Top Ten Problems TheTopTens is Facing in Terms of the Community

When I first joined this site, it was a rich place with many ways to get information, humor, and share opinions in a friendly way. Now, times have changed, and this site I once loved is going downhill.

*Note* My intentions here are in no way, libelous or defamatory. As harsh as it may sound, I'm trying to be a good person. Admin, this is no way breaking the terms of use, and if it is, please tell me without threat of account deletion/suspension.

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21 Disrespecting opinions
22 Justin Bieber gets too much hate

Look I hate him too, but have you SEEN the way this site treats him? It's like he's Hitler 2.0! One list put Justin Bieber as #1 when HITLER AND BIN LADEN SHOULD HAVE BEEN #1! At least Justin didn't genocide people or terrorize (although his drunk driving was pretty awful)! I'm not one of his Beliebers defending him, I hate him too, but this site needs therapy!
They're taking his hate WAAAYYY too far! The only JB haters I agree with are the ones who hate him for his nasty as hell personality! I hate the others who hate him for singing high or making Baby.

23 Arguing over Nintendo characters

This has always been lingering on TheTopTens, but it's gotten much worse as of late. Instead of constantly calling out fanbases and hatedoms of Nintendo characters for being annoying and fuelling arguments for pointless reasons such as characters being 'overrated', it's about time we just took a step back and accepted each other's opinions, regardless of whether or not you share them. In all honesty, it's absolutely ridiculous how much conflict simply liking or disliking fictional characters has caused on here. - Entranced98

Couldn't agree more. If I could I would spam the thumbs up button but it would only let me give you one - Randomator

Seriously man, these people have no life. In fact, I got bullied by a few of these users for liking a Nintendo character that they don't like and even telling the truth about said character.

24 Anime haters
25 Rabid hating
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