Discussing This Site's Ridiculous Censorship

OnlyInDreams This is a topic, I know has probably been discussed before. But.... I just got to bring it up once again.... because it's really awful. This site has a lot of censorship, and I'm not just referring to how you can't say curse words. If you attempt to criticize any user on here, your opinion will always be silenced. Doesn't matter if your criticism is constructive it's always going to be removed, no matter what you have on your mind.

I think this is one of the biggest problems on this website. Let me tell you something.... in real life people are probably going to criticize you. You might not necessarily agree with that criticism, but it's just how life works. People aren't always kind to each other like little kids on a playground. That's just totally unrealistic, and will never happen no matter how much time has passed.
By automatically assuming, that users should always be kind to each other. You're kind of making this site unrealistic in that regard, and this administration can't tell the difference between criticism and harassment. Criticism is pointing out something, to help someone improve. That person, might not agree with that criticism but that doesn't mean they're attacking anyone.

Harassment is intentionally, bugging someone without seeing if they can improve or not. I'm sorry, but uh criticism is inevitable it just is. Hell, I've even been criticized myself and taken down a peg. I used to be really hypersensitive about it, but now I'm trying to handle it a lot better. You can't expect people to not have problems with each other, because that's common everywhere even the internet.

I'm sick of posts being removed, because they're "harassing" a user. Pointing out someone's flaws, and telling them how they can be better. Is not harassment, it never was and never will be. By censoring people, in the fear of them being hypersensitive. You're not allowing them to improve, if anything you're just letting them get worse. I understand why this administration, doesn't like "harassment" but half of the drama on this site isn't harassment. It's two people disagreeing over something, with both of them thinking of how someone should improve.

This post, isn't a harassment either it's me pointing out a major flaw. I can understand censoring people, if they go too far with what they have to say. But censoring them, over criticism is not the way to go about it. I think this site needs less censorship, to a certain extent. I don't care about censoring curse words, but at least allow people to criticize other people if necessary. No one is perfect, and everyone can improve in one way or the other.

Do you agree with me, or do you disagree with me? I'm curious about your thoughts, just remember that criticism can help you improve. I mean look at Fox, he got criticized but he learned to improve from it. Something that I think this enter site, can learn from in my humble opinion.


That is what I'm trying to do with my updated rating users add some helpful criticism to let the user improve from the flaws they have not make it out like its some sort of ''harassment.'' - htoutlaws2012

In my opinion, you would be a better admin than the admin we currently have. - OnlyInDreams

Great post. I completely agree - Randomator

In recent years tech giants like Google have censored some political sites, most notably InfoWars. As much as I hate Republicans and the Alt-right, blocking them from virtually every social media platform and removing them from every search engine isn't just violating the first amendment (freedom of speech), but it's also showing that the internet is heavily biased towards the Liberals. If you're using Google as your search engine right now, I suggest you make the switch to DuckDuckGo, or try Yahoo.

It's these two parties (Dems and Repubs) that have ruined our country. The Democrats control most of the media and are devoted to censoring all Republicans. The Republicans, enjoy scaring people into their beliefs with 90-minute graphic abortion films and sermons on the threat of hell. Both of them are devoted into brainwashing the next generation of children. Trump = Good; Obama = Bad. Fox News = Good; CNN = Bad.

So you say that TheTopTens should allow criticism because it helps you improve, but it's not because admin's afraid it might "harass" a user. While it is true that some criticism (if done right) can help one improve, there is also the kind of criticism that is intended to make one feel bad and destroy them (destructive criticism). Maybe some users don't get that some criticism is designed to help them, and misinterpret it as "harassment" or "hate speech". There will always be users like this no matter what site you're on.

Almost two years ago, when I joined Reddit (under the same username), I went on r/cfb and predicted that Penn State would beat Michigan (which they did, by the way, 42-13. and this was in 2017), but my reasoning was not very good at the time, and I was labeled a "troll", more specifically, a "bad troll". I thought I would leave the site and never come back, but I was still new to the site and decided to give it some more time before placing judgment. Then a user gave me some criticism about my unpopular opinions. It turns out, it wasn't my opinions that made people think I was a troll, but it was the fact that I shared my opinions in a harsh or unreasonable manner. Some users just have unpopular opinions, and they get censored because someone didn't respect them.

I recently saw a list on why AIDS was better than Justin Bieber, and it was so bad that it was obviously a troll list. Instead of feeding the troll like or telling everyone about the list, I just went along with the list and told her to put more efforts into her lists. Trolls want to be fed. They want people to react to their list. Believe me, I used to do this on r/truechristian and people thought my trolls were epic. I haven't done this in a long time though, since I eventually got banned from that sub and I grew tired of it. If you see a list on the site that is obviously trolling, then just ignore the list. Imagine what will happen when a genuine user joins the site and is a genuine Justin Bieber fan. Are users going to scream at her because she had an opinion?

TheTopTens already allows some criticism, as long as it doesn't "offend" others. In this case, a user could easily abuse this by pretending to be offended by someone's honest opinion and getting them suspended. Not only is it threatening to user's freedoms, but it's also getting innocent users banned from the site for no reason. I haven't been on here very long, but it seems like you're saying that admin is censoring the site and removing blog posts.

Just like the rest of the internet, TheTopTens should be open to free speech, and users should be allowed to criticize others and express their beliefs and opinions. Nobody is without sin, and that's a sad truth everyone should know. If users can handle criticism, then there is no reason why it should be silenced. The problem today isn't just censorship, but the fact that some people can't handle the truth or misinterpret it. If society learns to take other people's criticism of them and learn from it, then I think free speech can thrive in our world. It's not just admin that's threatening our freedoms (and technically it's his site to he can do what he wants), it's the sensitive users who can't handle opinions. - visitor

A very lengthy and detailed comment. But I agree wholeheartedly. - OnlyInDreams

Definitely. Admin needs to allow criticism to be legal cause it can help people improve - visitor

"This site has a lot of censorship, and I'm not just referring to how you can't say curse words. If you attempt to criticize any user on here, your opinion will always be silenced."
It’s astounding how in the first few sentences you’ve already disregarded any circumstances in which this statement would either not be true at all (because if it were, then I would’ve been terminated long ago) or be seen as merely hyperbolic. And even if you were being hyperbolic, this wouldn’t be the right time to be.

"Harassment is intentionally, bugging someone without seeing if they can improve or not. I'm sorry, but uh criticism is inevitable it just is."
It would help a lot if the first sentence here was grouped with the preceding sentence. It would make your argument flow a lot better (not like you were doing a good job of making your arguments flow either way).

"I'm sick of posts being removed, because they're "harassing" a user."
Without any context or examples, I find this sentence, and the statements succeeding it, very hard to believe. If you were to tell me about multiple instances where a user made a post criticizing a list/user and it got removed, then maybe your argument would be more backed up.

Also, please learn how to correctly comma splice. - Archived

^ nitpicking - DenyYourMaker

Nice nitpicking, where did you learn this from CinemaSins? - OnlyInDreams

It’s hard to say I’m nitpicking when your arguments are so broad. How about you provide some specific context to why you’re making your argument and write a detailed analysis of certain situations that would further support your claims? - Archived

CinemaSins is pretty cool - NuMetalManiak

I agree. Criticism should be allowed and so should "cuss words" - BananaBrain