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41 Muslim Population Growth

Who the hell put this here? I''m guessing that you think it's because of terrorism? Wow, such dumb people you are. Terrorism doesn't define any muslim at all! Not one single muslim would agree to terrorism! You need to get some facts before you start to say some false things

42 Bad Music

Life is too short to listen to bad music

43 Raping
44 Religious Fundamentalists

They are the profound evil of our times

45 Gun Control
46 Killing
47 Lack of Discipline
48 Democracy

In my opinion, every Capitalist country has corruption. Every Communist country has corruption. Every Socialist country has corruption. If you blend all three ideologies, you could get a foolproof system with minimal corruption.

And it pisses me off when teachers refer to Capitalist countries as "free democracies". It's like they're trying to brainwash us that everything else is bad. - Turkeyasylum

There is nothing like democracy, people have no power, no opportunities or the nation has a good chance of growth because the leaders change too soon. The best is Leninist-Marxist style Communism. - yatharthb

The Puritans in Massachusetts hated Democracy

You commmes

49 Multiculturalism
50 Affirmative Action
51 Global Warming
52 Drinking Water

There are many countries on this planet, where people don't have clean water to drink - Ananya

Screw water, I'm drinking bleach and my pee for now on - CerealGuy

53 Vandalism
54 Islam
55 Censorship
56 Video Game Fanbases
57 Technology

It's benefited the World and it scrambled the World! As well - JohnPierre88

58 Heatwaves
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