The Education System


I am in America, an even went to an advanced school, and I must say, I don't know a lot of things that people from OTHER countries even know about America. I don't even know what half of our wars were about. Some people act like I'm stupid, but I simply just didn't learn it. What's worse is that immigrants who come to this country to become legal citizens have to learn ridiculous things that even AmericanS don't know, like the Bill of rights. Most Americans will not know that, or all of our presidents, or all the capitals of our cities. Then again... what's really the point of knowing it? Not like we ever use it, but, it just proves to show that as well as not knowing much about other countries which schools very poorly shed light on, we barely know much about our own country or even history of it. Every subject is just lightly briefed on, but never gone into with any great detail.

In my opinion, the public school system is flawed because it does not prepare students for the real world properly. In the real world, no one is going to ask you a question, give you four answers, and then ask you which one is right. I think that education focuses too much on regurgitation and not enough on problem solving. In the real world, you don't get a new batch of bosses every year. If you can teach trigonometry, you should be able to teach algebra. Wouldn't it increase accountability if a teacher was responsible for a child longer? In the real world, what you learn is important. How many times has a teacher "said you'll probably never have to use this ever again but it might be on the test." If it's not worth knowing then why teach it? I don't think a teacher should teach because they love kids, I think they should teach because they love their subject and understand that it is important and it is important for society to understand that it is important. In the real ...more

In my school, work is unheard of! All we do is make fun of other people mess around in class WITH the teachers and even the teachers mess around with us. For this whole year that I have been in this class I have done NOTHING and for the last few weeks all we've been doing is playing FIFA and making sexual jokes with the teachers, and I am also in one of those schools that people have been dying to see more of, where students can choose what to do! And the exams are awful, our exam paper was 3 pages, and I bet anyone that a 2nd grader could do that, but not in my school since most of the second graders can't even spell their own name! And also one of the kids in my class could not do this sum: 540-540=? guess what he wrote, 2 he says 540-540=2 and he's in the 7th grade! And there are some very talented people in my class but that is incredibly rare since most of them are butt hurt 85% pissed of for nothing teenagers that hate on the younger kids, and think that they are SO hardcore and ...more

Teachers aren't teaching us correctly. In my language arts class, all we do is writing. No grammar or vocabulary, which I think is why people are saying "slang." In my eight grade class, people asked how to spell the words theory and multiplication. I really suck at writing too even though we do writing all the time. The school also has enough money to afford dances, parties, and new computers at our school but they won't use that money to support after school clubs and extracurricular activities. Everything in my science, history and math classes are basic and they won't teach you at your own skill level. I begin to think that school is a waste of time because I don't learn anything new.

The education system is a big screw up. But the only thing you can blame is the government. Its like they are setting up students to fail. It's the end of the year tests and all these other tests that's really screwing up this country. You have teachers working kids up to past a test and everything, but some students are just not test takers. It's THE TESTS THAT MAKING STUDENTS THINK TWICE ABOUT SCHOOL. All these schools trying to give out test and homework like that's going to better the students. Each student has a different way of learning. So the government can't be bias on this situation.

There are many people in America that are homeless and simply can't find a job; due to that fact that they aren't educated. I know education is free, but 99% of the colleges/universities in America are not. The only way to find a job in Modern America is to have at least a bachelor's degree. How can Americans achieve this if they can't even pay for their college. I also know there are grants given to certain people who are not able to afford college, but how are we able to pay for every American living in poverty. There is only ONE solution. Make Colleges and Universities free.

I know but if you do a really serious study about education, you'll realize that a real perfect education is impractical (even impossible) to "the public". An actual perfect education requires a fully understanding about every single detail of an individual's strengths, weaknesses, personalities, and characteristics to set up an appropriate learning programs, teaching methods and ideal studying environments. Theoretically, it's still possible but it'll take 10 to 15 professors and experts in all fields to teach and train just one person. How on earth it can be applied in a public education system? It's really hard. - NTPHAN91

America needs to improve ASAP. I mean, look at the other countries...Belgium, Finland, China and many more nations have removed homework and standardized tests and became internationally known as places with stellar education systems. On another note, do you know how many people commit suicide because of stress rates? The stress comes from work, and non-surprisingly...schoolwork. The US Education System is dumb, and it needs to be improved.

