Top Ten Problems TheTopTens is Facing in Terms of the Community

When I first joined this site, it was a rich place with many ways to get information, humor, and share opinions in a friendly way. Now, times have changed, and this site I once loved is going downhill.

*Note* My intentions here are in no way, libelous or defamatory. As harsh as it may sound, I'm trying to be a good person. Admin, this is no way breaking the terms of use, and if it is, please tell me without threat of account deletion/suspension.

The Top Ten


I feel like in order to be on this site one has to love metal, 90s cartoons, Mario, and hate pop music, Teen Titans Go, and Frozen, or else you'll be bombarded with dislikes and hate comments. It shouldn't be like that at all.

I'm not into metal, I like some 90's cartoons, Mario, and pop music. I think frozen is an okay film, and I hate Teen Titans Go!. Watch this reply get bombed with dislikes. - Powerfulgirl10

It's like a commandment, thou shall like Rock, Metal, Anime, Gravity Falls, and whatever they say is good and thou shall hate Justin Bieber, Pop, and whatever they say is bad

I'm not against any of these people but music (mainly metal, rap, pop), anime, and nintendo seems to be the norm of this site.

I hate bandwagoners because they are so desperate to look "cool" or hip, they have to be fakes by having no actual opinion on something, In other words they only follow what others' think on something

Lack of diversity

Honestly, this is very true. In terms of video games, the only franchises that get a sizable amount of attention are those with cel-shaded/cartoon-like visual aesthetics, which normally includes most of Nintendo, Sonic the Hedgehog, Undertale, etc. I mean, there's hardly anyone on the site with a genuine interest in games like God of War, Uncharted, Elder Scrolls, Final Fantasy and many more. Call of Duty is a popular topic, but most users would rather hate on it anyway.

Music seems to be very diverse and divisive at the same time. Much of the site's users consists of Metalheads, although most of them come across as more tolerable than on other sites and forums, which is a good thing and obscure Metal and Rock acts have been bought up on this site, which is a pleasant surprise. However, there's a lot of Pop and Indie musicians that don't get much recognition and I feel as if some attention can be bought up on them. Folk and Jazz are never bought up which is rather ...more - CrimsonShark

Not trying to offend metal and rock fans out there but it's true, the music fans we usually see here everyday are just rock and metal fans, it's just so dull and boring to just have people like these on TheTopTens - Neonco31

I can agree with this. As a user with a variety of different interests, I'd say browsing around TheTopTens isn't worth my time.

I do not seem to fit in many of the typical groups, and I'm happy.

Everybody running for admin

LOL.. Who actually thought of dethroning the admin thinking that they could moderate thousands of comments and posts at a tiring pace per day. Even if I haven't had any experience as a moderator of a site I doubt you'd even survive several hours as an admin. Get your flying mind back into your head - aqua84

Not to mention users are so unaware the trouble and risks they are going to cause. - Leafeon

Luckily it got cancelled. Who would really think the administrators would give up their part of the site to a fifteen-year-old? - Powerfulgirl10

Must need to be on guard for 24/7 of anything that may seem harmful environment with proper penalties & warning violations, also you need to propose things that the community can have a great belief in your background experience even take suggestions in a more positive feedback. - htoutlaws2012

Knowledge of copyright is also very necessary and important for the admin position, something not even 1% users have the knowledge. - Leafeon

Even if its for fun, it's totally hopeless. Admin isn't going to give everything to someone they worked for their life. So I don't see reasons to get serious about being admin. - zxm


Everyone blaming everyone else for things they've all done in the past. Myself as well, considering I've done everything on here. It gets annoying. Instead of yelling out "criticisms", jut talk positively, and then sort the problems out in one area, instead of polluting cringe everywhere. - ProPanda

This sums up cartoon fans here
Respect my opinion!
5 seconds later
Anyone who likes this or that should go to hell!

