Barack Obama

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Barack Hussein Obama II is the 44th president of the United States of America. He was elected in 2008 after serving in the Senate from 2005-08, beating John McCain and becoming the first African-American to be elected President of the United States. He was elected again in 2012, beating Mitt Romney.


I whole heartily agree with the comment that it is not President Obama fault. He has a heart for all the people and really wanted to make a difference for the good of all men. I would have been a little mor direct but it is so easy to see the truth. The hard part for a few people is accepting the truth about our congress those corrupt policy makers. That give themselves pay increases and improve their own already good benifit packages and deny the poor pennies when it comes to increasing minimum wage. Why don't we the people vote, decide if they should get a pay and benifit increase. And if they should be eligible for all the other perks the receive from the wealthy. Yes we would be so much better off as a nation with a truly honest congress and of coarse without those racist that act out their prejudices in their decisions. This is nothing new but having a black president has removed their cloak and we see them for what they are. It is amazing how far the blind will follow the blind.

His socialistic policies and overspending will hurt our country and childrens' lives for generations.

If Obama's affecting generations to come, George Bush has affected the rest of the space-time continuum. - mr_crossover27

He left Iraq before we had a chance to stablize it, spent more money than every other president combined, let other countries walk right over us and Europe, getting rid of our freedoms so we can't speak out or defend ourselves against the growing crime and corruption, trying to destroy our capitalism (any one who knows anything about economies knows that that's usually the first step to communism or at least poorer people, look it up), let millions of illegals take our jobs, and now he doesn't know what to do.

Barack Obama was empowered by many who were upset and had not idea as to what is good or bad for America. Obama dismantled the foundation of our country and has pushed us over the line of no return to a stable and good country. Regardless of political or philosophical idealism, this is a God-sized problem that will require more than protests, words, or ideals to fix.

It doesn't matter who you blame it on but blame should always be pointed at the man or woman in charge. 2004-2012 this country was in a stalemate of zero accomplishments coming out of Washington except a healthcare program that, since mandated by tax laws, makes paying for the most expensive program ever, mandatory. Worst president ever!

Actually, compared with his predecessor, we've got more allies around the world, more people have equality, more people have health insurance, the unemployment rate is way down, and there have been no9/11s and he got the man responsible for Bush's 9/11. And we have added so many jobs that a news report today was critical of Obama for adding only 200thousand jobs last month. At the end of Bush's reign, we were losing jobs each month!

Yes he is, taking no action against terrorists, holding meetings with them, avoiding talking to our allies from Israel and not doing anything to stop Putin from conquering other countries

<insert your name here> could be my son. Probably the most overtly racist President we have seen to date. I don't think he is a bad person, he just has an agenda because he feels deeply oppressed - except for the getting elected to President part. Twice.

Obama has divided this country more then ever wants to give our country away to those who don't want to contribute and wants to save the worlds' peoples using our tax dollars I truly believe he was elected and is loved due to the color of his skin worst president ever and has embarrassed the US to the world as weak

Obama is a bad President. Not for the whole racist go back to your country argument, which a saw a surprising amount of the comments, but for what he has done in the middle east. He target and killed millions of innocent Muslims.

You can't use "Bush's fault" for 8 years. He had 4 years to straighten the country out. Now he is just screwing it up.

How do you "straighten" a recession in 4 years. It's not that simple. - mr_crossover27

He is a retard! Everything he does kills the middle class

Obama has changed this country for the worse and people do not even recognize it. This guy thinks he is the smartest guy in the world and has done nothing since taking office. Spying and cheating on others, Obamacare fail, jobs not believe statistics, broader economy fail, international relations fail, Iraq fail, race relations fail, leadership fail

Barack Obama is a great man with the worlds hardest job to fix americas problems most people don't know that it was bushs fault for our downfall people came to America looking for hope and freedom that they were searching for but like many of them I'm ashamed of our country we used to be the number one country in America but we are now like many others

Barack Obama should not be blamed he goes to congress and they give him speeches you should be thankful that he lets everybody have insurance if not a lot more people would die

Obama has done a lot to help. It's Trump I'm worried about.

The only time he acted like a true president was when Osama bin laden was killed.

Barack Obama has made George W. Bush seem like Sir Winston Churchill.

No not true he is actually a good president...

As American Presidents go, yeah he and Woodrow Wilson have been the worst, but we haven't had an actual President since Ronald Regan.

Barack Obama is amazing he's not a problem in america so stop. Donald Trump is the reason for american problems, not Obama.

We as Americans should impeach Obama for losing so many jobs in coal and manufacturing plants, and also for trying to make clean energy that wastes U.S tax dollars

The Bush family had 16 years to fix the countries problems and only made things worst and they want another 4. Please!

Only difference between Barack Obama and any other American president is the fact that Barack is half black.

It's not Obama it is the Illuminati.