Top Ten Problems With Modern Fairly OddParents

Fairly Odd Parents lately has been suffering a thing called "seasonal rot" to where the episodes are bland at best. The writers and directors have been loosing their touch. Thank you for reading and I hope you agree with what I say.
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1 They add a new character every season

Poof didn't add anything to plot all he said was poof poof so he was fine yet people still hate him don't know what people think about foop but he was funny to me sparky and chloe bad with chloe being 50 times worse

While I didn't mind them adding Poof and Foop, Sparky really hit the line of they're running out of ideas and all out of nowhere Sparky disappears (Yes Poof disappeared but there's an in universe reason and I presume the same was with Foop so yeah.) and Chloe came and she sucks.

Poof. Foop. Then Sparky. Then Chloe. What's next? A cat? Yeah,I agree with all these reasons. The show didn't need a 10th season, and 9 is enough. And it just shows the writers are desperate. And they don't even make Vicky appear anymore. My favorite show is disappointing me. Not good.

Poof was the only good one of the three.
Sparky was beyond aggravating, and Chloe was a failed attempt to mock Mary Sues.

2 Wanda has become an idiot

The thing is, she and Cosmo were intellectual equals in season one (in the original shorts, Cosmo was smarter). Then, after Wanda was smarter for most of the show's run, they dumbed both of them down and now they're equal again, but unlike season one, they're both complete idiots.

3 They keep breaking their OWN RULES!!!

It specifically said in the first episode of the final season that a god kid could not undo another god kids wish. Yet you clearly see them doing it IN THE SAME EPISODE. Not to mention another episode not too long after when Timmy and Chloe were undoing each others wishes on the episode he tried to keep her from getting to school on time

There was an episode where Crocker (who HATES fairies, no less) bonded with Poof. By all rights, that should've costed Timmy his fairies!

Some times Mr Turner can just look at Comso and Wanda and nothing will happen

Chloe didn’t even need fairy godparents. If anyone should have got them it should have been chester

4 Chloe is, and I quote from Timmy, "Little Miss Perfect"

Say what you want about Poof and Sparky. For Poof, I actually like the little guy. Sparky? Eh, don't really care for him. Not that great, but not that bad either. But the biggest offender would HAVE to be Chloe. I can see why Mr. Enter hates her. I just can't bear to look at her appearance and she's nothing but a total Mary Sue! What's next? They're going to make a villain based off of bacon?! Oh wait, they actually did! Jeez, what is it with Nickelodeon dragging on shows like SpongeBob and the Fairly OddParents?

Chloe makes Sparky look like the Mona Lisa

Chloe is a Mary Sue!

Chloe is the Elmyra Duff of The Fairly OddParents.

5 Timmy is a selfish jerk now

Where the hell do I begin? He is completely whining when he needs to share his fairies with Chole! I’m able to enjoy modern Spongebob’s characters knowing that the past few seasons are better than 4-9. But since Fairly Oddparents was cancelled in 2017, I’m not able to have faith that he’s going to turn back into himself. Oh, he’s also lazy as shown in Return of the Losers. I can’t say it. It’s that bad. You have to see the episode yourself, making your childhood ruined in the process.

Tara Strong must have had a tough time recording her lines.

Timmy changed from Chuckie to Peter Griffin.

And a douchebag.

6 They're using modern trends

Not to mention Poof mocking Trump in his last appearance. Yes, I hate Trump, but that's not necessary since this show is for kids.


Case in point: The Big Fairy Share Scare when Cosmo and Wanda took duck lips selfies, and even referred to them as selfies

Or trends that WERE modern in 2013

7 Poof is barely ever shown

I mean really, they use ANTI-POOF MORE! If your going to add a character and give him arguably the best episode in the series, USE HIM!

8 They try to use slapstick more and more

But their animation allows that humor to be UNFUNNY!

9 Timmy's parents are mentally abusive
10 Sparky

Sparky's awesome why don't people like him he's just like Leni, Lindsay, Patrick, Sheen, Cosmo and all the other dumb Cartoon Characters so who cares.

He was owned by ADULTS who bought him at the FAIRY PET STORE AT FAIRY WORLD! That's 2 plot holes in ONE EPISODE!

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11 Cosmo getting dumber and dumber as the show progresses

And NOT in the good way, either.

12 Cheap flash
13 They keep adding new rules to further the plot

Just look at the first episode of the tenth season and you'll see what I mean.

It's like every episode they make a new, incredibly specific rule just for the sake of not being able to wish away whatever problem they created

14 Poof doesn't appear in season 10 anymore

He appeared in one episode, "Certifiable Super Sitter" (which was also the only one Vicky was in), and disappeared after that. Thankfully, they don't treat it like Chloe already knew him.

15 Foop is the only anti-fairy they show now

Yeah I Miss His Dad Anti-Cosmo And His Mom Anti-Wanda I Mean Can U Just Add Them On the Show Anti-Cosmo And Anti-Wanda Were 1 Of My FOP Villains And Dis Many Sound Stupid But Foop Reminds Me Of Stewie 4 An Unknown Reason.

16 Vicky is hardly on anymore

She had ONE appearance in season ten, and that was "Certifiable Super Sitter".

She's the best character too

17 The theme song

Getting rid of the Singer and Timmy's Rap was such a stupid idea, I miss Really Ood, Pea Pod, Buff Bod, Hot Rod. Obtuse, Rubber Goose, Green Moose, Guava Juice, Giant Snake, Birthday Cake, Large Fries, Chocolate Shake!

18 Sparky disappeared out of nowhere
19 Characters disappeared out of thin air

Season 1-8 nearly a hundred characters
Season 9: Timmy, Cosmo, Wanda, Crocker, Timmy's Dad, Sparky, Foop, Jorgen, Dark Laser, Timmy's Mom, Poof before Let Dog Sleepers Lie, and to a very much lesser extent Vicky
Season 10 Chloe, Timmy, Timmy's Dad, Crocker, Cosmo, Wanda, Foop, Jorgen, Timmy's Mom, Dark Laser, and to a extremely very much lesser extent Vicky

More then half the Cast are gone now. Only Timmy, Cosmo, Wanda, Crocker, Timmy's Dad, Foop and Jorgen are left, and they decided that Chloe should stay and Sparky and Poof should go. What a mistake that was. Even Vicky and Timmy's Mom aren't shown much anymore. And Chester and AJ.

20 The animation
21 Crocker and foop were the only villains

Remember Norm, The Pixies, Darth Laser, The Other Anti Fairies, Francis, Among others? Well they aren't in the show and instead there is only Crocker and Foop. Not even Vicky the original main antagonist of the show isn't in it anymore. Let that sink in.

22 Crocker appears in practically every episode

Along with Timmy's Dad

23 Crocker doesn't seem evil anymore

And he appears in almost every episode.

24 Catman is voiced by Jeff Bennett instead of Adam West
25 Trump References
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