Top 10 Problems With The Dark Knight Rises

The Top Ten

1 Plot holes

How does Bruce get back to Gotham? Why is there a prison where people can climb out and free all the other prisoners by doing so? Why doesn't Bruce conduct background checks on his maids? Why would the CIA let masked men on the plane without checking who they were first? How did Bane know about Batman's armory? How did Bruce heal his broken back in less than three months? Why would they send all the police in the sewers at the exact same time? How come Batman talks to people in his Batman voice even though they know his secret identity? - Tacosarelife

The only problem with the movie, no, seriously... what class of reasons are the other ones?

2 The villain's motivations make no sense
3 Way too much exposition
4 Batman is silly and not threatening
5 The twist is a cop-out
6 It's boring
7 It makes The Dark Knight seem pointless
8 Batman isn't interesting in it
9 The romance is forced
10 The ending

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11 Catwoman is fake
12 The action is bland
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