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21 Murder

People should not be murdered. If you have a problem with someone, then you ignore them and push them out of your mind. Don't kill them! Also don't kill people because you don't like their race, or you don't like who they are married to, just let it all go from your mind, because in the long run, they are probably nicer than you.

More than 30 people are murdered in the U.S. everyday which leads up to thousands each year.

I think that no one has a reason to murder and the fact that it is a sin. God would not wish for you to murder his creation.

The people of the WORLD shouldn't be murdered for no reason even if they should for doing something wrong, don't do it.
- (11) Emily Kurth

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22 Republicans

It's not necessarily the republicans that are the problem -it's just the idiots. Don't blame the republicans for believing what they want to believe, blame the individual people in this country who make bad choices, pass bad laws, etc. As neither a Democrat or Republican, I can say that both parties (and parties not mentioned) have played some part in why America is the way that it is.

I think it is not the republicans, it is the people in the country who are lame and can't do things for themselves! This one is highly offensive to me and probably other people who are republicans as well!

The party of torture, war crimes, endless war, ecocide, environmental deterioration, mindless nationalism, christian sharia law, history denial, science denial, corporate rule, neo-feudialism, job outsourcing, starving wages, recessions, police brutality, implicit racism, institutional homophobia, mass deportations, conspiracy theories, general meanness and disgust for anything new.

Republicans rule! - MichaelAftonUTTP

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23 Debt

This is the Government's fault. We have intellectual airheads for leaders, they have no common sense or good judgement.

How is debt not higher on this list, America is in 20 trillion dollars debt. It's not decreasing either...

We are in debt about $17.075 trillion!

When US is bankrupt, none of the other stuff will matter.

24 Getting Involved In Wars We Have No Business Being In

Its true we do not have to get into conflicts and wars that we have no business being in. WE should only engage if it directly threatens the US.

The problem with this is that war actually stimulates the economy so much more than you'd think.

Madison greenwalt

25 Pregnancy

Pregnancy used to be happy and beautiful, now it's just... "Wow? Another person is pregnant? " Especially young age pregnancy!

It isn't much of a problem. But the only problem about this is that teens are getting pregnant and they are just TOO young. This shouldn't be happening! They should wait until they are older. And yes I am against pre-marital sex. - cosmo

This is so true more teens become pregnant and then want to get rid of it

I do not think that this is a problem its just a natural thing

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26 Two-Party System

This has been an issue for years upon years. The closest the US has ever gotten to having a third party win is when the progressive party ran. All that did was split up the votes on the republican side at the time, I believe. The US is not even intelligent enough to understand the plague of this system! People vote how they always vote and only swing states are important any more. Texans will always vote republican and California will always vote Democrat. Who is controlling the country? The men who fund campaigns for either party. I can bet 18 trillion dollars that the next presidential election will have a democrat or a republican winner-but what do bets solve? Well.. this one would get us out of debt, almost.

There are people who could get things done, but we're not electing them. Whoever spends the most money has the biggest advantage in any election. Think about it, in what other job could you be one of the favorites to get the job when you have absolutely no experience? Yet we have Donald Trump and Ben Carson among the favorites in the Republicans who have no government experience whatever.

Let's not kid ourselves. Right now, in America, you can either side with the gun-crazed, homophobic, bible-thumping republicans or the godless, pot-smoking, commie democrats. All of the third parties that could actually lead well just get lumped in with the crazy fringe-parties.

I want gary johnson

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27 People That Can't Get Their Priorities Straight

I wish Justin Bieber, narcissism, and neo-Nazis were our biggest problems.

28 Justin Bieber Justin Bieber Justin Drew Bieber (born March 1, 1994) is a Canadian singer, song writer, and record producer. He currently resides in Ontario, Canada (despite once claiming he was Part-Indian) and he is Christian . He is the son of an author, Pattie Mallet . more.

Get this thing out of my country

If you don't like him, don't pay attention to him!

Ya, ship him to Iraq on the front lines of battle, the very front in bright clothes

he sucks

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29 Too Much Political Correctness

I was looking for this. The level of hypersensitivity these days is astounding. With freedom of speech, we can still say what we want, no matter who may be offended. I have known people who went great lengths to not offend anyone while speaking, and those people became monotonous and impractical to converse with because they are scared of saying something that somebody might not like. Have some backbone. - surgeonsanic

Everything on Earth will certainly be offensive to some people. If political correctness want the US without offense at all, ban everything, including itself, which is offensive.

