Top Ten Problems With America

Wow, where to start? Drugs, violence, corruption, war, the Jonas brothers... My fellow Americans, we're in a pretty crappy spot :( What is our biggest issue today, and what can we do to solve it? We have a thousand issues, so I wanna see a thousand issues on here too!

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41 The Food We Eat

The American food industry has gotten completely out of hand. Our country spends so much time focusing on stopping two people of the same sex who love each other from getting married, that we completely forget to address the REAL problems that we are currently facing. Our fruits and vegetables are covered in deadly, cancer inducing pesticides. Our cows are being given hormones that are neither good for the animal, nor the people dependent on them, and our grocery store shelves are rapidly becoming full of more and more "food like items" instead of REAL, FRESH, AND NATURAL FOODS! We are being poisoned all for the sake of making money. The food industry has gotten greedy and as a result, we are suffering for it.

There are to many hormones in the meats that we eat.

If we keep modifying the food we eat, it could ultimately evolve sentience, and then we would all die.

Too many people don't get food while some people get uneccesary amounts of food

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42 Hillary Clinton Hillary Clinton Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton is an American politician and a candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination in the 2016 election.

The reality is we need God to lead this country in order for it to survive.

Hillary is a mirror of Obama and carter big mistake except she is worse because she uses the power of position for major corruption and personal gain

She is the worst ever! How many things are we going to let one person get away with? She is murder, and deserves to serve the sentence every other American person should.

Shes so stupid she don't even know what shes talking about

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43 Police Brutality

Considering cops are shooting people simply for running away- I'd say the criminal justice system, and law enforcement needs to be reformed.

Police are not using enough force and allow too much disrespect for t he law.

Why is this even a thing on this list

the popo

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44 Tobacco

Yea smoke more weed

Its not that big of a problem let people choose whether to ruin the lives or not.

Why they can't ban tobacco like Hitler did?
Simple:money - CerealGuy

Leading cause in illness or death.
Air pollution

45 Feminism

Women in America should just stop complaining. Just look at Saudi Arabia for example, women can't even drive there. Just b happy that you have good lives. Also, men are the only citizens who have to sign up for the military draft. I will support feminism 100%, but there are too many double standards involved and its plain offensive

First and second wave feminism have given women many human rights. However, third wave feminism has gotten out of hand. Constant man hating and increasing divorce rates come from third wave feminism.

Feminism is EQUALITY many people who are against feminism don't understand what feminism is. Or else they say that other women have it worse but we should always strive for the best not just better than some. Many men are against feminism because they don't understand what it's like to be a woman.

Is go0ood jimbo

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46 Very Arrogant
47 Top Ten Lists Having 80 Things On It

That's some high-quality irony right there.

That's nOt an American problem


hell yea

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48 Miley Cyrus

She is a bad influence

How is this a problem

Miley is a rihanna- wanna be

She is problem lol

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49 Sexism

You CAN skateboard, go buy a skateboard


This should be much higher than 81. Actually, this should probably be top ten, it is a huge problem.

This is a huge problem. - CatCode

It is a problem because of the fact that I am not allowed to skate board because I am a girl

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50 Geniticaly Modifying

Food is what fuels our body. It is a fundamental element to our survival, but the food industry has lost sense of what is right and what will make them the most money. Almost everything you eat has something to do with genetically modified organisms, even meats. GMOs are put into plants to alter it to make it grow faster or repel certain insects, and these foods are fed to animals that are slaughtered for our food. The big businesses controlling the food industry are of the essence of monopolies and can crush any farmer's market in the country. That is why we need to get people to actually care about what is fueling their body rather than just eating blindly.

Most American don't even know what they are eating. Making the right choice of food is almost impossible and very expensive.

Acually GMOs go though extensive testing to see if they're safe, and typically have more nutrients than regular food, the problem is that these nutritious foods, organic or not, are way too expensive.

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51 Ajit Pai

This bad boi has no respect for the internet stop it now chant chant chant

This kid is an idiot, and is the primary reason that america will go to war.

