Top Ten Problems With Pickle and Peanut


The Top Ten

1 The theme song sucks

You can't call this a theme song! It's like a 4 yr olds "cool" shopping list. Wow, Disney wow. How disappointed would Walt Disney be if he watched this! - KingFab

The theme song is so bad. It's just a pop song with awful lyrics. - Powerfulgirl10

This isn't even a theme song, it's a shopping list, well it feels like one - Gangem

2 The main characters are both unlikable
3 The creator is immature

He trash-talks whoever doesn't like the show on Twitter - slenderbrine123

4 The main characters are stock images

Literally. And the way Peanut's mouth moves reminds me of Pac-Man. - Powerfulgirl10

5 The rest of the animation sucks
6 It's on Disney
7 The acting is terrible
8 The creator has made 3 horrible shows

Pickle and Peanut, Fish Hooks, and Almost Naked Animals. - slenderbrine123

Fish Hooks wasn't horrible. Pickle and Peanut and Almost Naked Animals, however...well, this should be self-explainatory.

9 It has fans
10 It's low budget

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11 They always say "next episode is better" after every episode

Wouldn't have to do much to make it better.

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12 It tries to be Breadwinners

Breadwinners was a terrible show to begin with, so a rip-off will inevitably be worse

13 It's gross

Very gross. - Powerfulgirl10

14 It is a ripoff of Sanjay and Craig

Sanjay and Craig is better than this #sanjayandcraig rocks

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