Top 10 Biggest Problems with the Nintendo Switch

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Many copies of the console are faulty

Not only does new nintendo switch have longer battery life, it also lags less. And content or a game loads faster. On the original I had to wait 20 seconds for smash to load, on new you only have to wait 5-8 seconds

There's a number of different news, polls and YouTube videos of people's Switch consoles facing a number of different technical problems. Even one of my friends also got a faulty one. - Mcgillacuddy

I got my switch on launch day and I never had any technical issues. - Atham

Mine works fine and I got it a month or 2 after it was out

It's a bit pricey

yeah. Ps5 and xbox series x are gonna be more than 300$. The xbox series x may be worth it but not ps5 because it's the same as ps4 pro.

It's the fourth cheapest console by LAUNCH. Its accessories are overpriced, but not the Switch itself. - shawnmccaul22

In other countries yeah, but in America isn't too bad. Unless you count those scumbag scalpers... - Rue

What? $300 is the regular price for a console

There aren't many games at launch

Yeah so did the ps4. But the games that came out at launch were fun like splatoon breath of the wild Mario Odyssey mariokart 8 deluxe and a few more

The Wii didn't have many games at launch and it still did very well. You can't really have a lot of launch titles, you don't want to overwhelm your consumers on which games to pick, especially when many will be only picking one game when they first get the console.

I'm mostly happy that there wasn't too many games at launch. This allowed Nintendo to slowly release new games, instead of releasing them all at once causing a drought of post-launch games for the system.

Out of the launch titles, only one of them is amazing. It should be fairly obvious which game I'm talking about here...

Paid online service

I wouldn't have a problem with it if it actually provided some bang for my buck. I don't like paying for an online service that offers a pretty unreliable connection. And don't get me started with the voice chat via mobile app, or not all games supporting cloud saves.

As long as it's inexpensive and fixes the god awful wifi connections that previous Nintendo consoles/handhelds had, it shouldn't be too much of a problem.

Only $2 a month, *cough* cheap *chough

20 dollars a year for being online when away from home is so worth it. On delta you have to pay 40 dollars for free WiFi and that’s every time you go on a plane. But you have internet on a switch on a plane if u have switch online so I wouldn’t mind.

There's not much storage space on the console

You can always buy a new San disk. They are expensive but most of the time u can get them 20 percent off at walmart or game stop

Could be better

SD Cards, anyone? Especially since unlike the 3DS, it can use SDXC. - KalloFox34

Poor WiFi connection

N0t really. It doesn’t happen to me. I think its because I have the newer nintendo switch

Ugh it gets annoying!


The dock scratches the screen

To fix that get a screen protector that's why they exist.

Why would it scratch the screen that is just poor tech

The Joy Con controller disconnects

They are supposed to

The left Joy Con to be specific.. - Rue

It's, um, y'know, supposed to? - TheInsomniac

It came out too quickly after the Wii U

The Wii U was a fail nintendo needed a new console. Plus it's a four year difference why would it matter

The Wii U came out around 2012 and it FAILED big time. They needed to release a newer console and actually make sure it doesn't fail this time around. - Rue

It kinda sucked for me because I was really excited when I got a Wii U for Christmas, and then the Switch came out the following year. But that was just my experience. - TheInsomniac

I am planning to get a switch quickly, I hope they don't release another console only 3 years after it's release - B1ueNew

Won't happen. They released the Switch because the Wii U failed, and since the Switch is Nintendo's fastest selling console of all time, they probably won't release anything else until Microsoft and Sony do. - KalloFox34

The coating of the console gets damaged by third-party skins

Oh no


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Wandering/drifting controllers

Hell YEAH!

I HATE this, it basically screws your controller, and you'll either have to repetitively clean your controllers or buy new ones

It's not backwards compatible

I think this mean that it don't run games from older consoles, like the game boy, gamecube and n64.

Uh, what does that MEAN?

Most of the best Switch games already have similar versions on the Wii U

Really? Name ONE similarity between mario Odyssey and 3D World other than you play as Mario. - TheInsomniac

No Internet browser

Why does the console need a browser if you have your own smartphone for that? Like, a console is only for gaming, and not for social networks, YouTube, memes and everything else.
I don't understand complain about browser.

Well there is YouTube and Disney +. The weird thing is that one of the nintendo staff Reggie guarrinttened Netflix would be available on the switch but it never happened

The switch is dull. Other modern consoles have it. Why not the switch?

It would be nice...

The Wii U ports
Overpriced accessories such as Pro Controller and additional dock
Not enough AAA games
Charge port on the bottom

Can't stand your Switch up while charging, very big flaw.

Most of the games are reused from the Wii U

The wii u gets all the luxury but the 3DS games get the short end of the stick. They to give ports to games like pokemon USUM and Mario and Luigi dream team.

No touchscreen for games

It DOES have a touchscreen.

It's too colorful

So that’s the good thing. Red and blue joycons are nice. I also have green and pink and they are nicer. Plus 4 pro controllers

If you shake it around in someone's face it could give someone a seizure!


AAA games are overpriced
The Joycons are way too small

Yea. If you play smash sometimes when you press a u press b too. That’s why I stick to pro controller. I only go on joycon when I am on multiplayer

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