Needs to go back to India and be their problem again. - Lucretia

Complete savage

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52 Obsession with Guns

Considering only 28% of the country has a bachelors degree or higher, I'd say people -especially cops-whose minimum job requirement is a highschool diploma- are too uneducated to have guns in the first place. But then again we are a warring society that occupies other countries and steals their resources do I suppose our own populace having access to ridiculously overpowered weapons is just what a warring society might have.

by the way- there were studies done that showed cops that had a bachelors degree or higher resorted to violence roughly 50% less than cops who didn't have any college. The aberage of cops that rivaled those with degrees were ones who were working in law enforcement for 20 years. I'd say cops need a bachelors degree at least so they can learn to use their brains instead of their strength to solve problems.

And in so saying this; the religious folks (the only group of people whom have guns in this damn country besides the police and FBI) are the true terrorists on this planet because they cannot get away from their damn guns! WAKE UP people! Can't you see that these psycho religious loons are VERY trigger happy!?! that they are itching to kill ANYONE whom opposes their religious and political views with their damn guns!?! WE LIBERALS NEED TO TAKE AWAY THEIR DAMN GUNS BEFORE THEY KILL US ALL!

While people kill people guns sure help them. I still believe that people should have the right to guns but with full background checks and making sure you aren't mental are needed. - SoldierOfFortune

Your country murdered one of the greatest singers from Liverpool. John Lennon.

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53 Keemstar Keemstar

Why am I still getting hate

Hey guys Killer Keemstar lets get roight into the news

Let's get roit into the news

He not a keem

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54 Stupid People

Stupid people are everywhere and you can't escape them - kaitlynrad11

If I could all STUPID PEOPLE wouldn't be on planet Earth because they are taking our oxygen that we need and not for stupid people to be using!

We are the only country like this. Common sense is no longer common. People literally die trying to get a good selfie. If you look up "stupid social media posts" you will REALLY lose any faith you had in humanity. Logic is lost to stupidity. God gave you a brain! USE IT!

Yall need some milk BECAUSE YOU TOO STUPID!

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55 Global Warming

This should be in the top five.

Bunch of hippies


56 Social Justice Warriors

American society was founded on the principals of free thought and free speech. Social Justice Warriors are the pinnacle of everything the founding fathers wanted to avoid. They believe entirely "unified thought" and consistently disrespect and spit on dissenting opinions, even within their own ranks. It is a cannibalistic ideology that seeks only to control the thoughts and emotions of... everyone.

SJW's are trying to be victimized in ANY way. If you look at modern feminists, you will be SHOCKED at how sexist towards white, men, straight people they are. They false claim that they were raped; and people believe them, ruining innocent's people reputation for maybe their whole life.

57 Suicide

Suicide has been one of the top leading causes of death in the US for a very long time, and it's completely preventable.

All the people who hate on United Airlines should just hang themselves! - MichaelAftonUTTP

We need to get the right people to kill themselves.

Why will they do that

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58 "Me-First" Attitude

I absolutely agree, we have become an "I got mine" society. You can see this every time a tax increase is proposed for the wealthy. There is always a hue and cry from not only the rich, but the (usually Republican)politicians whose campaigns they finance. Do they feel they owe anything to the people of the nation that provided them with their great wealth? Some, like the Clintons and Kennedys, do but most are like Mitt Romney and just store their money in a foreign tax shelter.

That problem is present in all Capitalists countries. - DieGedankenSindFrei

alex wolff

We, as both a society and as individuals, have acquired a selfish mindset that we can come, go, and do as we please. no one cares about eachother. discourteous drivers, music provoking insensitivity and carelessness towards human beings, When you try to start conversation with people, they look around the room and usually respond with something purely about themselves or they avoid you because you're "wasting their time". come on, you guys know what I'm talking about. add to the list!

59 Capitalism

Yeah. The Russians were onto something. - virtuallyvirtuous

screw it! - EliHbk

60 Oil Prices

We're pretty much sitting on oil here in Texas... Why not drill here, giving more jobs and export money for the country? Win-win, yeah?

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