Top Ten Problems In the World Today


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21 Illegal Immigration
22 Government Power
23 Existentialism
24 Black Lives Matter

These people with these shirts clearly don't understand that the black people dying are STUPID! These people dying are pulling guns on cops, and pulling more guns on cops. And that's why these psycho college kids are shooting up you're churches. I DO NOT agree with the murder punks, but it is obvious why they do it, an NOT ALL black people are murderers, but a lot are (I wouldn't say the majority though)! Many people caught in the crossfires are innocent too! This is a GIANT DEAL! - EliHbk

Yes, They are also Human Beings like us! And Should be Treated like THE REST OF THE PEOPLE AND THE WORLD! - JohnPierre88

Their lives don't matter. If you're gonna bomb nurseries, kill elderly veterans and basically attack people for being white then you deserve to be shot on sight. I'm am so sick and tired of these racist vermin thinking that the entire world owes them and that white people need to give up everything for them. They're nothing but narcissistic SOBs and I'd kill every single one of them if I could - bobbythebrony

Black lives do matter, but these guys exaggerate, they make it seem like Black peopleare superior to white people, but they're both equal

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25 Obesity

56% of the people of America are obese

But on a positive note, they will die sooner

26 Postmodernism
27 Teen Depression

I mean it will at least help bring population down.

28 Earthquakes
29 Murder
30 Totalitarianism
31 Siblings
32 Wars
33 Communism
34 Social Justice Warriors
35 Pornography
36 Teenage Pregnancy
37 Violence
38 Drunk Driving
39 Facism
40 Space Space
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