See: Social justice warriors, radical feminists, PETA, people that think you're racist for disagreeing with a person of color, etc. - RiverClanRocks

Social justice is cancer

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30 Free Sex

Sex is a part of life and should be cherished, not frowned upon by organised religion. Unfortunately, pornography ruins it and destroys what little morality is left in many Americans. - DieGedankenSindFrei

Look at our young generation now, like most of them are so loose compared to people in Asia.

Hoes will be hoes

I think everyone who says that having sex with someone you aren't married to are stupid. There is no god and the bible is contradicting and has no point. People should have sex with anyone they want as long as it's legal and they have consent. Doesn't matter gender either.

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31 The War In Iraq

There's people in are country that need help, but we poor are money and resources in to violence and corruption in other countries

Nothing will be solved by people dying you should come to an agreement

What if the people you are fighting against are incapable of coming to an agreement? Then what?

I was in the grocery store and I see a frozen carrots. I walk over and look at the label. It reads, "best until 9/11." I sighed and asked myself "wasn't everything? "

We were the ones responsible for that. George bush got a threat before the September 11 attacks and could haved save thousands of lives, but ignored it and let it happen. We then passed the Patriot act, which is no different than burning the constitution. In case you may not know with it being passed, The government of the land of the "free" started spying on us like Big Brother from 1984. It's almost like George Orwell was a prophet.

The war starts. We jump in and we kill terrorists, but mostly civilians. We then finally find Osama Bin Laden, the man who allegedly (key word: allegedly) caused the 9/11 attacks. We kill him while he is unarmed and dump him into the ocean. We brung world peace, or so we thought.

Out of the ashes of Al-Qaeda and the Middle East comes ISIS. ...more


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32 Unemployment

Yes there is some discrimination, but honestly no one needs to hold your hand and just give you a job. You need to get off your butt and start looking.

Get off your ass

If you have no job, Frankly that's your fault.

33 Ignorant People

Ignore people


34 Neo-Nazis

The world is a mixed up place and sometime we just have to deal with it

Common people leave the nazis to the 40's - s46606

We arer America, go back to Germany!

35 High Unemployment Rates

Not such a big problem since Obama came along.

Hire people to fix the crumbling infrastructure that will collapse by 2020, hire more to line the southern border to shoot anybody coming north

Another problem is people who are able to work but won't. People abusing the welfare system.

Many jobs are outsourced to China


Common it killed Freddie Mercury - s46606

Put on a condom


I agree with this guy. ⬇️

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37 Serial Killings

Why isn't this higher?

Speaking as someone who is not from the US the level of killings and violence in the US is ridiculous, no other country has these problems, where I live (The UK) gun ownership was banned and the level of killings plummeted.

It's insane that any sick minded person can easily go to a gun store, pass some tests then immediately use the weapon to murder dozens of people!

To top it off everyone them reacts at their personal hates or political views and frames that as the problem, something needs to change, or I don't think the US can last under these circumstances it has placed itself in...

God would be crying if he were human at what has happened to his creation of people. He would not like that there are so many serial killers on his earth.

Especially since they haven't found you. Bet "he" cries about that every night - kenikaobrien

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38 Government


Yes am sick n tired of gavernment killing off people wit cancers, they have cure and can fix us all if we have cancer

39 Christianity Being Infringed

No this country was not founded on Christianity. Yes the people who wrote the constitutions where mainly Christians but they believed that all people could go out and find a living and practice what ever religion that they wanted to. They did not want us to be fighting over religion they wanted us to focus on what we needed to do to survive not worry about what everyone else is doing. People that judge and hurt the people who are not Christian and force their beliefs on other people are not doing what God wants. You should help the people who are calling out for it not the people who will not listen.

People for realize that this country was found on chrisianity. Yes it does say religious freedom in the Constitution and for some reason Christianity is being being made look like a cult or unjust thing and the media is making fun of it so why is that oh and if you make fun of any other religion it's taboo and by all means this is not saying I or anyone should make fun of any religion because that's the person or groups belief I just want it to be treated fairly

This country was made for freedom. not freedom of religion. Besides it was NOT! Founded by Christians it was very diverse and actually were not many Christians in the constitutional convention. And they didn't do anything really big to help build shape or create this country. It was a mixture of religions. So stop focusing on Christians

Yea, sadly true

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40 Abortion

I don't think abortion is a problem. The world has far too many orphans with no families and not every family can afford to take care of a baby. Abortion is a solution. - yuki-blue

Abortion is a sin and a big problem. God said to multiply upon the earth. He controls how many babies we do and don't have. Abortion is something Satan is using to weaken us. Wake up people Satan came to kill steal and destroy and he's doing a good job of it your being used!

Abortion is murder abortion is stupid whoever has an abortion is an idiot - Wesleysweet


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