporate J & J security for Seth Rollins when he was champion other than that now his just a guy you don't remember like he was 12 years ago as one half of MNM.

07' Jeff Hardy: At the time it was hard to believe someone like Jeff Hardy would draw a terrible number like 14, but yes he actually did have bad habits back then before eventually cleaning up his act years later when he did start becoming more of a main event type wrestler.

08' Umaga: Granted he had one of the better performances with the number itself perhaps the closets to win, but in all that was explained on a previous list he did get cursed the very next year he was drafted to Smackdown, and died in late 2009.

09' Finlay: For awhile Finlay was this tough Irishmen who loved to fight, and that was always the case for awhile, and in 2009 he didn't feel like fighting anymore going back to Smackdown, and then suffer a eye injury then retire well alas I guess...

10' MVP: Montel never made it quite yet to main event stardom, but was at best a midcarder in the WWE, in which cases he would always be fighting for a mid card belt, or better yet tag titles. that year in 2010 was perhaps at his most unluckiness where he aggressively took himself, and miz out of the rumble almost voluntarily like in the process. He would finish the year wrestling with others, but never won any belts that year which led to him sticking around for TNA, and now coming back for 25th anniversary of Raw.

11' Chris Masters: When he did return in the WWE he was not how he originally was in fact he was more of a mid card/jobber in the sense where he'll have a mix of wins, and losses so he was more less unpredictable. entering the rumble he was tossed out easily after begin outnumbered by Nexus, and then once again found little success in his final year with the company. Like MVP he two also was with TNA very briefly.

12' Jinder Mahal: At the time I get why he was number 14 considering nobody took him seriously as a generic Iron Shiek pretty much, but he went on to do nothing that year I kid you not. Other than putting over Seth Rollins which was necessarily for how hot NXT would become in 2012 on the other hand he was apart of one of the biggest joke factions in all of WWE in 3MB.

13' Rey Mysterio: This one is so true that its actually super tragic, and probably why I don't see them ever having Rey back as a surprise entrant anymore sense this happened. Let's back up though 2013 was the not so memorable year of Rey Mysterio who team with Sin Cara for the most part he did get another knee injury which may have tweak his ability to wrestle a bit, but that was not to be 2 years later when he did leave the WWE for the AAA in which he was involved in a tag match, and what happened was Aguayo Jr. the man he attempted the 619 to the back of Aguayo, and he mysteriously was so unconscious to the point he was not moving, and blame fell on Rey, and there's no way he returns to WWE after this incident.

14' Kevin Nash: Well I mean yeah I guess, but it didn't mean much unless you count being arrested then sure that qualifies as cursed lol.

15' DDP (again): Second time around Diamond Dallas Page is in much better shape he even did the diamond cutter a few times after getting tossed out quickly, but made return at wrestlemania 32 in the battle royal in which he also lost in.

16' Stardust: Makes sense to me I mean Cody lost his father which was devastating, and you could not see to think what's next, and it was answered it was time to go to ROH, and TNA where now he looks like a star he probably should of been in WWE instead of being given a gimmick that just felt wierd for him to do.

17' Kofi Kingston: Mix bag that kinda makes sense he did get injured when the Revival did debut that year, and the spot he had in the rumble was nearly as memorable as the past few years has Kofi declined is the question if so the window is getting very closer to its end.

18' Prediction Kane: This year it could be any type of person in their declining time in the WWE in which case I point to the big red machine Kane, and you wanna know why I picked Kane because I know there's no way in hell he wins the title against Brock Lesnar if anything Braun has more of a chance than Kane that leaves me thinking he's running for something in political office which means putting him at number 14 are the indicators I look for.