Top Ten Problems With Cartoons Today

So there's like what? 3 good ones I presume. These are the reasons of what I think are the problems with some cartoons of today (based around Nickolodeon and Cartoon Network)

The Top Ten

1 Disgusting Illustration

Adventure Time with Finn and Jake is way too funny! But cartoons are horrible! And when you get used to them, here comes Marceline with that face or those other ugly creatures that make ugly scary faces! The first one was SpongeBob, but then all artoon network started with this! Then there's chowder, gumball and courage the cowardly dog which are ugly and aren't even funny! Kids will be traumatized! - keyson

Old Cartoons Are Slighty Better

Started around when Ren and Stimpy came out.

2 Evil Never Wins

It is really annoying that stupid people win in front of smart villains - yatharthb

Why do you think in a book it was hard for a 17 year old wizard who couldn't do his n.e.w.t.s. because death eaters took over the school that year. Could only defeat a more experienced dark wizard who was in his 70s with the same spell he used when he had to fight him in his fourth year.

3 Terrible Writing

Descendants has terrible writing.

If you look at the greatest cartoons ever; like Avatar, The Batman Animated Series, Full metal Alchemist, and Jimmy Neutron (what? I grew up on that); they all had amazing writing. Sure, the animation was artful and the voice action was spot on, but the thing that sets them apart is the story, dialog, and characters. Those things only come from good writers.

4 Not Ending the Seasons Soon Enough
5 Too Over the Top
6 Lack of Ideas

Creativity has left the chat. - 0w0uwu

Older cartoons were very creative in their own right. The newer ones just sadden me. - Kiteretsunu

7 Inappropriate

I don't about the rest of you guys but after watching these new cartoons, I felt so uncomfortable and disgusted. If I had kids I wouldn't allow them to watch such things.

Cartoons today have gotten really dirty with swear words used frequently, Nudity and a lot of inappropriate references. - egnomac

8 Political Correctness

How many people watched cartoons in the 1940s?.

It gets worse every year

1920s - *silence*
1930s - HOT DOG! HOT DOG!
1940s - Buy your share of freedom today!
1950s - SO SHOOT ME NOW! (Best)
1960s - Flintstones, Meet the Flintstones
1970s - Scooby Dooby Doo, Where Are You?
1990s - It's a giraffe!
2000s - You like Krabby Patties, Don't you squidward?
2010s - Oh those pesky patriarchates are getting on my nerves! - Maddox121

9 Characters Are Way Too Stupid

There's a fine line between characters who are dumb and characters who are completely retarded and if you don't think characters are NEVER way too stupid think again just look at Peter Griffin he's always doing all sorts of stupid things dangerously stupid things. - egnomac

Characters are NEVER way too stupid. Stupid is fun when it doesn't hurt anyone. - keyson

The most stupidest character that I know is Patrick why because he is so dumb

Patrick was stupid but his stupidity lead to a funny plot and storyline. Now, the newer seasons he's the same just without the humour and he is even dumber. - 0w0uwu

10 Relying Only on Comedy

I only know two american animated shows that aren't comedies, they're purely episodic with no overarching story line

The Contenders

11 Too Cheesy

There are only four exceptions I can think of: Avatar, Teen Titans (Original One), Gravity Falls, Over the Garden Wall, and I would put Star vs. The Forces of Evil, but it still is quite cheesy.

People in the show make it way too cheesy to put in to your mind so its hard to picture it

12 Shows with the Same Thing Happening Every Episode

Tom and Jerry? - 0w0uwu

13 Complete ousting of Hand-Drawn Cel Animation
14 Not Enough Fingers
15 Annoying Characters

The evey annoying person that a know is buhdeuce why because he is so stupid

16 Not Having Enough Variety
17 Still Being Too Stereotyped as Kids' Stuff
18 Pop Culture References

What this makes the show good when done right. - 0w0uwu

19 They are Annoying
20 They are Not Pure Entertainment
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