I do Not think it is the "Education System" itself. It is what "we" choose to educate ourselves about. But not only that. It is more on what we do with that knowledge when we know about it. How we learn, what we learn, what we do with what we learn, how we choose to use knowledge. But knowledge itself is a double edged sword because we should know that the more we "know" the more we learn we actually do not know much about it.

Education is a major problem. Take the smartest person you know who's grew up in an American education environment. Got them? Now compare them to places like Asia and Japan. There schools take things seriously, and some even go to school six days a week rather than five. The smartest person you know would look like an idiot compared to someone from other countries such as those.

Who are being taught by the same school system from 150 years ago, NOTHING HAS CHANGED! WE need to teach students a system that is for the kids of today, of 2016. We are not like people from 150 years ago, this is the future. We are not getting prepared for nothing that comes to us in our life of early adulthood. We can make that change if we get everything and everybody together as an economy. We need a change!

Four out of five teenagers are not ready for life after high school and then again how could they make a life changing decision when a month before that they had to ask permission to go to the restroom

We spent more time preparing for exams and the government makes profit from exams! How is it helping people! Plus school is supposed to be preparing students to be better in life and explore and discover things! - InfernoTopTenners

The education system is corrupt in general, but there is schools where u have options to what type of education u want. I attend to a school as a Junior where I have a week of academics called A week, where I attend to math, english, (an option) physics or forensics, US history, and related. Related is the writing and basics teaching in a standard classroom where u get the education for the shop u choose, This school is a vocational school. In the other week, B week, I attend shop.
I belong to the class of 2018 Metal Fabrication. It was my first choice in freshman year when I went through the exploratory and time came to choose our vocational education. I enjoy the decision that I made as young women who enjoys welding and the fabrication of car hoods and motorcycles. I enjoy that I got the option of some of my education. There is options out there, that is just to be looked for.

If the education system was better, and not falling, the USA would be a healthier and happier place. I should know one of my schools was bad. Like wall paper peeling off, food was mushy, one teacher per grade. It was terrible I wasn't happy or very healthy.

Public Education is a monopoly that exits to sustain itself - not educate children.

They do not get benefit from other countries or religions

Our system we use is way out of date and the curriculum doesn't better people as individuals making them more unique, but instead makes us all robots. We all are forced to learn the same things K-12, there is very little variation throughout America. In the end we all learn the same things regardless of our interests and our skills.

To much people even schools care to much about sports. Kids might wake up late as 11if it weren't for sports.

If people were more educated then we could fix our own problems and then others and be regenized as America once again. Also I know how important it is to be educated I'm in 9 th grade as of this year and I always put forth my best for school and home people used to ask me to hang out but I told them that they were mad out of their mind if I were to hang out

This sucks horribly, why am I learning 1+2 in 7th grade (serious)!? - EliHbk

Schools don't teach kids what they need to know. Kids don't need to learn algebra over and over again every year, just more complicated. They need to learn things that are going to help them in life and stuff that they will use daily. They can go to college to take extra classes if they want or need to take the unnecesarry stuff.

They think Children are learning by giving them worksheets and homework. No that makes some kids even more confused than before. I know that in some places to get ready for a huge test they just give them worksheets. that's awful. And I can't believe that America made up a thing called common core math. Even the education in Africa is better - Manlypants

They have this stigma that only 18 year olds are ready for the real world, yet all the important stuff is taught in elementary school, so middle and high schools seem like filler.

This is so accurate, especially about teachers that teach very poorly. How old is the person who wrote this though? I think he or she is quite young, am I wrong?

The main point of revision should be the mandatory attendance through grade 12. The world has an average IQ of around 97. Most people aren't cut out for learning past grade 6, and therefore it is a complete waste of their time and a complete waste of a countries resources to teach them.