Top Ten Problems with the List "Worst Things About TheTopTens"

Worst things about Thetoptens - which complains about this very website - has gotten famous and infamous at the same time in many different ways. For this list, I will be looking into it's infamy and how it got there for these following reasons

The Top Ten

1 Complaining about people's "Bad voting tastes" is bashing on opinions

TheTopTens has no shortage of users who can not take a flipping opinion. If you look at lists giving advice on being a good user of TheTopTens, you are very likely to find something about accepting opinions on this very place as well. But when I saw this as the second highest item about "Bad voting tastes" I started to wonder if this is why opinions have not been accepted - SpectralOwl

2 It complains about the website that made this list possible

This list was created and continued biting the hand that feeds it. I do not think I really need to say anymore about this due to that phrase. - SpectralOwl

3 There isn't a lack of respect of artists and their fans
4 The list is outdated

This was made back in 2007, and things were extremely different back then. This list complains about things like only being able to put ten items on a remix. Seriously?! Besides, it's called thetopTENS for a reason. Also they complain about George W. Bush being on the greatest presidents list at #1, and that has changed. This list really needs to be reformed. - SpectralOwl

5 Saying all the good lists are taken is just having a lack of creativity
6 It has been polluted with ageism
7 Ignorance has infested the list
8 It is making this site worse
9 The valid reasons are below #10

So saying they delete your very hard worked on comment and to Add a picture not being on all lists is lower than an entry complaining about the #1 item of a list that was changed long ago? This is what I mean by ignorance on this list - SpectralOwl

10 People who don't understand that if you despise something, just don't interact with it

There are people complaining on this very list about hating on the concept of Top ten Lists ON THIS VERY SITE. Why, just Why? - SpectralOwl

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