Top 10 Problems With Mario Kart Tour

So Mario Kart Tour is a fun game but there are a lot of flaws. Some of these are just minor inconveniences while others are pretty major issues. I’m sure some of these issues will eventually be fixed by the end of the games lifespan so keep that in mind that this is as of October 21 2019. About a month after launch. Things will likely change hopefully for the better
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Daily limit on experience points

After every race you get experience points for your character kart and glider. Here’s the catch, you can only earn so much per day and then it cuts you off. It doesn’t make any sense. This is kinda a huge turn off from playing. The fact that you can’t grind experience points is annoying

The gold pass

Okay so this gets you a few rare karts and characters as well as access to 200cc. Sounds like a good idea right? Well turns out it’s 5 dollars a month in a subscription service. Yeah this isn’t a one time payment. The problem is it’s not worth 5 dollars a month or 60 dollars a year. Apple Arcade is way better value and even Nintendo Switch Online is cheaper. Nintendo is slowly regressing down to EA level of dirty

Yeah I don't plan of using it except during the multiplayer beta

Its like buying the fortnite battlepass and only getting 2 skins.

EA level dirty

Daily limit on coins in races

It’s not just experience points but coins as well. You can only get 300 coins per day. That is it. This is odd because coins are your grind-able currency you should be able to earn them in the game but the fact that it limits you is annoying. What are coins used for? The daily select store where you can buy characters and karts. Unless you play the coin Minigame which requires you to pay rubies good luck because say a character is 3000 coins well that’s too bad because they’re only gonna be available for 12 hours anyway so you basically have to save up

Lack of variety in courses

So it’s nice to see some familiar courses but with as many cups as there are per tour why does each track appear like 4 times? Sure there’s minor tweaks but still I’d rather have more tracks. This makes the cups less memorable and the courses less valuable.

There are way too few courses as well and almost all of them follow a similar theme.

We still have no tracks from Wii and 8

No multiplayer

So it’s not here yet. No those people you race against aren’t actually people they’re simply CPU disguised as other players. It’s disappointing that Super Mario Kart had multiplayer and it was released in 1992 meanwhile in 2019 this brand new Mario Kart doesn’t have it. It just doesn’t make sense. If they were going to have it wouldn’t it be better to just release it later with multiplayer?

Multiplayer is here now :-)

The pipe

I don’t mind it however this is essentially a gamble. You have to spend rubies for a chance at a random character or kart. This is essentially a giant loot box and honestly a waste of money. On top of that it’s possible you can get duplicates. Therefore it’s even more of a gamble

I actually don’t mind the pipe. Sure it is basically a loot box. Oops I meant surprise mechanic. I mind how rare the currency don’ t Get enough times to fire it

I kept getting the same stuff when I needed a new character for a challenge

You have a very small chance of getting what you want

Rubies are few and far between

If rubies are the payable currency then shouldn’t the game be throwing them at you getting you hooked? Apparently not because they only give you like 20. It takes several hours just to get enough to pull the pipe 10 times. (45 rubies).

Having to wait to play later cups

This is just a big turn off. We should be able to play all the cups if we want to. I get what they’re trying to do and make us wait so we don’t fly through them in an hour if that. But still it’s really annoying having to wait literally all day just to play

This sucks waiting and I also sucks when it time for the cup to be playable, and not having enough grand stars, is annoying, now have to try to get some after waiting to play a cup

It’s essentially pay to win

You know how certain characters to get an advantage on a course? Well turns out some of these courses require a rare character and 10,000 points for all 5 stars and guess what it takes rubies to pull the pipe and get these rare characters. So yeah good luck getting all 5 Stars on the later courses without paying

Non-stop vehicles

It does take some getting used to

It’s also really awkward to handle and you can’t fall off for whatever reason.

The Contenders
No Luigi

He in it now he joined in the halloween tour, it did suck without him for the new york and tokyo tour, he should of been added at lanuch, but at least he in it now

He's the only character from every single game not to come back! what NINTENDO?!

This just makes no sense at all. Luigi is one of the biggest Mario characters ever and they didn’t add him until later?

L is for Winner

The game tricking you

You know those players aren’t actually players right? They’re CPU but disguised to look like actual players. Why the game is doing this I don’t know

Gameplay is in portrait instead of landscape

I don't mind it portrait but be cool if it was in landscape

I don’t mind it but there should be an option to switch

Wonky Controls
The new tracks

They’re okay honestly

They aren’t to bad

Sometimes the CPUs have inappropriate names

Inappropriate usernames are an issue in any online mobile game

Drifting too much
Not getting enough points for grand stars

Some require over 10,000 points so unless you have the right character and vehicle then good luck

This can be annoying when trying to unlock new cups and stuff

The Annoying AI
Playing a Mario game without starting as the main characters that have been in many Mario Kart Games, Including the main character Mario himself
Lack of originality

Most of the new characters are just characters in outfits

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