Top Ten Problems With Pickle and Peanut


The Top Ten

1 The theme song sucks

You can't call this a theme song! It's like a 4 yr olds "cool" shopping list. Wow, Disney wow. How disappointed would Walt Disney be if he watched this! - KingFab

The theme song is so bad. It's just a pop song with awful lyrics. - Powerfulgirl10

This isn't even a theme song, it's a shopping list, well it feels like one - Gangem

2 The main characters are both unlikable
3 The creator is immature

He trash-talks whoever doesn't like the show on Twitter - slenderbrine123

4 The main characters are stock images

Literally. And the way Peanut's mouth moves reminds me of Pac-Man. - Powerfulgirl10

5 The rest of the animation sucks
6 It's on Disney
7 The acting is terrible
8 The creator has made 3 horrible shows

Pickle and Peanut, Fish Hooks, and Almost Naked Animals. - slenderbrine123

Fish Hooks wasn't horrible. Pickle and Peanut and Almost Naked Animals, however...well, this should be self-explainatory.

9 It has fans
10 It's low budget

The Contenders

11 They always say "next episode is better" after every episode

Wouldn't have to do much to make it better.

That is so false. - Powerfulgirl10

HAHAAHAHAAHAA no - slenderbrine123

12 It tries to be Breadwinners

Breadwinners was a terrible show to begin with, so a rip-off will inevitably be worse

13 It's gross

Very gross. - Powerfulgirl10

14 It is a ripoff of Sanjay and Craig

Sanjay and Craig is better than this #sanjayandcraig rocks

Let's just agree that both Sanjay and Craig and this crap are both medicore, OK?

15 The first episode
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