Top 10 Problems With Both Democratic and Republican Parties

Ah yes Politics quite possibly the biggest hot debate topic in our society today. I’m not really left or right leaning if anything I’m neutral because let’s face the facts whether you’re liberal or conservative both parties suck and it’s time we own up to it. For reference I’m referring to the Democratic Party and Republican Party because while yes 3rd Parties Do Exist they don’t have enough traction to have any sort of chance at a National level. I’m not saying they need to die but there’s some BIG problems with both sides. I’m not attacking either side this is pointing out Issues between both sides
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1 They divide the country

So true. We should've listened to Washington. Instead Hamilton and Jefferson had a big rivalry and teamed with other politicians to negate what the opponent did. We've doing it ever since.

Unpopular opinion: Both political Parties need to die. Both sides hate the other with a passion, they’re quick to point fingers at the other for planning voter fraud. Both sides leave unfulfilled promises and worst of all no matter what happens in the election half the country is going to be outraged that’s how bad it is.

For now, we're like the most divided since the Vietnam War.

Again, it makes the US unbelievably polarized.

2 Both are biased

Yeah both sides are too arrogant to even consider the other side’s ideas. You have good ideas on both sides but neither side can get out of their own way to at least maybe get on the same page. I swear everything in the US would be so much better if the political system wasn’t so biased on their own side of the spectrum. And even worse News Sources are the same way they’ll report what they want you to hear but leave out certain details that don’t fit their narrative

Both sides pretty much suck

Yes. Super biased.

3 They merely want to push their agenda

Both sides ultimately just want power and control over things, and people. The side that is on the losing side fights harder for control of the House/Senate/Judiciary/Presidency/any other section of government but in a way it makes the people think they're getting crazier

They don’t care about working together they only wish to push their agenda and their opinions. Problem is neither side wants to budge on the issues so they don’t ever do anything. It’s safe to say there’s bigger issues at hand than pushing a political agenda at the moment

They don't know what compromise/talking like human beings is.

Agreed. In order for things to work, we need COMPROMISE

4 They rarely agree on anything

Democrats and Republicans agree on literally everything except maybe abortion and gun control. The US is a one-party state.

I mean just look at major issues right now with social injustice and COVID-19 Even with recent issues like gun control and immigration the parties couldn’t be more opposite on these issues. And then you wonder why nothing gets done

As a result, the US has got to be the most violently polarized nation in the world. It's either "MUHBODY" or "MUHRICA", no in-between.

5 They influence everything nowadays

I mean seriously what hasn’t got infected with politics? Everything has to be Politically Correct now or else people get offended. Remember when the NFL kneeling protests were at their peak in 2016? That’s all a political stunt. I’m not against it but political movements don’t belong in sports or movies or any other media.

True, we should only use our free speech where people won't see it.

Political correctness reached Sweden, where it's almost an even bigger problem.

Yeah pretty much.

6 They don’t accomplish anything

The system we have in place was built and meant for before political parties. The system was built so one individual didn't have all the power, but the whole government was made for individuals if you get what I mean. Now the government is made of parties. The parties simply want to stop each other. In the past it was more of each politician represented the ideals of his state. The system is broken now. Great list by he way.

It seems everyone gets in each other’s way so like the President is Republican and the Congress is a mixture majority Democratic right now which means as long as they’re in office nothing will likely get done because they can’t agree on anything

7 Politicians from both sides don’t actually care about the people

Not all politicians are like this but a significant amount of them only do what they know will satisfy the majority of people in their area that way they stay in office and get re elected. It’s not about the people it’s about getting re elected

This is the sad truth. Very few politicians truly care for the American people.

8 They always blame the other party when something bad happens

Neither Party has the balls to admit they were wrong. The amount of blame they put on each other is incredible. Take for example the spread of COVID-19 Liberals blame Trump and Trump blames the Liberals instead of admitting they were both wrong and taking action to get this under control no just blame the other side and leave the people up to basically listen to local governments instead

Yeah take some responsibility for once.

9 People are quick to jump to conclusions about your beliefs just because of your political affiliations

This is definitely something I have noticed and it is pretty annoying for example why can’t someone be left wing but then also be pro life or something it’s like people expect you to agree with everything a particular group views as right or wrong.

Both sides are absolutely toxic in this regard. If you’re LGBT people automatically assume you’re a sinner and spawn from the devil himself. If you’re a liberal people think you’re a Social Justice Warrior and Extreme Feminist who get offended by everything and are extremely anti Straight White Male. Meanwhile if you’re Republican people think you’re racist and want to shoot everyone with guns. They think you’re a redneck from Alabama who doesn’t care about Female rights This whole let’s assume everyone is the same based on the actions of a few is extremely toxic and both sides need to own up and admit this needs to stop.

10 They do everything to screw over third parties and even their own constituents
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11 They ruin relationships with other people

Reminds me of when I was on Quora and someone asked what should they do since they recently found out their spouse is a Trump supporter. I've seen people telling them to divorce their spouse just because they support Trump.
Now, I don't like Trump, but divorcing someone not because s/he is toxic or ruining your life but rather because of their political beliefs/opinions? That's like ending a friendship because your friend likes your least favorite food. That's dumb.
Whatever happened to compromise?

Just think about all the friendships that have been torn apart just because people have different political views I mean what kind of friendship uses political differences as the last straw?

12 Neither of them understand the definition of compromise
13 Both are racist

Democrats made the KKK
Republicans made the Proud/Boogaloo Boys

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