Top Ten Problems with the Extreme Metal Community

I typically like extreme metal to an extent, but there are some massive problems within the community that tend to go unmentioned. Well, no longer. Here are the biggest problems that I've noticed within the extreme metal community. Keep in mind that this does not apply to all extreme metal fans. That would be unrealistic. But the community surrounding extreme metal tends to have these trends at one point or another.

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1 Elitism

Need I look any further? - naFrovivuS

This is the big one. Now, it's not a problem to have a favorite genre of music. After all, music is art, and art is subjective. And that's simply it. Music taste is entirely subjective. This does not have exceptions, regardless of how much you like a certain genre. People who like even the likes of Nicki Minaj or Justin Bieber are no less people for liking those performers. It's only a problem if they invalidate the opinions of others over their taste. In the words of Jeff "The Dude" Lebowski, "That’s like, your opinion, man.” - Sop

Opinions are like ass****s, everyone's got one - TwilightKitsune

2 Nazism

This is almost exclusive to black metal, which prevents it from being the biggest problem. But the fact remains that nazism in general speaks for itself as a problem, and is made even stranger when it is considered that a good amount of black metal comes from areas of the world directly affected by Hitler. - Sop

Varg Vikernes, Gaahl, Faust, Euronymous, mainly second wave black metal musicians, the ones that can be satanists - Lucretia

3 Experimentation is frowned upon

See for instance the general reaction to Dimmu Borgir, a band that combines traditional black metal elements with symphonic elements. Among the extreme metal community, the band is almost universally panned (save for the first two albums) for not having some of the more brutal elements of black metal. It should be encouraged for bands to experiment, not frowned upon. - Sop

Appearantly Limbonic art is judged for using a drum machine - Lucretia

4 Hypocrisy

For example, Chuck Schuldiner (commonly referred to as the Godfather of Death Metal) once said " I would like to see metal become more of a united thing. I'm tired of people breaking things down into categories like thrash metal and death metal. I think people tend to stick to one category, and I want people to support all kinds of bands, whether it be Slayer or Queensryche or Death. I miss the days when it was acceptable to listen to everything from Priest and Maiden to Slayer and Venom." So why do some members of the extreme metal community ignore the words of the founder of death metal's own words? - Sop

5 Ignorance of the actions of band members

Actually I kind of think it's best that they do ignore the artists' actions. I'm not saying that they should in any way follow their beliefs and commit their actions, but they should just focus on the music. Isn't that what music's about? Just saying. - Aragorn98

You're right, I'm just saying that it's not good to say what they did (in some cases, murder) is right just because they like the band. - Sop

Look, there are idiotic musicans of every genre, but metal musicians need to be smart and not do terrible things, sometimes it gets messy - Lucretia

An example of this is the murder of Euronymous of Mayhem by Varg of Burzum. This is either completely ignored by fans of Burzum or pass it off as Euronymous being a jerk (not their actual words) and thus deserving to die (Source: Comment section of a video of Dunkelheit by Burzum). That about sums that up. - Sop

6 Questionable morals

Look, Varg Vikernes did not murder a good person like... Ronnie James Dio or something. Euronymous was not the first musician you would want to meet personally, and if he was... - Lucretia

See Ignorance of the actions of band members. - Sop

7 Narrow views as to what constitutes a good band

See Experimentation is frowned upon. - Sop

8 Lack of tolerance for other's opinions

Filler, see elitism. - Sop

9 Seeing the band members as gods
10 Harsh criteria

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11 Lack of knowledge on Rock's history

I'm sure there will be many that argue metal isn't rock. But look at it. Metal: Uses mostly guitars, bass, drums. Rock: Uses mostly guitars, bass, drums. The difference is metal is a bit more intense. Metal is not much of its own genre, in fact, it's way more of a sub-genre of rock! Proof? The earliest records of Black Sabbath and Judas Priest. - naFrovivuS

They can't admid that what their are listening started in the Fifties ( the mix of white and black music ). Seems that they don't understand the word " progression " in Rock's progression line. Just because they don't hear a " blues ", a " rock and roll " etc... element in today's Metal doesn't mean that Metal was invented at sudden from nothing.

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