Top Ten Problems with Harem Anime

Not all items apply to every harem anime. Most of these items are about female harems, not reverse harems. Some of these items can apply to other anime genres, or anime in general.

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1 The lead is either really perverted or dense

When the lead is unloveable like this, the harem ends up feeling 100% forced as it feels like there's no proper reason for the girls to choose to crowd around him instead of a cute, interesting, smart and caring guy. Dumb characters also are NOT funny when they screw stuff up in every...damn...episode... - Entranced98

It seems the lead is often liked due to their kindness. However, it's unrealistic how the girls absolutely love them solely for it, especially when some of them keep being perverted towards them.

How hard is it to create a lead that differs from the norm? Seriously.

Well kimihito from monster musume (everyday live with monster girls) isn't dense or really perverted. he is very well aware of the girls feelings and it are girls who are more perverted with the exception of centorea. he even admits to himself he would like to have a family with one off them.

2 Little plot development
3 Little character development

Many of the girls feel like they've just been put there for the sake of the harem or shallow 'fanservice' scenes. They're still people with just as many (if not more) thoughts and feelings as the highly developed lead. Also if there was more focus on their relationships with characters other than the main one, there would be much more of a natural sense of community - a social circle that would completely fall apart without the lead is a huge sign of poor writing. - Entranced98

4 Women are objectified

One thing to have sexy scenes another if your female characters are little more than blow up dolls.

5 The characters are little more than character archetypes
6 Having a harem seems forced

Blame the writer for that.

7 It often doesn't end in a harem

The indecisiveness of the lead that could eventually lose him all the girls can get very annoying - viewers just get left with the feeling that they watched 50 episodes all for nothing. Especially if the anime is going to be long, the events of it must be engaging and deep in progression and resolution for it to be worth watching and to encourage viewers to empathise more with the characters. - Entranced98

8 Constant use of cliches
9 Most of the real plot developments don't come until around the end

A sign of laziness. When this is ever the case, the anime will mainly consist of filler and minor developments and leave the more major developments to the end. It's a poor attempt at trying to pace the "plot" out.

AKA the time most of the audience are already too bored to carry on watching. - Entranced98

10 Predictable ecchi scenes

The Contenders

11 Too Much Filler
12 The lead is seen as a pervert even if he isn't perverted
13 Anticlimactic arcs
14 Many episodes are episodic
15 Harem Protagonist is a Nice Guy (TM)

MC is often only ever nice to pretty girls. Being nice to someone you find attractive is common sense not a sign of the goodness of your heart. Acting nice and polite is not even uncommon or a big deal. Nice Guy (TM) is not even doing anything special.

16 Makes people think all anime are harem

Not the best of reasons - a bunch of uninformed people throwing such stereotypes around despite many other types of anime existing is not a problem with harem anime itself. - Entranced98

I'm not sure about that. Surely, everyone knows Pokemon and Dragon Ball Z, for instance, aren't harems?

17 Predetermined soulmate of main character

There is always one predetermined girl the lead is suppose to be with instead of the one who he "should" be with.

18 Harem MC is completely unremarkable

There is nothing about the MC that stands out. Guys like that are a dime in a dozen. It is incomprehensible and unbelievable that their love interests have never met someone like the MC before.

19 Little/Big sister has a crush on her big/little brother
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1. The lead is either really perverted or dense
2. Little plot development
3. Little character development



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