Sad, but it's pretty true. There are examples of some users who fall for this stating that everyone should respect opinions, but they're the ones bashing one another's opinion. - aqua84

I disagree. I sometimes get called out for being a hypocrite based on certain stuff I told 3-4 years ago on this site. My response is that I was 12, now I'm 15, I have hit puberty, my views and opinions have changed. It's natural - styLIShT

Most Bieber haters and metal elitists in a nutshell. - RoseWeasley

Pop fans and metal fans not getting along with each other

The whole pop and metal war should stop. Everybody running for admin isn't even a thing. - Userguy44

I saw lots of metal elitist attacking pop fans claiming that metal is far the most "superior" music genre compared to all. In the site at least. Pop fans may also bash on metal but the major issue are metal elitists. - aqua84

Well metal fans need to stop bullying pop fans who didn't do anything. - AlphaQ

Good point, but most of the people who start attacking are usually from the metal fanbase. - AlphaQ

This should be number one. Even I think the war between pop fans and metalheads should stop. - BorisRule


Maybe use the stats strategically and wisely, not abuse them by submitting ludicrous list titles such as "Top 10 Presidents that were born in 1865 starting with the letter W ending with the letter G who are allergic to peanuts" - aqua84

You should make any kind of list you want, big or small. A list that may seem stupid and what not may be something that is very important to that person. Make the list you want to and mind your own business - RustyNail

All people care about these days are reaching the highest stats. - Powerfulgirl10

Letter lists are the worst kind of list! Other lists might be interesting, but no one cares about top 10 songs by a music artist that start with the letter X!

The legacy of Puga

Tons of hacks on BAND trying to rustle and it's just pathetic. - DCfnaf

He was a good user, but he could go too far. - Userguy44

Now, don't get me wrong. I like Puga. He's a funny lad, who knows this site, and how to maintain it's community. He is one of the most popular users... ever. And of course, everyone had to be like him. With Puga's popularity, we got an entire slew of new users trying to be just like him. You can't go by a single controverial list, without seeing someone use the word "nonce", or "honking/oinking/etc". So many users are ripping off his style, and it becomes less funny, and more just a bunch of edgy teenagers trying to be funny. It's just cringe all around. Which brings me to the next topic... - ProPanda

Hate on me for this, but Puga knows how to maintain a community, but he sends the message in the wrong way. I feel that he panders too much on edge-humour and using every slur I've seen under the sun. It doesn't bother me too much, but if a user who doesn't appreciate the humor gives out to him, I'm not getting into it. - Swellow

Lack of statistics

I'm pretty sure that the ratio between subjective and objective lists is really high. That's why I'm announcing a new list series: Objective Outroar. Basically, I will be releasing a bunch of objective lists to raise actual stats in this site of rankings. - ProPanda

Great list Panda - TwilightKitsune

Justin Bieber gets too much hate

Imagine caring about Justin Bieber in 2019 - Leafeon

Look I hate him too, but have you SEEN the way this site treats him? It's like he's Hitler 2.0! One list put Justin Bieber as #1 when HITLER AND BIN LADEN SHOULD HAVE BEEN #1! At least Justin didn't genocide people or terrorize (although his drunk driving was pretty awful)! I'm not one of his Beliebers defending him, I hate him too, but this site needs therapy!
They're taking his hate WAAAYYY too far! The only JB haters I agree with are the ones who hate him for his nasty as hell personality! I hate the others who hate him for singing high or making Baby.

Yes, he has been mostly inactive for over a year, and users still hate on him, cause apparently that's the trend here - Be a fan of Metal, dislike Rap and pop, etc - styLIShT

Because he is annyoing

I hate jb a lot but sometimes people in this website mention his hate from him on random lists too. Once I was looking at this list talking about “the worst things to happen in school” and one of the items was JB coming to your school.

