Top 10 Problems with Filipino People

Filipinos have had pros and cons but here are some that are irritating. (I'm Filipino too and I think its really horrible that these cons are here a lot) (Ito, proof na ako ay Filipino) (Government is not here because I'm talking about fellow citizens)

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1 They don't try to fix problems

Filipinos will usually just say the problem (Ex. "It's so corrupt, everything's horrible and nothing to be proud about") and they don't say a solution, I think that this can stop if Filipinos won't be very problematic and use about 1% - 10% more brain energy to give a solution. - thesimsvampires

Yeah, most of the time, they blame the government, but when the government actually does something good, someone gets powerful enough to turn the people into thinking more pessimistically, thus leading to more complaints and less solutions.

As a Filipino myself, they are fixing problems as they elected Duterte.

2 Pinoy Pride

Pinoy Pride is very overused and its really irritating, do not say it out loud even if its small (Ex. "Filipinos won a boat race! Pinoy Pride! ") This will lead to more negative comments and reviews to Filipinos. - thesimsvampires

I don't like it how some hypocrites here cheer for someone when he/she won something overseas, but when that someone fails to win another, they (hypocrites) will insult that person to God knows when it would end.

This is the biggest exaggeration of Filipino Media.

This list is racist. I feel like there shouldn't be a list just listing off problems of a specific country, especialy if most of them aren't that huge. - MaxAurelius

3 They try to fit in with Americans and Europeans

They try to fit in (at least they make an attempt, unlike some nationalities I could mention) but they have trouble understanding American and British slang and their women seem to junk things up in carrier bags and into huge piles.

Doesn't everyone everywhere want to be like someone else. And this isn't necessarily true. I think for some reason people think Asians and Filipinos are "unmodern." - MaxAurelius

4 They are arrogant

I get sick of hearing about how every backward thing they do is 'just their culture' while they have a Christian-mandated population crisis leading to a pollution crisis...and that they are so full of pride that any statement uttered about the merits of your own country results in you being called arrogant.

5 They make fake stories

I had encountered many Filipinos who make up things (Ex. "Filipinos hate Americans, how pathetic" or "Filipinos are usually wrong spellers, ugh I hate being Filipino") and it doesn't help but get more bad comments, remember that if you are rude to yourself, you won't develop. - thesimsvampires

Such as the story behind Marcos regime which was revised by propagandists. - joshsanz

Some of those fake stories are best for laughs, though.

6 They use jejemons

I know jejemon is pathetic, but I don't think it's still used as often now that phone keyboards are mostly QWERTY.

Jejemons just prove you can't spell, its horrible! (Ex. "Pki sbi ky Nikki na nndto na me") it just messes up and it won't help in spelling. - thesimsvampires

7 Racism

I'm a Filipino and I admit about the racism circulating the Philippines. Most Filipinos have this thought that darker skin isn't pretty. They constantly make fun of people regarding their color and race. Most of the youth (and even some old ones) have no problem with saying the "n" word, because they think it is a trend it makes them look cool. Lastly, when the Philippines loses over another country in any competition (specially pageants), they will find a way to make fun of the certain county's culture and appearance.

I don't think Filipinos are racist. Maybe with jokes, but they aren't even meant to be offensive. They're just meant for laughs and you're expected to take jokes.

I have a classmate and a lot of people go "He's so extinct, how'd he survive? " or "So black! Ew! " and racism doesn't stop there, they usually say to Koreans "Fake" or "Plastic Land isn't natural, luckily we are natural" - thesimsvampires

I actually hate Filipinos as a result. The funny thing is they cannot take racism fished out to them. Haha

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8 They are poor

Is that really a problem?

Damn right!

this is bs

9 Eating dogs

I know not all eat dogs but its just gruesome, nobody wants dogs to be extinct here in Philippines, that would give us negative feedback from dog lovers! - thesimsvampires

10 They can't accept opinions

True, you can see this traits on social media. Nakakahiya pero totoo!

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11 They put Jesus's faces in every house and vehicle

What's wrong about that? - Fandom_Lover

It isn't bad. Filipinos are religious, and I don't see anything bad with it.

Haha so true

12 All they care about is Facebook
13 They type like "o m g I c u @ k f c u cool ;))) <3"

I also agree it is annoying I deleted my friend's number when she started texting like that... - Fandom_Lover

What on earth doesn't that mean! - Toucan

14 They call Filipino haters Filipinos so they won't feel bad

That's actually better than calling them "racist". At least Filipinos like me don't get offended over those things.

15 They jump to conclusions

They would usually see someone white and say "That person is totally American, I mean he/she is white! " and it can cause a very deep comment... - thesimsvampires

16 Pabebe

Pabebe is just rude, its also just showing hatred... - thesimsvampires

17 Mañana habit

This has to be somewhere near the top.

Famous lines "bukas nalang" or "mamaya nalang" whixh translate to "i'll do it tomorrow" or "i'll do it later" they tend to let their laziness rule over them

18 They are homophobic

Its ust that the philippines is EXTREMELY conservative; frustratingly TOO conservative

19 Most Filipinos are pathological liars

They lie incredibly often even when they do not need to!

Yes. Liars and scammers 100%

20 They have more people than resources
21 They don't think critically
22 Inferiority complex
23 They try to be righteous
24 They're corrupt

I maybe that nationality but I'm ashamed of it because it corrupted my dad into abusing me like the bastard he is. Therefore, I hope that he gets his ass kicked in that country. Hell, I never want to go back that nation, which is my least favorite country on Earth.

25 They compare themselves too others too much

Leading to envy, and insecurity. probaby caused by Philippine media and entertainment, pressuring them to be successful.

26 Being Overly Hypocritical
27 No Discipline

Filipino people always complain about how hard life is but in reality they don’t do anything to improve themselves.

28 Get offended too easily

It's true unfortunately. Overly sensitive and I'm not exactly sure why that is always the case...

29 Are easily bribed

They would sell out anyone for a bowl of rice

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1. They don't try to fix problems
2. They make fake stories
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1. They try to fit in with Americans and Europeans
2. They are poor
3. They are arrogant


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