Top 10 Problems in the Pokemon Anime

The Pokemon Anime started to get boring so I stopped watching it, here is why.

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1 Same Protagonist Same Protagonist
2 Too Repetitive Too Repetitive

It is basically the same thing over and over again, throughout the Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, and Kalos regions, it has been going through the same thing over and over again, get all the badges, stop the evil team, go to the Pokemon League, lose, leave the Pokemon at Prof. Oak's lab to rot, and go to a new region, and they repeat the process, however in the Sun and Moon Anime, Ash goes to School like other heroes, like Spider Man, and the Power Rangers, and this generation will end in Graduation. - TheXGamer

3 Rules Don't Apply and Battles are Boring Rules Don't Apply and Battles are Boring

Seriously, Electric Types touching Ground Types, and a Psychic type hitting a Dark type, You're Kidding right? Plus mistaking a lot of moves, and type matchup, being Water being weak to Fire, this isn't Kingdom Hearts, this is Pokemon, also in Ash's battle with Elesa, he would have gotten disqualified for getting Pokemon from Prof. Juniper during the battle, plus the battles were boring, why couldn't it be like Yu-Gi-Oh, where anyone wagers their life, or even their Pokemon. - TheXGamer

4 Characters are Idiots
5 Too Predictable

Especially in battle when 99% of the time it comes down to a 1 on 1 showdown. Yea that's pretty cool but NOT EVERY TIME. Like what about Ash vs Stephen (Variety of moves) Leavanny looked with she was going to beat sawk but I knew all along Sawk would win because Krookodile was still alive. Sinnoh League. I knew Pikachu would lose to electivire vs Paul. Why? Because INfernape was in. But also Infernape was hurt so they had to deal damage to electivire.

Everything is just too Predictable if Ash enters a League, in the end he is going to lose, if he Loses Once he is going to come back, and win in the end, plus Team Rocket is still the antagonists of the Anime, and they still haven't impressed their boss Giovanni. - TheXGamer

6 Pikachu's Level

Every time a generation passes, Pikachu is always level reset, he should be Level 100 By now. - TheXGamer

7 Team Rocket's Carrier as the Villains

Team Rocket is still relevant to the plot, and people are getting sick of them, Ash and the Gang never recognize them, through their disguises, and in that one banned episode "The Legend of Dratini." It had guns, and why didn't they shoot Ash and the Gang, and just take Pikachu, speaking of which, they should realize that it's not worth it, they always fail to please their boss, and Giovanni keeps calling them idiots, why shouldn't he fire Jessie, James, and Meowth? - TheXGamer

They really need new better villians than Team Rocket. - egnomac

8 Story Sucks, and Characters Removed

It takes forever to get things done, stuff don't make sense, and they just take characters out, and never mention them again. - TheXGamer

9 Cheesy Jokes
10 Movies Were Never Mentioned

Once there was a movie, it was never even mentioned in Future Seasons, or Movies at all. - TheXGamer

The Contenders

11 Sun and Moon anime has completely ruined the anime

Everything was going so well in X and Y & XY and Z. SM anime has awkward moment and the WORST season ever.

12 Rice Balls are Called Donuts

That's not valid - Manlypants

13 Lack of Character Development
14 Ash is still 10 years Old.

Ash has been 10 years sense 1997, and today he is still 10.
Why hasn,t he aged?

15 Pokemon play moves they don't have

Ex: "Bulbasaur use whirlwind" bulbasaur can't use whirlwind - Manlypants

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