The administration

Administration and policy is the biggest and overwhelming flaw of this site, I think a 10 year old kid, who cannot complete his own school homework is hiding in the background and trying to manage things beyond his capability. Cannot digest honest opinions just like the creatures here, and sends me warning notices for fun. - Vip3r

You can literally get banned for doing something as minor as adding Cory to the House to an anime list. Geez... - Swellow

The only thing wrong with them is their punishment system. Banning users for whatever reason for a week doesn't help anything. - IronSabbathPriest

The admin doesn't respect opinions

The Newcomers

? People That Only Vote on Items To Complain about it Being on The List
? Bigotry

The Contenders

"The Great Zootopia Controversy" and whatnot

This entire thing was mostly fuelled by immaturity and a complete inability to respect other people's opinions, something that's still somewhat prevalent on this site nowadays. Fortunately I've noticed some of the childish arguments easing off a little this month, so fingers crossed the community will carry on changing for the better as a whole. - Entranced98

People seem to misunderstand this little argument. People think that the user that was criticized was a victim when it is not the case. - DCfnaf

A war over a decent Disney movie, you gotta be kidding me?! - BorisRule

Over a Disney movie? Seriously?!


Barring myself, this quality is possessed by every creature here., Yeah, I understand honesty hurts like sitting in a chair full of erect razor sharp nails. - Vip3r

I'll respect your opinion if you like Tyga and hate Kendrick. - AlphaQ

I confess I am guilty of this

I'm guilty of this - wrests

Disrespecting opinions
Excessive usage of the term "overrated"

It is to the point that some even tend to call the most hated things "overrated" - aqua84

The word is overrated. - Cyri

There's no such thing as factually overrated or underrated. It's merelt subjective. Whether you think something deserves the praise or not is based on your opinion.

The word "overrated" is overrated - BorisRule

Users Use Cancer, Autism, and Retarded as Insults

Not with the policy in place; you can't specifically target and attack a user with such insults - styLIShT

That happens outside the site as well. Might as well ignore and embrace it. - Leafeon

The policy

I have this really low only out of pity. Users need to calm down about it, but it's still flawed. a lot of the rules and conditions are pretty useless. I doubt "name calling" is going to decrease the site's revenue, or lose the visitors we have. Many people beginning to decrease the visiting hours, and it's putting the site on a decline. By changing some of the rules to make it a better environment, not just for a certain audience, but for the entire world, we can balance out a community that will let thetoptens thrive for time to come. - ProPanda


Trolls are great. - MorlaTurtle8

Anime haters

Every single user and visitor here are 1 year old obnoxious weebish Anime fans


Not only the hate is justified, but also haters sending death threats to anime fans is justified, because it's part of the hate. Not to mention Hitler is nothing, compared to anime. That's why all of anime fans deserved to die!

And @3DG20, all anime fans do this, they all are dumb. I am an anime hater, and there are no anime haters, that can't respect opinions, because the universe is meant to hate anime. I hope by 2020s, there will be all anime fans killed, if you like anime, then you are evil and go to hell for this sin. If you hate anime, you will go to heaven. I reslly hope anime to ve erased from existence, because death to all anime fans.

Hypocrisy, dude!

And the item you're commenting on represents your comment - BorisRule

Anime fans who can’t take other opinions* - 3DG20

Obsessive Fans and Haters
Spam voting

Does that include people who vote solely to comment on why something "shouldn't be on whatever list" or argue with a previous comment?

This is why I often see Dimash Kudaibergen, Jackie Evancho, Rod Stewart, and Indian people/religions (I welcome the diversity, but still) at #1.

1 person voting 100 times is spam

100 people voting once isn't spam.

So the Indians voting technically aren't spammers - styLIShT

There are people here who vote for the same person day/night 'round the clock, year in year out. GET A REAL LIFE!

This honestly gets old really fast

Lists that put smaller issues above bigger ones

I mean the Most Terrivld Events list used to very biased but have improved over time. Here were the rankings before:

1. When Barney First Aired
2. When Dora First Aired
3. When Princess Diana Died
4. When Caillou First Aired
5. When Peppa Pig First Aired
6. The Las Vegas Shooting
7. World War II
8. When Doc McStuffins First Aired
9. Birth of Donald Trump
10. Birth of Justin Bieber - JoeBoi

The sad part is that the general user base in this site would consider this top 10 list as a very good list - styLIShT

Yeah! Some event this year affected you more than something that happened to take more lives and that's bad! YOU'RE THE REASON THIS SITE IS GOING DOWNHILL AH - ProPanda

On the list of Worst Things that Happened in 2017, "Taylor Swift released Look What You Made Me Do" (just a bad song, which killed no one) is above Hurricane Maria (the hurricane that devastated Puerto Rico). - allamassal

One of those 'things that need to end' lists even had a silly tween sitcom above terrorism. - Entranced98

New visitors

Most of them bash you for having opinions and they try way too hard to troll. Some visitors are fine, but most are just obnoxious. Sorry no sorry. ~ Userguy44

Not to mention the Lion King hater/troll. - KalloFox34

That cap locks frozen girl,that Imbysol who insulted Skrillex fans, and that troll with the David Bowie album are just 3 examples.

Visitors are those bandwagoners who don’t respect other’s opinions. I was bashed by visitors for disliking Fortnite of all things. Some visitors are OK, but a majority of them need to take a chill pill - KingSlayer93316


Look, if you don't like something then that's fine but don't constantly vote them just for them to be high, especially if most people like it. You can vote on it once or twice but not 69 billion times or anything. - AlphaQ

Sad for me, I can't stand MLP haters... - Neonco31

Rabid hating

Now that is the line - BorisRule

Religious nuts

How many times does Jainism or Hinduism get voted on the "Best Religions" page a day? Probably right now as I write this. - Swellow


The "Music Artists You'd Like to Perform at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics Opening Ceremonies" list is bot voted by weeaboos since there are some anime characters on that list - ElSherlock

The list is bombarded by stupid trash nightcore and stupid kpoop - AlphaQ

Arabs: Waifu wars is haram here. (No offense to Islam) - BorisRule

Rabid fans

This seems to be in direct contradiction with the categories of "Pretentiousness", and Hypocrisy". You can't have it two ways, much less three ways.

The weird rabid perverted fans.

LP fans. Dread Zeppelin fans. Guys stop. - AlphaQ

I've been cussed, flamed and bullied by these idiots for not liking that awful Lion franchise by Disney. Not everyone is gonna have the same opinion, you know. TLK/TLG is not the best franchise in the world, in fact, it is far from being the best and is one of the worst. Get over it, suckers.

Arguing over Nintendo characters

This has always been lingering on TheTopTens, but it's gotten much worse as of late. Instead of constantly calling out fanbases and hatedoms of Nintendo characters for being annoying and fuelling arguments for pointless reasons such as characters being 'overrated', it's about time we just took a step back and accepted each other's opinions, regardless of whether or not you share them. In all honesty, it's absolutely ridiculous how much conflict simply liking or disliking fictional characters has caused on here. - Entranced98

Couldn't agree more. If I could I would spam the thumbs up button but it would only let me give you one - Randomator

Seriously man, these people have no life. In fact, I got bullied by a few of these users for liking a Nintendo character that they don't like and even telling the truth about said character.

They Should Really Respect Other Opinions. At one Stage I was Bashed for Liking Madeline once.

Rosalina vs Peach vs Daisy



They do Allow Some Swear Words. Like the B Word (Female Dog), The A Word (Male Donkey), The D Word (Richard But, It's Also the Name of A 90's Studio), and Hell (A Place Know by Religions). As Long as they Censor Out The f, s, and N Words, I'll Be Fine.

L I E S, everything is censored here and every cuss is censored by admin. Admin doesn't even allow swearing in the first place. - AlphaQ

Every post, you can see a swear word. Why?

Ten votes per list
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